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Thank you for your scoring. At this moment Bussey is doing it again. The scores at the moment are: Buyssey 64, Moores 38, Wildie 16, Davis 12, Pickersgill 11, Briscoe 7, Helliwell 4, and Hall and Lockwood 2 each. I will keep the scoring until late Saturday as usual.

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No votes since Thursday so I am closing the Leigh  MOM down. The voting for the first three ended as follows: Bussey 70, Moors 46, and Wiidie 17. That means 4 total points for Bussey, 2 for Moors and 1 for Widie. The overall scoring now looks like this:Bussey has a massive lead with 13 points, followed by Wildie with 4 points, Hardcastle has 3 points, Lockwood and Moors have 2 ponts and Gale, Briscoe and Smith have 1 each. Please let me have your votes for the Workington game the heading of which I have already listed. UTR.

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