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Congratulations to the BOD and BISSA


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I would like to congratulate both bodies in the astute work of signing the two players for next season along with the other players that have signed on again and still some to come I hope.

In the mean time I will be sending a contribution onto BISSA to help them along.

I am starting to get my enthusiasm back for Rugby.

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Just how you posted about the 2 new players and other players that have signed on again, kinda missed out Keegs. Maybe pedantic but sounded like it had slipped your mind about him in your wording. 

Of course he is top of your list as he was the first player the club officially announced as signing 🙄 Must have forgotten about Reilley's 2 year deal.


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On 03/11/2022 at 21:41, phildog said:

I moan and snarl a bit but Board, Coaching staff and BISSA have come up trumps with a 2nd great scrum half, the story continues.

Have you ever considered not doing the ‘moan and snarl’ and assuming that the board and coaching staff are working hard behind the scenes?

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