Featherstone furlough staff

Featherstone Rovers have placed most of their staff, including players and coaches, on furlough leave, the club has confirmed.

The Championship club have written to employees to inform them of the move, with the majority of clubs expected to follow suit in the coming days. It’s thought five Super League clubs have also done the same.

Rovers CEO Davide Longo said: “It is still very unclear, we have no end date to this situation and it’s a matter of restructuring the business and cashflow so we survive the next 3 months without any gate receipts or ancillary income.

“The government and the RFL need to be recognised in what has been pledged so far, they have been very supportive throughout this pandemic and we thank you for providing much needed assistance and finance so we can maintain employment for so many people.

“Most of our staff have been unable to work since the game was suspended, this decision recognises that and puts the club into a dormant period of time, ready to return when rugby league season resumes. We thank all our supporters and commercial partners for standing by the club and we will be ready to go when the season kick-offs again.”