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On 18/07/2022 at 21:56, topcentre21 said:

I have noticed there seems to be alot of 24 - 0 results in the YML.

The premier div has had more than usual.

Why do we think that is?

I believe 24-0 is the standard walkover scoreline.

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On 20/07/2022 at 20:58, topcentre21 said:

Sorry, its a poorly worded post.

I meant why so many walkovers?

because the games foobared !!

most of the adult regional leagues are struggling, Cockermouth, Glasson and Asparia all pulled out of Cumberland league for the rest of 2022 season

As usual seems to be no direction, ideas or suggestions from the RFL as to how and reverse the decline.

I think some leagues will revert back to winter before long, the summer experiment doesn't seem to work in open age RL

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I think I understand your cryptic answer

If the Pennine League are not promoting their own league then I doubt anyone else will, their website seems have last been updated in march.

Didn't OurLeague show the winters Women's finals?  Is that not promoting rugby league in the winter season?

A fine advert for the traditional season game where the winners were found to have played an ineligible player even though they were warned not to play her. 

Any more so called restrictions?


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