More joy for Welsh in Celtic Wheelchair Cup!

WALES’ dominance of the Celtic Wheelchair Cup continues!

Ireland and Scotland watched on for a fourth successive year as the Welsh held the coveted trophy aloft following a three-game series at Calderdale College, Halifax on Saturday.

The tournament opened with Scotland recovering from 38-8 adrift to beat Ireland 52-42.

Rob Hawkins led the way for the Scots with seven tries and a conversion, while Calum Young scored two tries and three goals, with Jay Anderson and Gavin Dobson also dotting down. Ireland had to settle for four Seb Groves touchdowns, a try and two goals by Tony Godward, and efforts from Stuart Walker, Steve Argent and Ben Hope.

Scotland found it much tougher in the next game, losing to Wales 102-10.

Hawkins and John Williams nipped in for Scotland, who were 54-4 down at lemons-time, the former adding a goal. But it was otherwise all Wales, who topped the century-mark with six tries and seven goals for Stuart Williams, five tries by Harry Jones, and four tries and four goals by Scotty Trigg-Turner.

Alan Caron had a hat-trick, Gary Taylor improved his own score, and Phil Davies added a goal.

Wales duly sealed the championship with a 109-8 triumph over Ireland, for whom Steve Argent bagged a brace.

Williams helped himself to four tries and two goals in the romp, Jones chipped in with three tries and a field goal, Davies grabbed five tries, Lucie Roberts crossed twice and Scotty Trigg-Turner scored 28 points with four tries and twelve goals; Taylor and John Doyle also crossed.

Euphoric Wales manager Mark Jones said: “I believe it’s the first tournament in which all our squad members scored a try. John Doyle is probably the oldest player to score a try for Wales and Lucie Roberts could be the youngest.”


IRELAND: Peter Johnston (Argonauts), Stuart Walker (Bradford Bulls), Tony Godward (Halifax), Ben Hope, Nev Hope (both Gravesend Dynamite), Seb Groves, Aaron Thomas (both Medway Dragons), Ste Argent (St Helens).

SCOTLAND: Mac McLaren (British Army), Jay Anderson, David Birtles, John Williams (both Dundee Dragons), Robert Hawkins (Halifax), Callum Young (Leyland Warriors), Gavin Dobson (Rochdale Hornets), Alex Howe (St Helens).

WALES: Alan Caron, Philip Davies, Scotty Trigg-Turner (all Hereford Harriers), John Doyle, Harry Jones, Lucie Roberts, Gary Taylor, Stuart Williams (all North Wales Crusaders).


Saturday 27 April 2019

Scotland 52 Ireland 42; Wales 102 Scotland 10; Wales 109 Ireland 8 (all games at Calderdale College, Halifax).