Maloney keen on Super League swan song

Penrith Panthers and New South Wales halfback James Maloney has revealed he sees the end of his career in Super League.

Maloney told the Sydney Morning Herald that its been his plan for years to finish his career in Europe.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got every intention of seeing out my contract at Penrith, then play a few years in the Super League. That’s always been the plan,” Maloney said.

“Jarome Luai is there and he’s re-signed with the club, and he’ll be there to take over, but I’m sure he also re-signed knowing I’ve got two more years on my contract.

“From my perspective, I’m here for two years, as far as I know the club want me for another two years, and the only thing that would bring a call forward was if for some reason I thought the body was getting knocked around too much.”

Meanwhile, the star playmaker also revealed he snubbed South Sydney in order to join Sydney Roosters due to their more relaxed coaching style under Brian Smith.

“I tossed up between Souths and the Roosters when I was coming back from the Warriors,” Maloney continued.

“There wasn’t much difference in the money. ‘Madge’ [Maguire] called me and was keen to get me there, but I knew how hard Melbourne trained, and with Madge coming from that style, I knew how hard it would be.

“Brian Smith was at the Roosters and they reckon his training style was a little easier. It’s probably not the reason to pick clubs, I knew the Roosters were a good side and would always be strong, but maybe I just wasn’t cut out for the hard work under Madge.”