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Doncaster to become a City

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Must say I was surprised with Doncaster getting City status. A very dense area of cities in West and South Yorkshire now with Doncaster, Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford all in that area. 

I figured at least one in each constituent country would be granted. I thought Dunfermline would get it given its historical importance to Scotland and thought Colchester would due its historical status as well.

I was surprised with Wrexham and Bangor. One of the first things I thought with Bangor was that it'll mess with people on game shows like Pointless now where they have to name UK cities seen as we now have two cities called Bangor. Similarly Milton Keynes getting city status will help people on Pointless seen as its an answer so many people give! Still doesn't help the contestants that think Reading is a city though! 😂

I'm very happy to see Douglas get it because I love the Isle of Man and its nice to see our dependencies get some recognition. I did think Gibraltar might have got it though and was very surprised to see Stanley. I guess giving Stanley city status is a very symbolic thing to really say the Falklands are definitely British seen as there is an actual British city there. Been a few years since we've stuck a middle finger up at the Argentines! 🖕😉

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On 20/05/2022 at 13:02, DavidM said:

Is it a big plus being a city , do folk want it ? I’ve no idea 

Sunderland is a City but most folk go to South Shields for a night out...mind you that's dying too 😞

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On 27/05/2022 at 11:41, Hugh Jarce said:

Bradford are going for City of Culture! 

Has anyone been lately?? 😂

If my fair city can manage it, any place can.

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Sky Sports Jenna Brooks to Jake Connor regarding England selection : "Shaun Wane has said that he's spoken to you about why you were left out, he's also said he's told you what you needed to do more of, I'm interested, what do you need to do more of and did you do it tonight?"

Jake Connor : "I don't know, to be honest I haven't spoken to him."

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