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Sat 20 Aug: SL: Catalans Dragons v Salford Red Devils KO 18:00 (UK Time)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Catalans Dragons
    • Salford Red Devils

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Once the finest experts in Western Civilisation believed in luminiferous aether, a flat Earth, psychomotor patterning and tooth worms. 

It seems "Jonism" has equally been debunked. A now discredited theory that a certain tour de force from Salford lacked essential "minerals."

Field studies have demonstrated that said red, white and black phenomena is burning through the Super League like a highly corrosive mixture of quick silver, mercury and pyroaurite.

Minerals. Yes. Aplenty. Boom!

Now this may flash brightly and rapidly as a shooting star, clearly rugby league scientists are enthralled with this "Rowleyball."

From my amateur shed at the end of the yard scientific point of view, the individual parts of the equation really are shining. Croft and Sneyd are as good as Salford has long seen, That Hastings shadow seems to be passing.

The backs are proving to be excellent with pace and vigour. Even the apparent limitation of the forwards are holding well. Honours have to be awarded too Taylor, Watkin and Luckley and Dupree. The latter two have seamlessly stepped up to SL standard and become fans favourites. 

The next fortnight will be a true challenge with a minute squad. FC, Cas away and Wire all in such a short time.

The team has no pressure. Its achieved what it needed to do by preserving its SL membership.

Everything else now is the bonus. A sheer joy of a bonus.

Let it roll. Bring it on. Keep smiling. 🤘😃✌️


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10 hours ago, meast said:

Wonder if some posters still think Salford and Huddersfield bring nothing to the sport and are an embarrassment and should be dumped for Newcastle and York?

Well done Salford!

Now don't be upset Meast, but if Leigh or Fev get to SL next season that will put Huddersfield and Salford up into the higher bracket of favoured SL club's, the promoted team will receive all he ridicule then.

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