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    If so what a waste of time building the England brand for 10+ years. Enjoy the nostalgia trip that benifits nobody but Hummel and shirt collectors. What's the grand plan for England? Pull the brand back out of the trash just in time for the home world cup then disappear again for 4 years?
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    This would possibly be the worst idea in RL. Dumbest of the dumb. Though it has come from Gledhill so im no longer sure Spurs have a new stadium at all.
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    Very definitely. RL now has a foothold in North America courtesy of the Toronto Wolfpack, this bridgehead will be consolidated in 2021 with the arrival of Ottawa and New York. The sheer skill and athleticism on display and the speed and excitement of the game will increasingly captivate both onsite and TV spectators in NA so within 5 years or so more local kids will be playing RL than RU and within a decade the game we love will overtake RU as the premier code of rugby for the aforementioned reasons. The naysayers and doubters who seem to have so little confidence in their product that they cannot accept that is has been successfully exported will either embrace the new reality of an international SuperLeague and an international Championship (+L1!!) or continue their moaning in increasingly shrinking numbers. Come to Toronto, come to Ottawa and come to New York - you will be welcomed with open arms!
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    What are you basing that on? I'm assuming not attendances given... 2007 series vs NZ (last as GB) - 16,500 / 20,300 / 21,200 2017 series vs NZ (last as England) - 17,600 / 26,200 / 32,200
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    It's a good idea to have a poll, but I suspect there are readers who see a time and place for both England and GB. For example, I would see England as the default setting, with a place for down under GB tours. Is there any chance of adding another button, or two, to the poll?
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    This is nonsense. Easily the most popular sport in this country uses the England brand. As does Cricket, as does RU. It is a brand identifiable to millions. Many youngsters, and even those up to their mid 20s have very little or no awareness of GB in Rugby League.
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    Really, how do you explain these? England v Australia Elland Road 34,174 England v Australia Wembley Stadium 42,344 England v Australia Millennium Stadium 45,052 England v New Zealand Wembley Stadium 67,545 England v New Zealand London Olympic Stadium 44,393 England v Scotland Coventry Ricoh Stadium 21,009 England v Australia London Olympic Stadium 35,569 England v New Zealand, Elland Road 32,186
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    Watching GB was part of my RL upbringing, and it made perfect sense back then, but makes no sense now. The England brand is much stronger (albeit with a terrible crest). GB is pure nostalgia.
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    On a more serious note though, the RFL need to somehow develop alternative income streams rather than simply relying on the CC Final to bale them out. Sooner or later Catalans, or Toronto or even Salford or Wakefield are going to make the CC Final (again) and we're going to be looking at 50K max again. They've got to find a more stable income base than just hoping that Hull, Leeds, Saints or Wigan make the Final.
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    Or because playing as England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales was deemed better for developing the game in those countries and the fact that we had already been playing as these countries for a decade in World Cups. It made perfect sense at the time and still does.
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    Because we can't/don't have both. This very much seems like a binary choice because we simply don't play enough international games to do both. All we are doing is weakening both brands rather than concentrating on one strong one. This is for absolutely no gain. England aren't playing at all this year. This thread is on the back of a tweet about GB playing the Kangaroos instead of England next year. That means come the World Cup England won't have played for 3 years. A World Cup on home soil entirely in England where we are playing as England. That is ridiculous. I do think/hope the tweet is wrong but the debate is very valid bearing in mind what has happened this year anyway. Regan Grace can play for his country, Wales. He is being denied no opportunity. If the argument is that Wales aren't good enough then it's up to him and others like him to get Wales up to that level and it's up to the RLIF to get Wales more games. I'd also say that the only reason Grace will get picked for GB is because he is Welsh, a token gesture which immediately makes a mockery of the whole GB return. It certainly isn't the GB if old and the best of the best if we have token picks like that just to make it not the England team.
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    Turn the thermostat down then. Sorted happy to be of service
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    So the RFL should separate the fully professional teams from the part timers.
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    On the whole flag thing on the back, for supporters jerseys I think the Union Flag is fine. For players though I like the idea of having the nation they qualify for GB for in that spot. So a Reagan Grace can have a Welsh dragon on his shirt, Lachlan Coote a St Andrews Saltire, Sam Burgess St George's cross. Or at least incorporate them somewhere on the shirt. Makes the shirt a bit more special for the players imo.
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    The big issue is that they have brought the Lions back as a different thing. i.e. a touring team - whereas we used to be able to watch them on these shores. That may be fair enough, but that will only leave people less engaged than they previously were as only small numbers will actually watch them in person, particularly if it is only every 5 years or so. We then have the added nonsense that the origanisers were unable to deliver a decent tour. Going to the other side of the world to play three different teams is nothing like the old GB tours. It is basically the same as the Four Nations, but just friendlies instead and Australia being removed. Pretty much everything about it is worse than a) it should have been and b) it was in the past. So it neither delivers a great tour, or a great nostalgia blast.
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    You don't need to like Toronto, you just have to show a little class.
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    Wigan shouldn't throw the offer too hard, he might knock it on.
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    Err... Or how about you not make nothing out of something? They have a home support? They have a huge home support in comparison to many SL clubs already. They have a collection of sponsors, not just one that pays for travel (which is a significant sponsorship by the way and allows the whole project to work for them and the others). Let's not pretend they've not achieved much.
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    The RFL really shouldn’t be relying on one game to make all their income for the year. There were definitely over 50,000 at Wembley. Surely we should be turning a profit from a 50,000+ crowd, if that makes a loss Wembley must be seriously expensive and we really should be looking to move away. Magic weekend has shown big stadiums and local authorities want to host big RL events. Put the Cup Final out to tender and it will return a healthy profit.
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    I applaud the club for pushing this, and any other initiatives to generate extra income. It does however to me show how strange at times human behaviour can be. "We're putting beer and coffee prices up by £1 to fund new signings." "I'm not paying that price, rip-off" "OK, please just give us £120 instead to fund new players". "Great idea, I'm in"
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    Why would the North American clubs want to split off into a league with small West Yorkshire villages (and York)?
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    I'd heard it rumoured but Matt Shaw thinks it's written in stone. “Has to be said. The attitude of some rugby league fans is utterly embarrassing. Rather than talk the game up they’d prefer to create false conspiracies to protect their team, continuously talk down the achievements of others and generally criticise everything. “Rugby league is poisoned by a blame culture. It’s always someone else’s fault. The referee, the RFL, St Helens, Toronto, whatever. People question why the sport never moves forward. Look in the mirror. Rather than strive for improvement people would rather talk down to the rest. “There is one thing that is holding rugby league back and that is the mentality of some people within it. Blame, blame, blame. Moan, moan, moan" https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/journalist-slams-rugby-leagues-blame-culture-21290/ Must be fake news.
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    The greatest sponsor ever for any team, club or country. I've been looking at how I can modify the new shirt to recreate those glory days. I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt.
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    When's black bin day at your gaff?
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    For having participated in the project aude xiii cathare I can tell you that it was totally different from the Catalan Dragons The dragons are a club resulting from the merger of two other clubs in a department polarized by a single city (Perpignan) and under the impetus of a person with ambition and financial means, with to make the connection the feeling to belong to a "Catalan" community. Aude XIII Cathare is a project that was born by the will of elected officials of the department. these elected officials favored the regrouping of the leaders of the clubs of Carcassonne, Limoux and Lezignan to create this team which was just a group of players to first make matches as one-off events and see if there was a common future possible. But unfortunately, the department of Aude is one of the poorest in France and this French administrative division has less and less means and is directly competing with other more efficient (Community of Communes or agglomeration). In this context, we must know that if the clubs still exist it depends on the will of cities and their mayors, and without these elected there would be no competitive teams in Limoux, Lezignan or Carcassonne. To succeed in a project in the aude, it would be necessary to gather several elements: But the Aude has no money, no leaders, no powerful cities, no common identity. So I think it will be easier to develop a Cumbrian team to go SuperLeague than an audi team in champiosnhip. For me the development of rugby league in France will first of all go through a complete and detailed study of existing clubs, their means both human and financial. With these elements, target clubs should be defined for development in key areas. I spoke of administrative divisions in France, I can take the example of Salon de Provence. City of 45,000 inhabitants but in the center of an agglomeration community of 150,000 people! A city with a treizist tradition, a club in progress, a federal structure for young French players etc. this could be an ideal target certainly less glamorous than Bordeaux, Toulon or Montpellier but not saturated in high level sport like these other cities. We must stop believing in the development of clubs in big cities that magically create teams capable of targeting the super league. I remain convinced that the championship of France Elite has a future: in places with a history, a fervor, in small but renovated stadiums with more profesionnalism to showcase the show on and around the field because it is also one of the great lessons of the Catalan Dragons. Sorry for my approximate english I used an online translator
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    The new issue of Rugby League World magazine is out this Friday (26th July) and our international coverage focuses on Africa in a 10-page special feature, with reports from Cameroon, Ghana and Morocco plus the story of a Sudanese refugee who made it big down under. Two big names on the cover this month, St Helens’ Welsh wing sensation Regan Grace, who talks to us about his career to date and his future ambitions in the game, plus departing Saints legend Sean Long who reflects on his life in Rugby League and explains his decision to switch codes. Also inside, we talk to Ged Stokes, whose decision to come to England from New Zealand to coach Workington Town changed the life of his son Ben, who is now enjoying Cricket World Cup glory as a result. London Broncos head coach Danny Ward answers your questions in our latest Quickfire Q & A and we hand out a few mid-season awards to the players and coaches who have caught our eye so far in 2019. In the Championship, we take a look at the rise in quality and profile of the competition over the past few years and discover how and why it has taken place and what’s next for Rugby League’s second tier. Plus, we have an exclusive report on the Toronto Wolfpack experience as our editor Matthew Shaw takes a trip across the Atlantic to Canada. Former England league and union coach Phil Larder talks to us about his on/off return to Keighley Cougars and we look at the Rugby League talent being produced in Rochdale in our Combined XIII. Warrington Wolves women’s star Dani Bound reveals the dedication which sees her make regular 500 mile round trips from her home in Portsmouth to play the game, and we talk to French trailblazer Audrey Zitter. We also have a report on the new Montpellier Sharks club in France and we pay tribute to the passing of Treiziste legend Elie Brousse. All this and loads more in another packed issue, on sale Friday 26th July. Order a copy (or a subscription) from the TotalRL.com Shop now, we'll deliver it anywhere in the UK or worldwide.
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    I’m well below 40 and think we should just play as GB and I’ve made this point on here before. Id rather see 12 Englishmen and one Scotsman play under GB than one Scotsman and 12 Englishmen play under Scotland Now I’ve no problem with Coote playing for Scotland and Austin for England, If their eligible I’d consider them for GB. But Scotland have 1 Scottish born player. Id rather see GB play in big sold out Stadiums such as Old Trafford, Millennium Stadium, Murrayfield than see Wales play in Wrexham in front of 4,000 ect
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    Try vodka. It worked for me on an overnight sleeper train in Ukraine where the windows wouldn't open and the cabin temperature was 30 degrees. I did fall off the train during one of the stops though. All I wanted was a breath of fresh air and I ended up kissing the platform Pope John Paul II stylee.
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    Richard Lewis was a big loss to the sport. Nigel Wood and Ralph Rimmer have been a costly calamity and done a lot of damage.
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    Without seeing the full figures it is difficult to comment, but it is important to understand that this doesn't mean that the Challenge Cup lost money. Versus budget it under-performed, but as a standalone event it may have generated a profit. It would appear that the problem for the RFL is the lack of real income generating activity. Everything is done on a shoe-string because that is all we can afford. The lack of commercial investment in the game has to be the biggest challenge the game has ever faced, as quite simply it is stopping us doing anything to any kind of standard. We have seen that when we have the investment (RLWC'13 and '21 so far) we can actually do a good job. Dutton for example delivered a pretty depressing Four Nations a couple of years back, yet we have a World Cup on the horizon that looks like it is being delivered by completely different people, when it aint. Commercial income should be the highest priority bar none. And I don't mean scraping aroundd for a few grand from AB Sundecks.
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    The NASL failed because the other teams were run by fly by night operations and carnival barkers. The Cosmos were one of the only stable organizations in the league. Major League Soccer, 20 years later, learned from this and structured their business different. As a result they are the 5th major league and average more fans than the NHL or NBA. Cosmos to Wolfpack is not a good comparison at all. Also, the sports scene in North America has totally changed since 1986.Toronto FC, started in 2007, outdraws by some distance the 144 year old Toronto Argonauts. Unthinkable in 2007. As would be a few teams in rugby league, no? As well as in other sports. It's a rich man's world. This "Toronto just gives out free tickets, all the tickets are free!" conspiracy theory is really something else. Yes, like all teams, some tickets are free. They are not all free, nor are even the majority. C'mon. Putting quotes around the word fans is really something as well.Toronto fans do not expect to "rock up for free" and it's well known they get a good crowd, so head on down while you can. Have you been to Toronto? I have. These are just fans, not "fans." The goal is long term. In 15 or so years, you will have Canadians and Americans playing. It is a long term goal. As I've posted here many times, the NHL is the example. The star of the Toronto Maple Leafs is a kid from Arizona who grew up watching the expansion Phoenix Coyotes. Because the NHL expanded into non-traditional markets in America like Tampa, Miami, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nashville, etc in the the 1990s and 2000s, Americans will outnumber Canadians in the NHL in the next few years. It's going to take some time. National sports broadcasts here regularly feature ads from regional brands like Sonic Burgers or Jack In The Box, which are not available nationally. Yes, three years in selling a previously unknown sport to people in Toronto they're still a ways from reaching their full potential. Is that somehow surprising? Took the Nashville Predators almost 20 selling ice hockey to people in Tennessee. Huge fanbase now. Toronto do not, in fact, "open the doors for free" to people. I'm sure the Canadians here can inform you of that. 200 people at a sports bar for a viewing party is about the same, if not a little more, than the very popular TFC get for their various parties around the city when they have them.
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    Excellent, who are England Rugby League playing this year?
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    Fax by a drop goal. You read it here first.
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    These are the kinds of articles I like to see in Rugby League World, the progress of the game in new and developing countries that you don't really know much about.
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    I assume you're talking about the Ethan Ryan 'try' ? He definitely put his foot in touch in goal. I was pretty close in the stand above and I groaned inwardly when he put his foot on the line and was quietly praying that the touchie hadn't spotted it, but of course he did!. It was a great game and, clearly could have gone either way - just what RL is all about, in fact.
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    I don't recall London getting the boo's at Lamport . That after a match that really mattered.
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    I had the pleasure of visiting them all last season (plus York now in the Championship and Hemel, sadly no longer in the comp) while watching Bradford Bulls last season and I had a fantastic time at all of them. Honestly, the whole sport needs to appreciate the lower leagues much more than it does. What the clubs achieve on limited, almost non-existent resources is incredible.
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    If this is true it's quite frankly the dumbest decision in a long line of dumb decisions made by Nigel Wood and Ralph Rimmer. I'm almost done watching and supporting a sport which is run by people that couldn't run a car boot sale. Sick of it.
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    Have you got any sort of evidence to back that up though? Not saying you're wrong but that seems a very debatable subject. England seemed to be doing well, getting some big crowds, not like interest plummeted when they made the switch. Were things really any better as GB&I or is it just a classic case of people remembering things being better than they actually were?
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    That’s up their with the most mental things I’ve ever read on here and that takes some doing on this place. Congratulations.
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    I'm not convinced Rimmer could lead a Greyhound to the starting gate of a dog race.
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    I agree with the sentiment. International fixtures reach out beyond anything the club game can offer as it gives spectators a natural team to back/take interest in and has a much grander sense of occasion.
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    It's not about people watching an advert and thinking 'I'll go and have a bet'. It's about the constant trickle of ads, trying to normalise gambling and make it an every day part of a young man's life (that seems to be the target audience of the ads). If that happens enough, people will start to see gambling as normal - for most, that will be a bit of fun, but for far too many it will be the start of a lifetime of misery for them and their family. As I mentioned in the other thread, I know RL doesn't have enough to turn sponsors away, but I'm really uncomfortable with us taking money from these people. It's not an RL problem, it's a societal one, but I'd love for us to be able to look the families that watch our game in the eye and say 'we've got your back'.
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    It has always been a struggle to grow Rugby League in South Wales. I admire the current Raiders team who have taken a hammering in the past two seasons. BUT have not given up. I have supported Rugby league in South Wales since 2006 in Bridgend and will continue to do so.
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    It's almost as if an actual doctor was in position to make a real time assessment, maybe he should have asked kear for his opinion first, seeing as though he obviously is a doctor too, along with seemingly loads of Bradford fans.
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