Rob Burrow ‘strong and positive’ in fight against MND

Rob Burrow says he remains strong and positive in his battle against MND.

The Leeds Rhinos icon caught up with BBC Breakfast on a family holiday as he continues to live with the disease.

Burrow admitted his walking and talking had deteriorated, but that his spirit remained as strong as before.

“I’m alright yeah,” he said.

“Feeling great but my walking and voice are worse than when we last met. But I’m really good.”

Burrow says he is determined to see his three children have fun regardless of his own condition.

“(It) makes me a lot happier seeing them enjoy themselves, and I love being here, makes me relive my childhood.

“We try to make it fun every day but more so now with me being like this.

“The kids are brilliant but we need to keep their minds off me to distract them.

“The rugby prepared me 100% to deal with this. But I’m good, my mind is so strong and positive.”