Dwyer’s advice on dealing with isolation

Like many of us, Brad Dwyer is wary of the repercussions that could arise should we all be forced into quarantine.

The Leeds hooker has previously struggled with the challenges that come from being alone, having faced issues when he made the move to the Rhinos.

“When I moved to Leeds I was single and away from family,” Dwyer told League Express.

“I struggled and found through my own battles that being isolated wasn’t great for me.

“So I put myself into a routine of doing things and I found that helped a lot.”

Like many others, Dwyer’s routine has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, with training and games at the weekend no longer a part of his schedule for the coming week.

But, having faced issues in the past, he is confident of dealing with the upcoming challenges, while able to give advice to others who may feel the effects of isolation.

“Just try and do as much as you can,” he said.

“I’ve got a dog, Bruce, I’ll try get him out and about in the middle of nowhere. I’ll do as much of that as I can.

“Try and get creative with exercise too. It’s a perfect time to pick up something you wouldn’t normally do. I’m going to try and learn the guitar, because I’ve got one collecting dust.

“But out of all this and all the negativity, in some ways it can change all of our mindsets and simplify things. We take so much for granted. When everyone else is struggling, we don’t appreciate the things that come so easy to us. The other thing I’ll be working on is gratitude. No matter what this situation throws up, some are going to be affected more than others, so be grateful for what we’ve got, for the nurses, police officers and everyone else who is working so hard to keep us all going.

“And if you’re in a low mood and don’t know what it is, have a conversation with someone. Even if they can’t help you, by talking about it you can often help yourself by getting it all out.”