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Rock On Eddie Jones

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3 minutes ago, Pete Grady said:

Eddie Jones tells the truth and the Yarnion elite don't like it!!

Rugby League is the inclusive sport Eddie.



I’ve read this , the  Rah Rah elite went into meltdown. Ironically the large majority of the comments backed Jones .

They’ll never change though , they love the fact it’s a posh boy sport , a bit like tennis .

Rugby League is the sport that Rugby Union really wants to be .


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1 hour ago, Pete Grady said:

I do apologise sir, I'd not heard of 'The Cross Code Forum'  it sounds intriguing.

Pete, absolutely no apology is needed.  I see that you have 59 posts to your credit, so you will not have been invited yet by the mods. (John Drake, CKN, et al), to participate in the cross-code forum.   I think when you have reached 100 posts you then are allowed access to it.  It's a "Union Troll Busting" kind of feature I believe.   So, 41 more posts and you will get in to this forum, if I'm correct about the 100 posts.  Now, having a "peek" at your posting rate, that is going to take you about another year at the same posting rate!!!!

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