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    New decade. New stadium. Iconic kit. York City Knights are delighted to reveal their brand new playing kits for the 2020 Betfred Championship season.
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    This is the one thing that us in Australia cant get our heads around, how can you have Promotion and Relegation in a competition that is regulated by a salary cap, its like telling Usain Bolt he has to run the heats in bare feet and then walk around in shock if he doesn't make the final. If you want Promotion and Relegation, open the floodgates and get rid of the salary cap. The top of the competition will get stronger and there will be no concern for the marquee clubs to be relegated, the weaker will fall away and create a regular battle for survival at the bottom. What would be the benefit to the competition of Leeds being relegated for Fev. (Almost happened remember) The NRL would never have relegation (you know, the competition with the $2B TV deal). Big sponsors dont want to play Russian Roulette on whether teams will be in or out each year, they need stability. Most of the teams in the NRL have long term sponsors, how do the bottom teams in Super League attract Major Sponsors for multiple years when they cant guarantee their spot in the competition. Over the last 10 years, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Parra, Cronulla and the Roosters (yep, the roosters) have finished last, imagine if they were relegated and for some reason or another didnt get back in and were replaced by Burleigh, Wentworthville, Newtown, Ipswich etc, that $2B is disappearing fast. I know the scenarios above are far fetched, but why put everything to chance like Super League does. We here all the talk about how good it would be for the game if Toulouse were in Super League but then sit back and hope they make it. How about putting together a strategic plan to get them into Super League with a plan to guarantee their place, grow their brand and also grow the game in France, instead of leaving it to chance that they make it.
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    In Carcassonne this weekend to launch the newseason, Same 10 sides as last year – no sign of promotion or relegation. Carcassonne nearly didn’t start at all in 2018 but went on to appear in both Cup and Championship Finals. We have been down 8 sides not long ago, I like to think it’s going OK. Across the board it’s coming together nicely. Toulouse Olympique reserves (Broncos) back runners last couple of seasons are slowly improving, Seb Raguin of Dragons fame is their new coach and hopefully will be looking to two new arrivals in full back/centre Benjamin Laguerre from Salon and half back Hugo Bravo from Carpentras. Little Palau from Catalogne fight above their weight. Experienced Olivier Elima I reckon doing more than a decent job as coach will be strengthened with two other former Dragons veterans in Ben Pomeroy and Jamil Fakir, With probably the smallest budget at around €250,000 they’ll be outside the 6 playoff places but at home will be difficult to beat. Avignon had a poor season last time out especially for them as top-dogs not so long ago, Still under the coaching of Renaud Guigue would be looking to make progress. The Vaucluse region still treiziste turns out still lots of youngsters- the best finishing up at the Dragons.Their U18s were Champions again last year and some will be pushing for Elite 1 from now on. St Gaudens now to be led by the former TO Broncos boss Julien Gerin will rely possibily on three new Australians in Freeman/Keenan/Green to do the business, It’s along time back when they had real standing – Dulac and centre partner Sirvent were wonderful. 2019 has seen Albi and Villeneuve both getting up off the ground – at last. Both made the play-offs and could be close again. The former have ten new faces including a pair of Tweedheads Seagulls in Cook and Murphy plus Hull FC’s Nzoungou. USV will miss Goffin their young tearaway backrower but under new coach Devecchi look like they will also not be far off too. Full back Lasvenes Elite 1 player of the year last time out returns which will be big plus along side Ousty from Albi. The Aude as usual will be there. Carcassonne will want to build on last years efforts.Two of their stalwarts Baile and Saddaoui have retired. But wing power house Lo is returning from PNG and Leigh’s front rower Emmitt is heading over plus an Australian Pellow from West Tigers. Big spenders FCL €800,000 will want to make up from last years disappointments, Marginet is back from his Newcastle stint supported by St Esteves lively prop Bartes. Limoux who also missed out last season. Coach Greseque will turn a page with Texido and Murcia retiring and losing star running back Lasvenes. A pair of Townsville Blackhawks in Santo and Nona plus Murphy from North Sydney will hopefully take up the slack, Lastly St Esteve-XIII Catalans. Will they repeat last years achievements ? Goffin was with the likes of Cozza and Salabio in New Zealand recently with France U19s gaining experience, Fascinating to see how these lads et al develop in 2020. Lezignans new stand growing nicely at Stade Moulin
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    I know that after this game people will bring out the usual names and say they are past it etc. and McGilvary will be in them but I think he has been the best on the park for Great Britain. Most run metres and twice as many tackle breaks as any other British player. I thought he tried his heart out all night.
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    Newcastle and Toulouse are mentioned in the opening post. Why are both relatively strong as they are? Because they’ve been allowed to grow slowly and “learn to walk before they run” rather than being shoved in Super League before they’re ready.
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    It will go unnoticed by almost everyone, just as it would if we won.
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    Given the pairs abject failures since retiring from playing,I wonder what they are even involved with our international teams.
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    Nah, I'm still glued to the highly professional RFL presser announcing Tony Adams arrival. Why would I stoop to a lower standard that Wolfpack will apparently bring to SL
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    New decade. New stadium. Iconic kit. York City Knights are delighted to reveal their brand new playing kits for the 2020 Betfred Championship season.
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    Terrible idea, if they’re not good enough to be promoted they’re not good enough for SL. Toronto were asked to go from L1 and look at them now, they’re a lot stronger for it.
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    Whoever wins the qualifying tournament
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    You’d have more joy out of me if you didn’t constantly denigrate my sport with prejorative language such as amateur and whatnot. It may not be as big a professional sport as we’d like but it’s big enough to have finals at Old Trafford and Wembley, hardly small time. How about ‘this is a great family sport, those who like it love it, let’s make it bigger and better’ etc?
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    Danny tickle re-signed, very happy with that, he was superb last season and brings and organisation to the team.
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    Tom Burgess, while he obviously hasn't been on for 80 minutes, has been excellent, hitting hard and making plenty of post-tackle metres. And holding on to the ball, too.
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    Well he can, because those people have managed to catch, have passion and good skill levels all year. He can be blamed for a tedious, backwards game plan thats negated our players strengths, many players out of position, not changing half back combinations that blatantly weren't working, refusing to use the players that did play well, managing to make us worse in each and every 2nd half (his team talks must be a great cure for insomnia), picking a moronic unbalanced squad from the offset, talking rubbish after defeats... Need I go on?
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    As always, the order of blame will be: 1. Coach 2. Australians 3. NRL based players 4. The NRL somehow 5. SL based players in order of which club you hate most.
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    Very happy to see negative play backfire. Whitehead has gone way.down from recent years. He spends more time arguing and trying to intimidate refs than actually doing his work.
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    I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with this post? One is a trialist so was never guaranteed to be in the squad. The other two both have good job opportunities outside rugby. I think we're all realistic to know that most blokes in the Championship aren't on mega-money and that their primary career will take priority. It also isn't the clubs fault when this happens. It's easy to criticise but you really do have no idea what is going on behind the scenes with regard to potential players coming in and who the club have been talking to.
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    I'm hearing that Man of Kent has already begun counting and there is no way we are anywhere near 1,000,000. More like 567,000.
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    That's not to say that we should do away with promotion/relegation. I propose a two track system. Promotion/Relegation as standard, however if there is a club which could immediately contribute to the commercial value and overall health of the sport then SL should be allowed to invite that club to be fast tracked into the competition. Yes, I believe both means of elevation to Super League can exist side by side. In the scenario that you have a two track system, promotion/relegation will guarantee you a place in the league through on field performance. Therefore the door to SL will not be closed to any club that earns it. On the same note I do feel that the sport should be able to move much quicker to accommodate clubs with good governance that bring value to the sport. The two which spring to mind immediately are Newcastle and Toulouse, the sport stands to gain massively by inviting both entities into the SL comp. In Newcastle's case they would bring interest and eyeballs onto the sport from the heavily populated north east region, they have a strong academy system which produces players and would produce even more top players with the exposure that SL would bring. Added to that they have a very good management group and a top class stadium. Rugby League in the North East and nationally would benefit from their addition. Toulouse have demonstrated for years that they have a competent management group, it's a huge city with a thriving business economy, adding them would contribute to the health of the french national team, providing them with more players and give them an opportunity to be natural competitors to England RL. Their addition would add value to the competition in the french tv market where I feel that just one club is not going to get tv stations to pay a tv deal to screen SL. We need to start thinking outside the box, there is more than one way to do things and this is a good blend and mix of the benefits of franchising and the jeopardy of promotion/relegation that some people love.
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    Well GB can't possibly lose that one. So there's that to consider.
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    Not just him - Sinfield and Peacock can pack their bags too.
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    Watching the PNG girls break down with tears of joy on the final siren was great to see. Means so much to these girls. Great for the game.
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    Man Of Kent, you are right that we are able to have finals at OT, Wembley etc. However, the sport is increasingly becoming small time IMO. Krzzzystuff and Big Picture are right here. The professional tier of the sport is tiny, which means pathway opportunities for players/coaches etc are very limited. This could mean high standards, only the very elite progress etc, but it is underpinned by such a thin base at community level that quite a lot of players progressing to the pro ranks are quite average at best. Until last week, basically nobody was playing in SuperLeague to get rich. Stuart Pearce (a big defender of the sport, I am delighted to say) was quoted this year as saying RugbyLeague is the only working class sport left. What that means effectively, is the game is skint. Teams are not even able to afford the pretty meagre salary cap. Facilities in stadia are notoriously poor. Training facilities are ok at best. Club infrastructure is limited (coaches, medical, S&C, analysis etc). Sponsors are small time names with one or two exceptions (Hoover etc). Predatory sports can pick up talent from SuperLeague pretty easily if they wish to, as the money on offer to the top performers was (until last week) pretty poor. Denny Solomona was top try scorer, performing superbly. He doubled his money instantly on leaving, and probably tripled it when he became an international in a rival sport. Our national team ('GB') was playing in front of a half empty Mt Smart last weekend - it barely made the national press. As Small Time as it gets. SBW signing potentially changes this. To an extent at least. He has come to the competition ahead of rival bids, probably for financial reasons above all else. TO Wolfpack are pushing standards - they are throwing down a challenge to other teams, driving publicity for the League (all teams will benefit from a few extra bums on seats now SBW has showed up) and 1 or 2 other clubs may react and try to pick up the gauntlet. If TO Wolfpack had lost the final, and Argyle had lost interest, Featherstone would be in the top league - giving us 3 teams out of 12 from Wakefield. Do you really think we would still be at Wembley in 10 years time if that was the case?
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    London, Bradford, Sheffield, York, Newcastle, Toulouse. All would add something substantial I feel.
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    Happy with this, Danny is well respected, a work horse and has bags of experience, for me he should be our club captain this year, well done everyone concerned, keep them coming.
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    Internationals will always be an after-thought in RL, for two reasons: Firstly, it requires the cooperation of the NRL - and that isn't coming any time soon. Geography is against us - the only credible opposition as it stands is on the othe side of the world. We can't create a compelling tournament with France, Italy and the Home Nations in the way that RU can. Secondly, can you imagine the stink that would be kicked up by club owners if we dared to suggest taking players away from club duties for international purposes during the season? RU doesn't have the issue, because the clubs accept that the best talent is not going to be available to them during those international periods - and they're recompensed for it. So we have to work with what we have and, as it stands, that's the domestic club game. I think McDermott is right here. The sport has spent too long agonising over every decision by asking "can Wakefield and Salford afford it?". That's no way to run professional sport. At some point, that mentality needs to change, we need to set ambitious minumum standards, and start asking clubs what they are changing to achieve those standards. The sport simply has to ditch the zero-growth thinking. As for why McDermott wasn't making these noises whilst at Leeds? Well, firstly, he's allowed to change his mind and secondly, remember that his former pay-master was Gary Hetherington - a close ally of Nigel Wood, very much an RFL man and somebody who was successful under the 'status quo'. Would you publicaly disagree with what your employer believed?
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    This could have been an interesting discussion, but as soon as someone posts the phrase "Sooper Dooper League" I realise this isn't a thread for adults.
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    He really does need sacking straight after this. He is talking about working towards the WC in 2021, but then playing Austin on the wing instead of Handley, a winger who will be 25 at the next WC and in his prime who would benefit from that wing slot.
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    This is a forward thinking idea as Toulouse and London between them would bring only 200 fans to the Summer Bash. Toulouse gets to be part of an event held in Toulouse that will draw decent crowd at the new stadium. For once this sport has done the best thing for the sport. Summer Bash still has all sides from relatively nearby in the north of England attending who draw 99% of the crowd to this event anyway so it wont impact crowd numbers much if at all.
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    It's funny to see the same people who moan London and Toulouse dont bring any fans, still complain when they do something else
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    I think this post is excellent. Things have moved on since the 80s and 90s, and for Super League to be able to attract commercial and broadcast partners, the above must be taken in to consideration.
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    Not at all would suit me, although I suspect that I am in the minority. I continue to feel that the arbitrary way that the fixtures are decided leads to a degree of bias in individual club's fixtures that could be vital for those battling against relegation.
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    1st of all I highly doubt the NRL wants to run the NZRL. 2nd NZRL legally runs the sport in NZ and receives NZ government funding & % of profit on betting from Government regulated NZ Racing Board. 3rd NZRL operating costs are nearly 10 million NZ dollars per year and I doubt the NRL can afford an annual grant that big. NZRL budgets for 2016 & 2017 https://nzrl.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Annual-Report-16-17.pdf. show profits of $342,000 in 2016 and $643,000 in 2017. But In 2015 & 2018 NZRL made losses. As a result NZRL couldnt afford to send the 2015 NZ Schoolboys to Australia. In 2018 NZ residents side didnt play a game just named a team on paper to save funds. NRL makes Multi millions in profit from the NZ market every year in TV rights, sponsorship and merchandise. What Shane Richardson understands is NZRL relies on the national side to make revenue to help fund the sport in NZ. In the years where revenues not as high as needed, NZRL makes a loss and NZ Youth and NZ Residents sides suffer. A yearly NRL grant to NZRL of 10% of the profit they make in NZ TV rights, would really help the game in NZ.
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    "Proper British rugby." In 1936 the Brits beat the Kangaroos 3-0 in that series and they didn't have any NRL players or OZ coaches.
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    I know we all want GB to win on this board but a season when Tonga beat the Kangaroos and PNG beat Great Britain would be pretty historic and a nice setup for the next few years of International League.
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    This could be a fitting end to this tour. And we all thought it couldn't be worse than '96.
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    Wow 4 pages only in the build up to a test match. Shows how much enthusiasm has been squeezed out of fans these last three weeks
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    In Toulouse on 30 May, apparently! Catalan v Leeds Toulouse v London If correct, it'll be some weekend!!!
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    Fev,they are a similiar level to leigh,but we have had our go so I would like them to be promoted
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    I can’t believe this isn’t in the running or been mentioned. It still makes me chuckle
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    When I retire (at least 20 years) I have it on my list to visit all the Elite 1 teams across a few months. Touring the whole way
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    Why shouldn't they be allowed to? As long as everyone agrees, is happy and fans know before buying tickets then I don't see the issue.
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    There is a risk of thread drift, but I think there are strategic issues and tactical ones. The coaching selections straddle both, but it is the tactical (as in short-term) performance which hasn't been good enough here, and is what is being questioned. I'd like to see more done on player development, but work is ongoing at grass-roots level. But ultimately, we did not perform as a team, and lost in such a lacklustre way that questions need to be asked. In far too many games now, England/GB have looked terrible in attack. Versus the Aussies and Kiwis, in 8 games, we have been nilled twice, scored 1 try three times, and had decent wins versus the Kiwis in Denver, Hull and Liverpool. 5 out of 8 games the most we have scored is 1 try. That is an issue.
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