Keith Senior leading group saddling up for world record attempt

They made a career out of putting their bodies on the line but this weekend a group of crazy Rugby League stars will put their backsides on the line when they bid to smash the world record for a static cycle ride.

A bunch of rugby league personalities are attempting to break a world record to raise money for Rob Burrow.

Keith Senior will be joined by Chev Walker, Mick Cassidy, Ewan Dowes, Wayne Godwin, Sam Smeaton, Paige Costello, Garreth Carvell and Benji Lloyd in an attempt to break the current world record for a group spinning class.

The group are planning to cycle for an astonishing 30 hours which will feature in total 25 people.

The group will keep in touch via Zoom and Zwift due to social distancing guidelines and will only take breaks when they need the toilet.

“When you ride outside you go uphill and downhill, you can stretch your legs out of the saddle and the moving air keeps you cool – on a static bike you just have to sit there and suffer,” Senior said.

“RL Cares were forced to cancel their planned fundraising ride in America, the UK Red Empire State 500, because of the coronavirus pandemic which has left a massive funding shortfall so this is a great opportunity.

“As former players, we’re all acutely aware of what an important job RL Cares does in safeguarding the welfare of players and it’s good to be able to put something back.

“We’ll also be donating a percentage of what we raise to the MND Association, so it’s really important that people get behind us and donate.

“I’d like to thank the team at Sheffield University for the loan of Watt bikes to some of the riders.”

To support Keith or any of the riders raising funds for RL Cares, please visit their Justgiving page: