Please explain, RFL tells Watson

Ian Watson will be given until Monday to explain his comments in the aftermath of Salford’s recent defeat to Leeds.
The Red Devils coach accused referee Marcus Griffiths of ruining the game as he watched his side fall to defeat to the Rhinos.
“In this game, things are getting tighter and tighter, we’re talking about people’s livelihoods,” he said.
“People who are in charge of the games have got to be doing it the right way and I felt the game was ruined.
“As soon as the crowd went berserk at the referee, he just washed his hands of Salford and refereed the game in a totally different manner.
“That’s what I’m not happy about. People ask for your opinion – you should be able to give your opinion.
“Ganson needs to get in touch with me and tell me why he’s putting people in charge of a game who can’t control the game.
“I contacted him a few times last year and he never got back to me. We’re not Wigan or St Helens so we’re not important enough to deal with.”
The RFL wrote to Salford asking for Watson to explain his comments and the RFL’s protocol gives a week for Watson to do so.
Watson said he expected to be fined for his comments.