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Friendly: Saturday 14th Jan - 4:30PM KO. Newcastle Thunder (Away)


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Really looking forward to finally getting to watch some rugby and see some of the new signings in action. I went to the open training session on Friday and the boys looked really sharp but I'm not expecting too much in terms of performance or result, as I know Rhys doesn't take friendlies very seriously. Fingers crossed for a good first hit out and no injuries.

In terms of the squad available. Doyle will be suspended, Roby and Walker both recovering from injury. Robson and Chizzy didn't take part in contact training on Friday as they recover from knocks, so they might be unlikely to feature.

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I was unable to attend the forum on friday but do intend on going up to Newcastle and really looking forward to it.

As you say I also don't expect too much regarding results (remembering last years friendlies) but will be good to see the new signings.

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Miller right side,Chisholm on the left did not work,first half,where Keenan DD did very well defensively,as did Storey in the second row.

Storey continued in fone fashion as right centre,second half,scoring blistering tries.

After what was served up,pre-season,last year,I was very well pleased.

The drummer played a blinder.Good acoustics behind the sticks.May position myself there for the Championship game.Could be warmer...

     No reserves,but resilience,persistence and determination are omnipotent.                       

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Very pleased with the performance yesterday. Agree with everything said aove.

I thought Stephenson did well in the halves in the second half also.

MOM was Storey.

It didn't have the feel of a friendly. We played at a good pace with intensity in difficult conditions.

Came away feeling very positive.

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I thought we defended very well. The tries Newcastle scored came off the back of us giving 6 agains and penalties back to back and compounding our own errors. I'm hopeful our discipline will be better come game one, it'll need to be. Interesting you mention Chizzy on the left edge and Jack on the right. We certainly didn't threaten in the first half and looked much more potent in the second half with Jack on left and Billy Gaylor on the right (surprised me too!) I'm very interested in how Rhys will select his halves, first of all personnel wise and then tactically too. Maybe the next friendly when Gale is available gives us more of an idea.

I don't think anyone had a poor game really. Even thought we looked clunky in the first half Chizzy still had moments where he took the line on and beat a few.

All the debutants looked to fit in nicely to me. Ioane, Crooks, Adebiyi, Tomlinson looked good but Storey was an obvious stand out for, that's before you take his tries into consideration. Such a strong runner of good lines. He looks an astute signing. 

Overall I think we looked OK without being brilliant but for a first hit out, in those conditions with lots of changes of personnel and positions, I'll absolutely take it. Always nice to win!

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I didn't think Gale was available just yet.Good news,then.

Chizzy didn't participate in training last Friday night.I thought he was getting over a slight hamstring problem.

Not the best weather,or surface,to test it out on.

Still,looking forward to the Castleford test.

Some crisp passing from Billy Gaylor.Bit of a fan, I must confess.

I think he represents the club very well.On and off the field.

I would like to see more of him.





     No reserves,but resilience,persistence and determination are omnipotent.                       

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Yes Gale is available this weekend against Cas, so presuming he gets at least some game time. 

Agree RE Chizzy, not ideal conditions if carrying a slight niggle.

Yeah Billy looked good in the halves, it surprised me to be honest. He's steady away, not sure what his best position is but an important member of the squad none the less.

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