McGuire wants more Championship games on TV

Danny McGuire wants more Championship games to be shown on TV.

A recent poll on saw 92% of readers say they would prefer SKY to broadcast a Championship game in their Thursday night slot instead of a Super League match.

The second-tier has enjoyed a resurgence in the last two years, with the majority of people in the game of the belief that the standard has improved since the beginning of the Super 8s concept.

Given the growing popularity the competition is generating, McGuire thinks the Championship needs more exposure going forward.

“I originally thought with the idea of the new structure, we would get more coverage for the Championship,” he said.

“There are some really good players in that competition, especially at the top clubs, and there are some exciting young players coming through too. I hope they get the coverage now the split has come, and hopefully your likes of Batley will get the chance to be shown, because I’m sure the tele would be interested in showing an upset from Mount Pleasant.

“As a game we are always striving for more coverage and for people to take us more seriously. I think we are getting there, but there’s still lots to improve.”