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In Topic: New Player

11 May 2014 - 09:56 PM

Hmm...some decent players rumoured to be en route to the big Fellas if things unfold as people on here seem to suggest......Kyle Trout mentioned the Lad on DR seems to have had a real good debut today....but if there is room down the track for another young forward lad called Ben Shulver ? played for Wildcats in front row last year against our U 20's ? and caused havoc.....if the cheque book is flappin Phone Richard up and ask if we can have a look :-)




In Topic: John Bastian

23 March 2014 - 08:52 PM

I'm no coach and nor do I profess to be so will leave that bit to those who are no doubt handsomely paid to do their Job.... As a supporter and volunteer what I do feel is that as a club we seem to have lost our warm family feel...the smiles have gone....the regime has changed and for whatever reason our on the field performances seem to be slipping...yes we can say when other teams play us it may well be their cup final...yes we can say other teams are improving....but realistically Leigh apart no other club has changed personnel or signed the number of players we have.


Good luck and all the best to John and his coaching team....there will no doubt be twists and turns along the way but from where I see it we have just lost the last game we can afford to lose if we realistically want to finish in the top 2 and compete next year at the top level....hang on folks the ride is gonna be bumpy but should we really be shouting about any other team being favourites  ??? maybe John can say I told you so looking at the result but if we go into games thinking we are second best then I fear for our S.L ambitions......Destination.....unknown at the moment for me.

In Topic: Info Please: THE POSH PENGUIN (Old Rovers Social Club)

02 March 2014 - 01:25 AM

Not Sure Of the exact date of the fire at the posh penguin but I remember we were having a pre season Home game on that fateful Sunday Morning... and seem to remember watching the opening
ceremony for the 1984 Olympics on the TV in the lounge the previous night ?

Perhaps someone can check that and see if the dates fit if that helps