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First new signing for 2023.


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5 hours ago, Bring back GB said:

So it would appear Tee has played his last game for Barrow.

Massive task in replacing him, plus we've lost Miloudi so the right side strike which helped win us many games, has been severely diluted.

He deserves the chance though and I'm sure he'll be a SL superstar in no time!

Move on, plenty of other decent players out there! Getting boring now, still waiting on Anton signing!

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2 hours ago, Raider83 said:

100%? 😁

"We" does a lot of heavy lifting in Charlo world. He was on the Workington forum last week saying how "we" (Workington this time) were the worst Championship team ever.

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7 hours ago, Gaz Martin said:

Ryan Johnston has signed on for another season. 

I thought the influence of Sammut has massively improved Ryan's game and he had a great season last year.

Well done the BOD for retaining his services.

I thought Ryan and Jake had a great season. Good to see them signing 😁

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Massive loss. He has been outstanding every time he has played. 

I wish him every success as I am sure it will be and would welcome him back anytime as a player or coach after Cresta decides to finish in the future. 

Hopefully some new additions to make up for this. Susino would be good !!

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2 hours ago, Bring back GB said:

And Miloudi 

23 hours ago, bruner said:

2 Big Losses for Barra. Carl gone and Tee leaving to Saints

Pespective: I think the pack looks pretty strong for next season, tbf, even without Foz. 

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