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MOM Featherstone Rovers v HKR

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1. Lacans

2. Aekins

3. Jones

Great welcome back from Jones zippy. Lacans is looking brilliant. Tackles like a lion and isnt afraid to take the line on. Aekins can't believe Leigh let him go he's gonna be immense for us.



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11 hours ago, Andrewj said:

Leigh had no choice due to the the quota. 

Genuine question. Surely Leigh had the choice to release another overseas player if they genuinely wanted to keep Aekins?

"Out of the way,son. Where's my medal?" Alex Murphy's immortal words as David Hobbs scores his 2nd try in the '83 Cup Final!

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At 9.30 tonight the scores are: Aekins 21, Jones 10, Lacans 8, Hankinson 6, Cozza 4, Koppy 3, Yei and Gale 1 each. Lets  have some more votes please.

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Well I have had no votes since Monday so it is closing down time for this game. The winner is Aekins with 25, second is Jones with 12 and equal third are Lacans and Hankinson with 10. So that is Aekins 3, Jones 2 and Lacans and Hankinson 1 each. Please look at the MOM totals for the overall positrion.

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