Grand Final agony remains in Farrell

Liam Farrell has revealed that Wigan’s Grand Final anguish will remain with him until he lifts the trophy again himself.

The England international has been on the losing side in the last two Old Trafford spectacles with Wigan going down to St Helens in 2014 and Leeds last year.

It’s a fact that Farrell admits is difficult to digest, and the only way to banish the pain for good is by ensuring the Warriors regain the title in 2016.

“The pain dies off slowly throughout the year,” he told TotalRL.

Liam Farrell hoists aloft the greatest prize in Super League
Liam Farrell hoists aloft the greatest prize in Super League

“But it will probably stay with us all the way through the year. We’re hurting that we lost and by only two points. We performed well on the day, but not well enough.

“For me personally, until I get the chance to win another Grand Final and win it, I will probably hurt. It won’t be put right until we win one, and that will hopefully be this year because with the squad we have got we’re more than capable.”

On the flip side, Farrell admits that a lot can be learnt from losing on the biggest stage.

“But we’ve had two years of learning now.

“We had a tough defeat in 2014 and even tougher in 2015. You do learn a lot about yourself and the team and it will only make us better as a team and individuals. If we can take as much as we can from those defeats I’m sure it will do us a lot of good this years going into the Super League games.

“There is a lot of potential. The squad is quite a good age and we have a lot of young lads coming through. But it is only potential and you have to put the hard work in to get what you deserve. We’ll have to work hard over the years to come, but if we do that and work hard we could do some special things over the next few years.”