McDermott dismisses Wolfpack travel concerns

Toronto Wolfpack coach Brian McDermott is not concerned by the club’s travelling schedule for next season.

The Wolfpack are likely to play in blocks of two next season, significantly increasing their air miles.

But it doesn’t worry McDermott, who says they have learnt how to plan accordingly for the demands of Trans-Atlantic travel.

“It’s a dynamic we’ve got to deal with,” he said,

“The challenge is there in itself, but it’s okay.

“What you do is you get good at it. The seven-hour flight and being at that altitude means your body has some recovering to do in the 24 hours after, so we’re probably going to lose a day’s training per week compared to most other Super League clubs. But we’ve been doing it for three years now.

“If you ignore it and dismiss it, and fail to plan for it, then you’ll create more injuries, but we’re good with it.”