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I'll be going, I don't mind watching on TV but live is far far better.

Also the our league app is usually single camera and only on the app.

Regardless I'll be there wrapped up so I'm warm, mingling with other supporters and having reasonably priced food and drink.

Better than being stuck in the house like most of us have been for large parts of the past 2 years. I've spent long enough sat at home, feel I'm getting lazy so will be out there cheering the lads on.

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The coverage on the Sportsman, Our League and Premier is brilliant. Way better than Sky. Hendo is the best co commentator. Can tell he loves doing it.

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On 24/01/2022 at 20:03, ChampagneCharlieReturns said:

Pay £12 in to watch an amateur side in the freezing cold or watch it at home for free, I'll be staying home. Should of made it cheaper to get in imo






I can see why Oldham are struggling at the turnstiles, and the cost at the turnstile normally reflects the need to balance the books.

Carlsberg don't do Soldiers, but if they did, they would probably be Brits.


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I think £12 represents value to watch live sport. I pay £2 at the local amateur side, and this has varied in the past.

For us it's make an enjoyable occasion, I'd rather spend £12 to watch Oldham than go Starbucks and spend £10 on a coffee and a sandwich, we waste £10 on many things, when you compare it to other outgoings I feel it's good value and representative of the product.

Obviously others will see it differently that's fine 👍

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