Toronto partner with tracing company to help get games on safely during social distancing

Toronto Wolfpack have taken steps to try and get their games back on at Lamport Stadium by partnering with a company to provide tracing measures while social distancing remains in place.

The Wolfpack have partnered with TraceSafe Technologies on a deal until the end of the 2021 season in an agreement that will see them supply wearable tracing products at Lamport Stadium while social distancing measures remain in place.

Club officials are trying to logistically work out when they will be able to host games in Canada, with CEO Bob Hunter admitting to League Express they have spoken to several Championship clubs about co-hosting their ‘home’ games in the UK.

TraceSafe’s wristbands act as two-way radios that allow social distancing to be applied and doesn’t require any private information from those wearing the equipment.

They transmit and receive signals from each other so that any nearby contacts can be logged. That data can then be used for contact-tracing so that all potential exposures to a confirmed case can be traced and isolated to the area or the groups of individuals in contact with any particular person.