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Dewsbury Rams V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread only


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Bulldogs look to return to winning form before plays off start as they travel over to the dark side over the valley to take on the now relegated Rams in front of Premier TV cameras, so this could be the last proper derby game for at least a season when hopefully they get back into the Championship as both clubs need these games against each other, when fixtures come out each season its the derby matches i look for first as its these games that mean a lot to both sets of players and are normally very passionate and fiery games.

voting as usual 1 2 3 , open to all

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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1) James Meadows 51 pts

2) Dale morton 35 pts

3) Tom lillycrop 16 pts

4) Dane manning 11 pts

5) Nyle Flynn 5 pts

6) Ben White 3 pts

7) Johnny Campbell 2 pts

7) Tom Gilmore 2 pts

9) Louis Collinson 1 pt


pts for totaliser 

1) James Meadows 3 pts

2) Dale morton 2 pts

3) Tom lillycrop 1 pts


Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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