Batley Bulldogs keen to enter RFL’s Autumn competition

Batley Bulldogs intend on entering the RFL’s Autumn invitational event later this year.

The Championship and League 1 seasons were declared null and void on Monday, but clubs have been invited to compete in a competition that will take place in October and November, with £250,000 up for grabs.

Revealed: RFL’s proposed structure for Championship & League 1 Autumn invitational competition

Dewsbury and Bradford have also declared their intent to enter the competition.

In an email sent to Batley supporters, chairman Kevin Nicholas said he agreed with the decision to void the season, and the club was now planning to get measures in place to enter the competition later this year.

Nicholas said: “I personally think The RFL have made the best decision in all the circumstances. We as a club along with most other clubs said we did not want to play behind closed doors so that has been ruled out for Championship.

“As a club, we want to play in the Cup competition proposed in October and November which would hopefully give us a minimum of 6 games. However, we have plenty to sort out. It is our job to sort it if at all possible as after all we are a Rugby League club and therefore we should want to play rugby league.”