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New laws 2023


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Well then, what do we reckon to these;

Squads are now 18 men instead of 17, 18th man can only play if 3 of his teammates fail head tests.

Penalties at scrums are now non-differential so kicks at goal allowed.

Green card, player must remain off-field for 2 minutes to discourage injury-feignjng.

One thing the RFL needs to clear up, or if not clubs need to ask, is does the 18th man get match money and does his being 18th man count on 'appearances'? Other than that, for the RFL at least, it all seems quite sensible! 

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As regards 18, in previous years 18/19 did not appear in appearances, so I would guess he wouldn't count now whether he gets paid I don't know, I suppose if 18/19 previously got paid then yes the new 18 would probably get paid . A trip into the rule book should solve that.

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With green card  any time a game is stopped due to a player receiving attention, the player must either go off for a concussion assessment be substituted off – or will have to wait on the sideline for two minutes before returning to play.

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Wayner not a bad idea, Rog I think 18 has to be named, otherwise you could, as Wayner says, have the entire squad on duty and pick an appropriate player to match the 3rd HIA, which I'd say makes a mockery of the rule.

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