Sheens will touch down in UK this week

Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash has confirmed that Australia national coach Tim Sheens will land in the country this Friday, and is likely to be in attendance for the Devils’ clash against Hull FC on Saturday night.

Sheens will come into the club to help Koukash, coach Iestyn Harris and all levels of the club – with Koukash excited to get working with the legendary coach to help rejuvenate the club’s fortunes.

“If you can’t learn from someone like Tim Sheens, who can you learn from?” Koukash said. “I’m expecting him to arrive on Friday and accompany me to the game on Saturday.

“He will be with us for three weeks and I think his presence will be good for all of us.

“His work will probably start on Sunday or Monday. He is the type of person who lives and breathes rugby league 24 hours a day.

He added: “I have made mistakes and it will be nice to have someone of his capability to bounce ideas off.

“One way to bring success is to invest in youth and I want his guidance in that. It’s not sustainable for us just to go out and buy big names. We need to develop a winning culture.”