Peacock: Experience is key in play-offs

Jamie Peacock believes that Leeds’ big game experience will stand them in good stead when it comes to the play-offs, despite setting themselves the daunting task of winning the Grand Final from sixth place.

Peacock is going in search of an unprecedented ninth Grand Final success in 2014, after three wins with Bradford and five victories with the Rhinos.

“We can raise our game in play-off football, no doubt,” Peacock told League Express.

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“It’s good to get a home game first up, and hopefully we can gain some momentum from that. Obviously each challenge gets tougher and tougher the more you progress, but it’s something we’re very much used to.

“It’s ground we’re used to covering, so I think the experience in play-off rugby is something you can’t buy. You can’t be coached in it, you have to experience it and be in the big situations – thankfully, we’ve got experience like that by the bucket load which should hopefully count in our favour.”