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    Terribly sad news. Jordan played for East Hull as a kid with my brother. We used to give him a lift home from training fairly often. One of my favourite memories was we had picked our kid up from East Park one winter after training (maybe u13s) and as we started to drive home we saw Coxy stood at the bus stop completely caked in mud, with that massive grin on his face. So we pull up and said, what are you doing, Coxy? Look at the state of you. He goes, I'm just getting the bus home. He didn't even have a bag for his boots he was just holding them in his hands. Well we just laughed and told him to jump in because there wasn't a bus driver on earth that would have let him on. He used to try and convince me that if it wasn't for Rugby League he'd be a Dolce & Gabanna model. He once had an operation after falling ill during a game and when he was well enough me and my mate (we all sponsored Jordan at the time as he had just broken through at Rovers) went round to see him. He had this little dog and he bloody loved it. At Rovers events I always ended up on the same table as him somehow and we used to laugh and joke about different stuff. Some of his team mates used to say he looked like a horse so it came as no surprise when Ben Fisher wandered up one time and put a bowl of sugar cubes in front of him haha. I don't generally use social media or forums to express my feelings when someone I know has passed away but I will make an exception here. He was a big daft lad with a smile wider than the Humber, and an infectious personality. He was a good kid. A really good kid. He never really changed from that lad we picked up at the bus stop all those years ago. Rest easy, old friend.
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    I wouldn’t upset John Bateman . If he says it’s Christmas Eve I’m putting my tree up
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    Been there and have got the T shirt. In my time from founding an expansionist amatuer club to a semi pro outfit. I have done EVERYTHING from clearing up dog muck to being the chairman ( both vital). I have experienced every adjective except boring. Would I do it again?........... not in a firkin million years. The best bit was some of the people. The worst bit was some of the other people. Edit. On reflection That's not fair. I can only count on my fingers the number people that have given me grief. As against the literally thousands ( including some to be found lurking on this forum) that have been a real pleasure to meet.
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    Well my sister's fella is making very small steps in the right direction. From being described as as near to death without being dead, he's now sat up, off dialysis and yesterday was breathing on his own for 2½ hours... His trachy I believe is closed and was able to say hello yesterday. His first word since 2/4/20. I'm naturally a cautious soul. I think he'll make it. I didn't give him a chance of survival 3 weeks ago.... Rehab however, will be a long process
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    Hi, Thanks for sharing this article on this site. The Critic is a new political magazine and after I approached them with my idea for the piece they ran it straight away. I would be grateful if people could share it on social media pages and with fellow League/politically minded people. Hopefully it will gain some traction and encourage other magazines to run features on the sport. In the 1990s we used to feature in many of the Sunday mags and we could certainly do with broadening the debate about our identity. Also if any of you have any comments/criticism/ideas for future topics I'd be delighted to here from you. The identity crisis facing 'the people's game' and the 'people's party' is something I am eager to explore further My site is https://tidesofhistory.wordpress.com and can be contacted on anthonybroxton19@gmail.com Thanks for your support, Anthony (TOH)
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    Can I just check that I'm understanding this correctly? Because this entire story appears to be founded on resolving the problem of Shaun Edwards' dad getting a bit bored in winter and that the solution to this problem is changing the whole axis of the sport's domestic and international calendars. Can't he just take up billiards or something?
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    The raiders fans. Me, I've had some great away games there. Any right minded RL fan who should be gutted any club goes under.
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    I believe that we should be proud that the RFL responded to this crisis with alacrity and produced what I understand to be a very comprehensive case for government support before some "bigger" sports had even thought about what to do. Ralph Rimmer and his team have been subjected to waves of criticism, possibly justified in some cases, by fans and chairmen of SL clubs but in this instance they should be praised for their foresight and initaitive. Sad to say but I now await a stream of claims from certain SL chairmen explaining why ther vast majoroty of this money should be funnelled directly to their clubs.
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    By ensuring it has sustainable growth and expansion.
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    I've never heard of The Critic, but.... https://thecritic.co.uk/the-new-political-battleground/ Apologies if 1. It's already been posted 2. Folk think it's too "political" for this forum. I thought it was worth a read at least.
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    Hope he recovers soon
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    If more people ran their Rugby League clubs like Gary Hetherington and less people ran their Rugby League clubs like McManus and Lenagan the sport would be in a much better financial place.
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    How about the clubs that want it cut by 15% just reduce their wages by 15% if they need to. Race to the bottom mentality again.
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    https://www.raidersrugbyleague.co.uk/post/raiders-show-support-to-community-clubs subject to application and certain conditions being met (I do wonder what those are as this quote intrigued me...) FWIW - it’s no secret that links aren’t great between WWR and the majority of the amateur clubs. As the only professional rugby league club in South Wales we have a duty to help where possible and we hope in return the clubs will help support us build for the future
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    There is a gentleman who on occasion graces these pages with the most thoughtful insights available to the world of rugby league. He is a much respected poster and it's certainly interesting to listen to his views. He goes by the name of parksider.
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    Can I be unpopular here....? I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the nationalism and the rubbing of german noses well and truly in it. Time for me at least to draw a line. Remembrance is a different issue. 55m died in that conflict. To safeguard our futures. Remembrance is important..... to me. Tonight I shall enjoy a quiet glass with the memsahib. No flags. No bunting. I shall exchange a few messages with a german pal and quietly abstain from the proceedings.
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    I'm not sure that article is anything more than a repackaging of most of the news we've been discussing here all week, but the direction of travel is clear. But whether inside or out of the RFL, 400k to run the most visible arm of a supposedly major sport is cheap, as is a 'plush' office in Manchester. So the role, mandate and the package shoukd be kept in one way or another, even if its a distinct section of the RFL. Slashing it all away just as we need to renotiate media rights is a massive false economy.
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    Wow 4 yrs of vitriol aimed at the lack of Canadian players in Toronto's squad and now we have the same Luddites having a pop at another Canadian team planning to include those homegrown players in their squad,is it any wonder we are seen as a small,quaint northern sport by the majority of the country.
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    Scorn every decision the game makes, despise all expansion teams and say they’ll never last, abuse referees from roughly 100 metres from the pitch from your seat, claim Rugby League is ###### and it was much better back in the day, call Super League something really funny like Super Greed, not forgetting the $, if your team isn’t in the top tier and moan about everything Sky Sports do when showing Rugby League on TV. That’s how most people here do it.
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    Owen Farrell to London? No, a New Zealand-born State of Origin Queenslander and Samoa international who played kick’n’clap for England after considering Ireland signs for Brisbane. Meh.
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    When I was planning the annual budget for 450 staff and a circa £20M salary bill, funnily enough I didn't start by asking them how much they all wanted. This is disingenuous. There may be some bad chairmen and I don't agree with their decisions all the time but many of them have poured an enormous amount of their time, and often a lot of their own money, into their clubs.
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    I reckon you'd have been put in an asylum if you'd have said 5 years ago that in 2021 we'd have a candian team, Sonny Bill Williams, Israel Folau and Greg Inglis playing in Super League Edit: oh and had a French winner of the Challenge cup the year after they were in the million pound game.
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    In 17 years the RLEF has grown its membership from nine to now playing the game at some level in over 20 European countries, plus the African and American nations that fall under their umbrella. They have secured Erasmus funding which in turn has led to grants towards development of coaches and referees throughout Europe. They have created a meaningful international calander with promotion and relegation and given developing countries like Greece a pathway into the World Cup final stages. I attended the meeting in Paris in 2003 when the RLEF was formed and to say they have "done nothing" shows how much you know about what is going on at grassroots level on the continent. Representatives attended that inaugural meeting from rugby league organisations in Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Lebanon, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With very little funding the RLEF has done well to get where it is today and for them to be looking at a professional game (before this Spanish /Italian concept arose) involving European Clubs shows they are still pushing forward. What we need now is for all parties to get together and work out how they can progress as a group to bring these ideas into a reality. What the game doesn't need is another split due to personal egos. PS. I have had many a run in with the RLEF but credit must be given when due.
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    The BBC will air a second episode of Challenge Cup Classics this weekend. Following a well-received show last month, it has been confirmed that BBC... View the full article
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    My father-in-law is in his mid 70s and has a heart condition. Other than that he is well and he could easily have a good 10 years in him. However, were he to catch Coronavirus he'd be in danger. By many, he would be written off as an elderly person with underlying health issues, but he is still very much the patriarch and the driving force of the family who does a great deal in his community. His death would be a tragedy for the family, but instead I think some people view the likely people to lose their lives as old people couped at home who would die soon anyway. I'm not saying that we should make decisions based on emotion: it should of course be whichever policy does the least harm but I absolutely object to their age being a reason to accept high casualties.
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    the kids are not gonna be impressed with this, they were expecting a drive through Knowsley safari park this bank holiday, maybe if one of the old dears can get on the bonnet and pull the windscreen wipers off it would be better
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    I always thought the most ridiculous was Wakefield's. Why add a third word to an already excellent and historically relevant name? Dropping 'Wildcats' was an excellent move!
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    Nice bit of positivity via Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikemeehallwood/2020/05/25/americans-this-is-why-the-nrl-should-be-your-new-favorite-sport/#597580664a3b
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    For anyone who found Cummings' trip to Durham a concern, he's just been spotted in the crowd for Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney!
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    I think this is the big issue. The sport really doesn't understand what it's selling and who it is trying to sell it to. I've said this before, but there seems to be this idea that goes throughout the game that the sport can just advertise its way out of the problem. There seems to be this sense of hubris that says "the product is great, we just need to promote it more". But it's flawed logic. For a lot of the time, the product that this sport offers isn't that great to an awful lot of people - particuarly in the UK, because the best players in the world almost exclusively play on the other side of it and only come here once every 2-3 years. It's why the Challenge Cup final looks tired and dated. It's why the Grand Final doesn't attract a broader audience and it's why there is fan apathy to loop fixtures - because it's the same ###### that we've always done before, appealing to the same people who think that this sport is the best thing ever and it's the people who can't see that who are the idiots. It's also why people look through their noses at what Toronto are doing and what Bull/Cougarmania were - they're different, and people don't like things that are different. I think another key issue is that the sport and clubs generally have this idea that a fan is only worth anything if they're buying a ticket and something from the club shop. As a result, everything that clubs have done has generally been focused on the short-term goal of selling tickets - almost at any cost. We have clubs that have, for example, massively damaged and undersold themselves through mass discounting and it's almost impossible for them to reverse those discounts once you've got people addicted to cheap prices. Anyone who knows anything about marketing knows that the most expensive way to sell something is to cut the price. That mentality also shuts us off from most of the country - it is really hard to "buy" RL for most of the country. If you don't live in reasonable travel distance to a game or can afford to get through Sky's paywall, it's incredibly difficult to buy into the sport, so most clubs don't bother trying to reach them. It's much easier to just rely on dads and grandads to drag their reluctant kids along. What nobody in the sport has done is step back, look at the audiences we want to attract, and developed something that those audiences both want, and can easily buy. But if there is a concensus that clubs have saturated their local markets, that is exactly what they have to do. I know people roll their eyes whenever 'NFL' is mentioned in comparison, but it does provide a blueprint. I'm convinced that there will never be an NFL team in London, but that hasn't stopped the NFL creating a product that people in London regauarly pay good money for year after year after year. There may never be an RL team in Dublin, Edinburgh or Birmingham, but does that mean we shouldn't create something that those markets want to buy? So yeah, these 'wishlists' of locations where people think there should be teams don't really mean an awful lot. One, because it relies on investors wanting to invest in RL in those areas, and those people come along once in a generation at best, but also because we don't need to have a team in <city> to create something that a person in <city> wants to buy. Let's create an event that we can take to these places, cater these events to that audience and promote it in a way that appeals to them, not the usual RL crowd. Let's build recongisable brands and have merchandising that people want to actually wear - not the usual range of tat that makes you look like a sandwich board for the local skip hire firm. Let's build digital audiences that advertisers and sponsors want to reach. All of this stuff takes our existing clubs out of their geographic constraints to reach and sell to people who they couldn't otherwise (easily) sell to. There is no rule that Castleford can only sell to people in Castleford, or Wigan only to people in Wigan. It really doesn't need any pins to be put in any maps - just the sport to think a lot more about what it is offering, to whom it is offering it, and how it assesses the value of a fan.
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    So if you got rid of several heartland clubs do you think the number of new regular attenders of the sport would vastly outweigh those who no longer have their own team, to watch ? Fulham / London are 40 years old this year so have had plenty of time to become a part of the sporting life in an area where there is very little Rugby League for people to split their club affiliations between. Many will say it has been bad management which has caused them not to be a bigger name in the sporting world yet surely someone in that 40 years should have been able to make them so .... yet that is if the people of London actually wanted such a team ! Similarly with Sheffield ... yes they had success for a few seasons but is that also just bad managment which has caused them not to have made a long-lasting impression on the people of that city ? And what about other non-heartland clubs who have come and gone ... Cardiff, Mansfield, Carlisle, Scarborough, Nottingham, Bridgend, Kent Invicta, and even Paris ? Yet, when Fulham came on the scene in 1980, there were 30 professional clubs, all in the heartland of Rugby League - and how many of those are no longer in the Rugby League ? Three ... Blackpool, Bramley and Huyton. So why might it be that 27 heartland clubs have survived when so many from other areas of the country have failed to do so ? Have the 27 just all been better managed than those who have come and gone ... I very much doubt it. Many of those 27 might not attract many thousands of spectators but at least they do get a regular following - and that is because those teams are part of the local community and are "their team". So, after their 40 years of existance as a non-heartland club let's compare London with Oldham, a true heartland RL club. As I said earlier, some might say that London have been badly managed and that has stopped their progression ... yet do those same people think that Oldham have been managed any better ? I again doubt it, so no reason there to differentiate between the two clubs. This season both London and Oldham have both played three home games, two in the Championship and one in the Challenge Cup and while Oldham's average home attendance is exactly 1,200, the same figure for London is 771. Therefore, as I started with ... if you get rid of some heartland clubs and replace them with teams in non-heartland areas then how sure can you be that attendance figures at matches would significantly increase ? In my view, it isn't a matter of just having new teams to make the sport look more national but whether people in those areas actually want such a team to support.
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    The Rebels are still going strong, just not competing at Open Age at the moment. We have some big news coming soon so please keep and eye on our Facebook page Hope your all keeping safe and well up in Oldham
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    Thanks to all. Rugby League is my passion and proud to play a small part in its development in Germany & Europe.
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    From The World's only Roy Haggerty Web Page: "Roy was at training in 84 when Billy Benyon (then Saints coach) and the Chairman came down to announce that the club had signed Mal Meninga, arguably one of the greatest centres of all time, even then. Roy, who was playing centre at the time, turned one of the other guys and said "I don't know why they've signed another centre, where are they going to play him?"."
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    It’s been a brilliant initiative by the club to hold these. Every week has been brilliant and to get guys like jjb, wagga Phil and the rfl reps has varied the content. A big well done to the club and especially Gary McKeating who does an excellent job.
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    The RFL just void the season and those that don't like it shut up. Done.
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    It's been traumatic for my sister bless her. Her life story is something else.... I thought he was a goner three weeks ago... but a decent consultant persevered and pushed the trachy option.... his hunch, up to now at least, appears to have worked. Most know what I do. My work is nowt compared to those on that unit.... which is replicated in abundance up and down the country. Band 5 or 6 nurses on those units just seem underpaid to me given the skill set, academic requirements, attitudinal approach and ability to provide an immediate response in an emergency and co-ordinate that response.....
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    Always felt Phil De Granville, as an England union international had plenty to lose, like Guscott, by playing in this match, but despite the obvious distance in talent in the centres opposite him, he gave his all. He was one of the players that came out of the game with respect.
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    That account got banned on here because it was just blatantly being used to plug their site, not take part in this one. If only they'd read our T&Cs which clearly state: "No advertising without prior permission." All they had to do was ask nicely. They didn't even contact us to query the ban, instead they go straight to slagging us off on Twitter. Says more about them than us, IMO.
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    Absolutely. From nowhere to 80k/day test is some achievement and worthy of applause..... it's a great achievement of a co-ordinated response to a national need from a standing start. The govt you support so blindly didnt need to bulls hit. But they needlessly lied to fiddle the numbers to appear to meet a target.... you can't or won't accept that. We now have testing at appropriate levels regardless of the crapola coming from your government. This whole fiasco is their doing.
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    I don't expect to see community clubs getting much of this. Like many of the other emergency schemes, it's about sustaining employment and physical community assets through the next 6 months and most of that lies within the pro/semi-pro structure. That's fair enough in my view. A lot of references in the media releases to this being about keeping promises to the North. That's absolutely to be commended of course but I hope it isn't taken too literally: there are pockets of rugby league strength elsewhere that need protecting. For instance the Skolars have a community operation that puts many a heartland club to shame and have primary commercial control of a decent facility which has hosted international rugby league. Their catchment area also matches levels of deprivation of many heartland towns, and has seen some of the worst COVID death rates in the country. Let's not see clubs like that go under if we can help it. I expect the loan will also be similar to the business support ones: Low interest and over a 6-8 year period. Effectively it means spreading the acute pain of now over the next few years, it's not free extra money and I hope the RFL educates the clubs and wider rugby league community of that fact. Distributions will likely be smaller than otherwise in the future after loan repayments and clubs of all levels need to work on that basis. Will this save every club and every facility? Probably not. The new normal is still going to be very different and not all will survive in their current guise. But I think it has removed the very worst case scenario of complete collapse and for that I am very grateful. Early days but there also seems to be very little carping from other sports. Where we go first they hope to tread I suppose. Credit where it's due to Ralph Rimmer, never been the biggest fan, but at the moment of highest danger he showed up. Well done.
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    The following email has just dropped into my inbox and I thought some forum members might be interested: QUOTE: "Just dropping in to say that The Rugby Codebreakers is being broadcast again on Sunday - it's on BBC 1 Wales but can be viewed in England, details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_One_Wales Programme details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_One_Wales It'll be on iPlayer for 30 days following transmission. Please pass on to anyone who may be interested - especially if they haven't seen it! Stay safe and very best wishes from Wales Alan Golding" Thanks for that Alan (if you ever visit our Totalrl.com forum). I'm going to watch it on Sunday, feet up and a nice hot cuppatea.
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    For all the work some people do in Rugby League and mental health, we still have people calling others “nutjobs”. Delete.
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    Greg Inglis is trending at number 3 UK-wide on Twitter. Well done Wire!
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    You are Piers Corbyn and I claim my £5. Yes we should resume "as soon as the regulations allow" but you appear to be ignoring one major (but not the only) reason for the broad "lockdown" -to avoid a total collapse of health systems across the world. Indeed, it came very close to that in Spain and Italy. Predictions of experts always was conditional and by broadly following their advice, many millions worldwide have avoided untimely demise. We are all going to die, but it's better for all concerned that we don't all die at once.
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    Jonathan Liew isn't a dedicated RL journalist, but when he covers the game, he rarely disappoints.
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    The previous deal was $1.8bn for 5 years (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022). That works out at $360m per year. The new deal at $2.3bn for seven years works out at $328m. Whilst it's a drop, I think its probably a good deal given the current economic climate. Edit: in fact, on re-reading the article, its only actually for 6.5 years (as it covers the remainder of this season, where I believe the NRL have had a chuck of the broadcast money). Funny that Ch9 are willing to splash so much cash given the way they have been talking the sport down over the last few months - couldn't be that they were trying to drive the price down with negative press could it?
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    Just in: Relegation threatened coach wants return to licensing. I actually agree with him in theory. However Mr. Smith, and most other posters, don't seem to understand what licensing is meant to be about. They see it as only a means to avoid to the possibility of relegation. Licensing requires an empowered governing body that can make brutal strategic decisions based on business models. These most importantly include relocating/replacing licensees with weaker commercial performance. It also involves strict enforcement of standards (without exception) and transparent budgeting. There is no such governance in place from the RFL, and definitely not from the chairmen controlled SL board. It was tried before and despite some improvements, failed to force clubs to meet the licence criteria. Bottom line is that clubs would need to give up power to leadership structure that can implement licensing. This will not happen, so best stick with promotion and relegation.
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    What a great story. She was also a coach. Follow the link for the full article. https://catholicleader.com.au/news/josephite-nun-who-founded-two-rugby-league-clubs-dies-in-holy-week “WHITE jerseys are a rare sight on rugby league fields, so imagine the looks Sr Kathleen Carroll got when she ran out on the oval in a white habit. The Josephite nun, known in her coaching days as Sr Francis, would reminisce about the stains on her white habit left by the young boys who cuddled into her to form a scrum.“

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