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Batley Bulldogs V Wath Brow Hornets MOM thread only

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Bulldogs take a break from league action this week as they enter into the Challenge cup on the road to Wembley where they host NCL Cumbrian team Wath Brow Hornets who they have met once before in the cup with an away win, will Linners look to play some fringe players to give them some game time or will he stick with the same so they can hopefully gain more confidence after last weeks narrow loss at Halifax.


voting as usual 1 2 3

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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Think it'll be similar here, Redditch/Arran. Lord knows what's happening on the club website....

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Burton, was on a good hour and showed leadership qualities.

Meadows, every attacking move stems from him.

McGowan, rock solid under the kick, great at weighing up an attacker, made good ground and took the attack on.


Sorry for Josh for 4 tries not getting him any points, just that a number of others had to do their jobs for him to convert.

Toby also put a shift in, Reilly and Cropper ran strongly; thought we massively either underused or used in the wrong places Kibula, never got a ball within 10 yards of the line, but he did get some decent passes out.

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voting closed

1) Josh Hodson 18 pts

2) Tom Lillycrop 9 pts

3) Keiron Buchanan 7 pts

4) Oli Burton 4 pts

4) Adam Gledhill 4 pts

4) James Meadows 4 pts

7) Martin Reilly 3 pts

8 ) Toby Richardson 2 pts

8 ) Nyle Flynn 2 pts

10) Aidan Mcgowan 1 pt

pts for totaliser

1) Josh Hodson 3 pts

2) Tom Lillycrop 2 pts

3) Keiron Buchanan 1 pts

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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