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Batley v Barrow MOM thread only

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Meadows - involved in everything. Had an eventful game yesterday. What role will he play when Woods returns?

Morton - made lots of ground running out of defence, decent tackling and comfortably took dangerous kicks in tricky conditions all night.

Lillycrop - a really good stint running with typical aggressive. 

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Just seen the game; four men for 3 spots for me, or rather 3 for 2 as #1 us obvious..

1 Meadows, growing into the leadership shoes. When the ground dries out he'll be like lightning over the ground.

2 McGowan, safe as houses, returns brilliantly and is now finding the confidence to push through the line.

3 I've turned this over and over in my head; Brown, Hodson, Hodson, Brown....if Josh had had a 2nd half like the 1st, but he was a bit quiet so for belligerence and the usual up and at 'em it's Brown.

Good performances across the board, Cropper, Reilly, Sammy, Whitey looked well familiar today, I think he had a lot of weight on him to move us on after losing Gilly, hasn't had time to build anything with Woods but he's playing well now that the weight has been taken away from him by Jimmy. Will be awkward for Linners when Woods is fit.

Another mention is due; Cameron Worsley reffed superbly; enough rapport with players, lots of smiles and I don't think he made a wrong or contentious decision.

On the minus side the commentary team was all over the shop, Kabala, Nick Flynn, Kear scoring, Meadows catch n pass....

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voting closed

1) James Meadows 51 pts

2) Dale Morton 14 pts

3) Aidan McGowan 11 pts

4) Samy Kibula 10 pts

5) Dane Manning 6 pts

5) Lucas Walshaw 6 pts

7) Tom Lillycrop 5 pts

8 ) Alistair Leak 3 pt

8 ) James Brown 3 pts

10) Nyle Flynn 2 pts

10) Josh Hodson 2 pts

12) Martin Reilly 1 pt

pts for totaliser

1) James Meadows 3 pts

2) Dale Morton 2 pts

3) Aidan McGowan 1 pts

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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