Wane insists he is unmoved by prospect of ‘second Easter’

Wigan coach Shaun Wane has refused to join the growing number of people criticising the supposed ‘second Easter’ period this weekend: saying he isn’t bothered about the fixture backlog.

Most Super League teams – with the exception of St Helens and Huddersfield – play twice in a handful of days as the RFL try to finish the season earlier than usual to give England ample preparation for the World Cup.

But Wane admits it is a period that he is looking forward to, not dreading.

“You just get on with it, absolutely,” he said.

“I’m not making that attitude up either, it just doesn’t bother me. I can’t wait for Thursday and I can’t wait for Monday because we’ll have a strong team against Saints, and the other players can come into the team on Monday.”

Wane also believes it is an ideal period to find out more about himself and his coaching staff’s abilities – saying as far as he’s concerned, there are no negatives to the period.

He said: “It tests mine and John’s (Winder) coaching ability and preparation to make sure we’re ready for Wakefield on Monday. I can’t see the negative in it if I’m being honest. I love game-day and we’ve got two games in a few days, so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

“We’ll find out everything about us in this period – it doesn’t bother me at all.”