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Belated Happy Birthday to Lewis Jones...

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92 years young yesterday, seen here with some other Welsh bloke...

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Would love to have seen him play. Johnny Whiteley once told a story of when Jones played for Leeds at the Boulevard once, apparently he was having a marvellous game and was instrumental in helping Leeds to a big victory over Hull FC. Hull fans had thrown every kind of insult and abuse at him to no avail. Finally, when he was lining up to take yet another conversion after yet another try, a forlorn voice from the Threepenny Stand shouted "Lewis Jones, I hope it rains every day on your holidays!"


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With Halloween coming up I decided to go to my local fancy dress shop to see if I could get a Dracula costume. After a few minutes the assistant handed me a Hull KR shirt asking "Is this suitable?", I replied "I think you may have misheard me, I said I wanted to look like a count."
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    I did see Lewis play and he one of those players that made going through half a gap look easy when most players didn't know there was a gap there.He was versatile position wise Stand off ,Centre or Full back.Strong kicker out of his hands and for goal kicks he only took one and a half steps back even from the touch line or half way line.Pleased to wish him Happy Birthday.

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