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Widnes challenge cup 4th round.

graham fisher

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WOW !!! ......... couldn't get today but just watched the match in full on The Sportsman and that was an amazing performance......... can't believe I missed it -- One of the best performances in years by the Rams.

Let's hope we take that spirit and attitude in to Good Friday and keep the momentum going.

Congratulations to every one who played a part today...... 

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On 18/03/2023 at 23:15, Crown Flatter said:

I listened to the Widnes-Toulouse match on Radio Merseyside and at half time one commentator said to his colleague, on hearing the London Broncos score, suggested that was the team Widnes were to play in the 5th round of the CC!

Really? I feel sure they haven’t played their 4th round match yet have they? Those commentators must also have forgotten that Doncaster stand in the way of the Broncos first?

Mmm, I hope someone buys the commentator a bottle of tomato sauce so that his words don't taste so bitter when he has to eat them. 

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13 hours ago, J Phil Loxton said:

Enjoyed that game. Well done Rams. Where's Coolie after that fantastic effort?. He'll be in his element if it's a Rams versus Knights 1895 final.😄

I'm here mate

Still coming down from cloud 9

Fantastic performance 

And glad you enjoyed mate 

We must have a great shout to land the Iplayer game on BBC against London.. 

That is whenever it's played, wherever it's played 🤔🤣

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Hard to pick out anyone after such a great performance but just watched the highlights and how often does Sykes bring their big number 12 down?   Brilliant.  Especially when you consider how dangerous he was last time we played them.  

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19 hours ago, Crown Flatter said:

In OuRLeague’s Player of the Match poll, Paul Sykes received 32.1% of the vote and Reiss Butterworth 32.2%.  That’s how close it was. 

Shame that there is still no attendance figure published though.

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Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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