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Jamaican league 🇯🇲

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Looks like the league is in full swing, with eight team and seven rounds played. Not sure how the points system works though, definitely not two points for a win. The best thing is that the West Kingston Hyenas are wearing our jersey 👊 


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52 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

Points system looks like its the same, just looks like there's been 2 draws is all. 

18 points after 7 rounds for the top team though? 

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There's a second division as well so I think 12 or more teams total. A lot of athletic talent in Jamaica so would be great to convert some of that league and it doesn't hurt to have another player base. A successful Jamaica team would be great for the sport.

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Its 3 for a win, football style points system. I hope that helps gents.


Its been a long layoff, and the season went ahead at very short notice, so were trying to get ahead with the presentation this year, the teams are doing a decent job of promoting themselves, and there are 2 new clubs this year. Young Crocs academy were the Union national teams development arm, but decided to give league a go this year, and the Portmore club are a new entity, who are fed by 2 D2 teams, the Cyclones and Eliminators. Those guys are going really well in a debut season.

We haven't managed to give it the coverage that it deserves, but there is also a club U19 season going on. This is usually played amongst high schools. but. as the island eases back to normality, the club competition has been launched to get youth back into playing. For many, its been 2 years since they were able to even train.

Ohh, and for the jersey collectors, keep an eye out for some exclusive limited edition Jamaica Hurricanes and Exodus jerseys, which will be on sale soon, as usual with every cent going back to Rugby League Jamaica.

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