Wolfpack’s fate in the balance

The biggest week in Toronto Wolfpack’s short history is upon us.

This week, papers will be circulated to clubs regarding the Wolfpack’s application to rejoin the competition, followed by a meeting at the end of the week to make a decision on their status.

The papers are expected to be distributed on Tuesday before a board meeting on Friday to discuss their future.

A decision will be made by the other Super League clubs, many of which remain undecided on their position when it comes to the Wolfpack.

Though some clubs are determined to reject them, others are just as strong in the opposite camp. Several are sitting in the middle and it is they who will ultimately determine the vote.

Robert Elstone, who took a holiday last week, is understood to be opposed to Toronto’s return.

The papers setting out their viability could prove the key to the Wolfpack’s fate. A recommendation against Toronto’s return could sway several clubs, but approval could put pressure on clubs to give them a second chance.

Prospective new owner Carlo LiVolsi has reached an agreement with the GMB Union that all of their players will be paid 100 per cent of their unpaid wages, which is now pushing towards four months, should the takeover be completed.

The takeover, however, is subject to the club’s re-admission to Super League.

If that doesn’t happen, LiVolsi would almost certainly not complete the deal to buy the club.

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