Shaun Wane focussing on Salford despite off-field investigation

Wigan Warriors coach Shaun Wane has insisted that it is business as usual for his side this weekend despite a turbulent few days off the field.

The Warriors confirmed before Wane’s pre-match press conference that an investigation had begun following speculation their players were involved in a brawl last Friday.

Wane would refuse to answer any questions about the incident or the investigation, instead choosing to focus on his side’s clash with Salford on Friday night.

And he said that they are completely focussed on preparing for the trip to the AJ Bell Stadium, and not worrying about any off-field drama that may or may not be concluded before then.

“It’s just another working day,” he said.

“We had a fantastic day training – three or four couldn’t train – but we’re just getting ready for team-run on Thursday.”

The Warriors did, however, address the issue before the press conference, with the club’s marketing director, Simon Collinson, confirming a probe had begun.

“You’ll all be aware of rumours flying around at the weekend. There is an internal investigation going on at the minute,” he said.

“Because of that, we ask that you don’t ask Shaun any questions about any incident that might compromise or prejudice our investigations.

“As soon as those investigations are completed we will then issue a full statement.”