McCarthy wants to remain a Red Devil

Salford forward Tyrone McCarthy insists he has not given up hope of remaining with the Red Devils in 2021.

McCarthy’s contract with Salford has come to a conclusion following the 2020 season, and he revealed to League Express that he has been in discussions with the club for most of the year about an extension. However, those discussions were largely held with Ian Watson, who has now departed the club for a new deal with Huddersfield Giants.

But McCarthy insists he still feels he can contribute at the highest level and offer value for the Red Devils next year.

He told League Express: “I’ve been speaking to the club all year, but we’ve just not come to an agreement yet. When I’ve been speaking, I’ve been speaking to Watto and he said he wanted me to stay.

“Nothing has been announced where he’s going yet obviously, and it’s all up in the air, but I’ve got myself ready in case there’s nothing at Salford.

But I know my worth and I don’t want to be jumping at stuff I’ll end up regretting. I’m happy with where I’m at; I feel I’ve been playing well and I’m still hungry.”

McCarthy also admits that the pressure of trying to secure a new deal during a chaotic playing schedule in recent months, as Super League frantically tried to complete its domestic calendar, has been a difficult experience.

“Being out of contract was in my head throughout and when you feel like you’ve had an off-game, you just want to get out there and play. But you’re feeling drained constantly and not putting your best foot forward. It’s very difficult. I know, through speaking to other players at the club, that essentially it’s out of your hands, and you focus on playing well whenever you can while hoping that it will all sort itself out.”

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