Smith plays up importance of second Easter win

Warrington chief Tony Smith insisted their current position meant their second Easter victory was vital to the Wolves’ ambitions for the year.

Smith saw his side scrape to a narrow victory over Huddersfield, eventually winning 26-24.

It was a win that moved Warrington to within two points of the top eight, a fact that hadn’t avoided Smith’s attention.

“It was ugly but it was two points,” he said.

“It wasn’t the prettiest of games by a long shot but we hung on.

“It’s been a while I would suggest since we won both our games over Easter so, because of where we are placed in the table, it was probably important to pick up the two points.

“In terms of performance it was very much a second-game-over-Easter performance from both teams. The big men looked tired today and came up with some stuff they normally don’t come up with.”