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    And banned. You've had your warnings.
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    Season tickets are well up on last year. We have a main sponsor signed up when we were still looking for anyone before the Wigan playoff game. We also have some cash in the kitty and have balanced the wage bill so can worry a little less this year on keeping the lights on and look things like community engagement and longer term growth. 5,000 gates would be great but we need consistency- a bad season would see us right back where we were. A good cup run or push for the playoffs would do me and injuries permitting is definitely achievable.
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    After much self searching and reflection I have to admit I have a drink problem. I don’t think I’m an alcoholic, I can go weeks between drinks, but once started I find it hard to stop, I’m a binge drinker. I don’t get aggressive but I’m sure I make a fool of myself. Do I need to stop altogether? Can I learn how to say enough?
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    https://www.allgoldsrugby.co.uk/a-christmas-cracker/ An exciting initiative to help grow the game announced.
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    It feels to me that the right thing to do is to take this discussion on player welfare and research to another discussion and let this thread focus on the support for Rob Burrow and his family.
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    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Knights fans and to fans of every club no matter how big or small.
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    From an Oldham fan ..... Sad to hear that Frank Foster has passed away. He signed for Oldham from Barrow in January 1972 and although he only played for the club for one and a half seasons he totally transformed their fortunes. At the time of his signing Oldham had that season only won six and drawn one of their 21 league games and were 28th in a one division set-up of 30 teams. However after his arrival they lost just one more out of 13 and that was in the last minute at Warrington and finished in 16th place. The following season Oldham were top of the league in November and although they eventually finished 9th there has never been anyone who has had the same immediate impact on the club as he did. One stand out memory ? Well, actually in a "friendly" match. The Great Britain team were due to go to the 1972 World Cup and played a warm-up game against Oldham at Watersheddings. Despite all the best forwards in the country being in the opposing pack (and Oldham's own International Bob Irving actually playing that night for GB), only one forward dominated the entire game - Frank Foster, who had a point to prove having been overlooked for the World Cup squad. Oldham actually beat Great Britain that night and with the Oldham crowd chanting "Foster for Britain" ! Frank Foster will obviously be a legend in Barrow but just to let you all know that he will always have such equal status in Oldham. Thank you Frank for all you did.... great memories.
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    Leave my Kent Commuter town around 10:00am on a Sunday get to Charing Cross about 11.15, Tube across London to Paddington. Train to Ealing Broadway get their approx 12.30. . If dry, walk from Ealing Broadway common to Trailfinders - Catch the end of the Academy game, enjoy the peace and quiet at Trailfinders, Buy the match programme about 40 mins before thae game starts to get the team sheet, take my perch in the standing area. Confirm my mad fan status by clapping the Broncos coming up to warm up, The game itself . On my skates at the final hooter to the bus stop, Bus to Ealing Broadway, Train to Paddington, Tube Acroos London, Charing Cross to Kent Commuter Town. Of course my four hour round trip can be lengthened by engineering works but relegation to the Championship means no evening fixtures when as you might have gathered, I end up getting what is locally known as the late night "vomit comet" back from the city to the garden of England before swerving the Town Centre Pub turnout tear ups on my way back home from the station. Happy days..
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    Leave home at about 8am, drive approx. 200 miles with a toilet and coffee break somewhere on the M6, visit a few relatives both living and those that have passed, get some lunch, check into a hotel, have a quick shower, walk into town, have a couple of pints, watch the match, few more pints afterwards and then back to the hotel to get some sleep before the 200 mile drive home.
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    All the best to you and your Families. Have a safe One.
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    Christmas Eve Mass at the Catholic Church in Mytholmroyd. Tonight's Catholic Priest Father Gott, German name but Home Counties accent reminded me of Spike Milligan ! (who I once saw perform in Oxford) He looks about 120 it took him him 5 minutes to walk down the aisle with the aide of 2 walking sticks. Halfway down the aisle one of his steel sticks clattered to the floor "My legs dropped off!" he told the congregation Later ,in his sermon, he told us he had just come out of hospital with a hip-replacement. Anyway I loved the service. LGBT Rights, Unemployement, Syria, Poverty were all mentioned. Everybody was Friendly .He told us of the church's campaign to try & stop UK Arms Sales. Father Gott has a wicked sense of humour .Halfway through the scripted service he suddenly announced we needed to sing "Happy Birthday To You" which we did Then slyly said "Everybody Should Be A Fool For Jesus Christ" Love it If the Anglican Church is "The Tory Party At Prayer" then The Catholic Church (in Mytholmroyd at least) is " Momentum At Prayer". We then went across the road to The Shoulder of Mutton for a few Jars. Merry Christmas Everybody X
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    That’s not how I imagined you...
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    Well exactly, it varies from person to person. If I drink, I don’t wake up except for a pee. I occasionally get up and use the bathroom too.
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    forget about it, stick with players who want to be part of it all for 2020. i will be supporting those players whos stuck around when maybe a better deal could a been on table elsewere,
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    Happy Christmas everybody Up The Rovers
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    RL has a national appeal. It is complete BS that it doesn't. Sky RL viewing figures are strong all over the UK. I know loads of people who watch it in the SE of England and don't have a team or a strong local team. It's not the biggest sport in the UK by any stretch. It's in a strange place just behind the mainstream but ahead of all other pro sports leagues. There's obviously value there or Sky wouldn't have been paying millions for it for 20 odd years. Yes we could be bigger, and yes the people running the sport are very poor (especially when you consider what some of them earn) but there's no reason to be all doom and gloom.
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    I thought that your lot looked quite impressive for the first 30 minutes, moving the ball well with decent organisation and an obvious difference in the style of play compared with last year; clearly the coach has made a real impact. After that a few players were starting to blow a bit (a lot of spare timber on show from both sides) and you lost your shape on attack, ending up with one-man efforts. On the showing your squad doesn't look as strong as it was last year but the coaching might prove to be better. Our team, on the other hand, looked very disorganised in the first half then looked much better in the second when Finn took more of a grip on the structure. From 12-0 down we eventually went in front, deservedly so in my view, but the ultimate draw was a pretty fair reflection upon the efforts of both sides. For a Boxing Day match it was a bit better quality than most recent games with both coaches taking the game seriously and respecting the fans by not messing around with formations too much. A fair few cobwebs will have been blown away and the coaches, as well as most fans, will have "taken a few positives" from the match. Neither side look likely to be breaking any pots next season but nor should either really be threatened by relegation if this showing can be built upon as well as being reinforced with returning players.
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    Aye, Merry Christmas to you lot (even PM ), followed by a miserable Boxing Day, obviously.
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    This is the answer. Reach out to them and share the game with them. This country however isnt a particularly welcoming one at the moment. Especially in northern towns and environs. And the community that is this game has a very vocal minority that really really isnt interested in sharing. There is resistance to the womens game, to different sexualities, to people actively making the effort like Toronto, there are people in our game that dont want to share it with london, reaching out wholesale to other communities is beyond us at the moment sadly
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    £150,000 now raised, over £180,000 with Gift Aid. That is a staggering amount.
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    He says right now he is feeling just about normal so he will want this to be a special Christmas with his family, his wife and 3 young children. Have a wonderful Christmas Rob
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    Just awful. I keep thinking this is all a bad dream. A colleague of mine had it, he was also one of the good guys, the type who didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone was liked by everyone and a true gentleman (like Rob) and it was so sad to see him battling it. He lasted 20 months I think. Ive been helping my mum through chemo this year for the second time which has been really tough but I’ve coped, cancer doesn’t worry me but MND does. I hope in my lifetime they find a cure. Give it your all Rob.
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    have a great ime and all the best for 2020. all rovers aren't we
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    In my opinion any new money coming into the game should go towards junior development and Stadia, but I'm 100% opposed to this private equity plan
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    On Sky Sports News last night , Leeds United players warmed up wearing Rob Burrow t shirts before their game against Preston yesterday. To me a class gesture.
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    If Manchester name is such a bonus can you explain why Manchester RU aren't bigger than Sale?
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    No team should be allowed to be promoted if they cannot survive without their sugar Daddy digging deep into his pockets, because if he walks away or kicks the bucket the game in general suffers, players not getting paid, etc.
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    To be fair rugby league didn't do much to bring in the wolfpack If anything id say it was more the opposite If it wasn't for argyle and Perez there would be no wolfpack. And the worrying sign is when the owner of hull is complaining about travel to Toronto The wolfpack were a.gift to English rugby league. I really hope.the game doesn't drive them away by treating them.unfairly
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    Merry Christmas to all at Batley and best wishes for 2020. I know I wind the odd fan up on here but it’s only banter. See you all tomorrow.
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    Merry Christmas everybody. Hope it’s a good one. 11 days and counting.
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    If that's my present under the tree I'll have the one in white, and at my age you had better include a instruction booklet and a set of jump leads! Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Roughly $35 CDN for everyone...unless you are visiting from Wigan...then its $70 US.
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    Sorry Rob, but that is wrong on at least two counts. 1. This 'access' thing is nonsense, as is the egress 'issue'. I used to travel to the AJB regularly from Whitby and I only once failed to get to the AJB. That was due to a traffic accident on the M62 near Huddersfield. The motorway was totally blocked and I turned round at Brighouse and went home. I believe Jodie Broughton also missed the game due to the traffic jam. Neither is there a real problem with getting away from the ground after the match (an oft-repeated myth). You just have a 10 minute wait while the pedestrians leave the immediate area and you're off. 2. Building a 15000 all-seater stadium near the Quays solves nothing. Many Red Devil fans, including this 66 year-old, like to stand. Salford can't even fill the 12000 capacity AJB yet, so 15000 is pointless. Salford City are nowhere near Championship status yet, so there is no problem with Moor Lane for them yet. Why invent problems for the clubs to solve? 3. Finally, I don't give a tuppenny one about Sale Sharks. If they have problems, let them solve them. Time for a rethink, my friend.
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    Also seeks to develop it, with training facilities and academy on site. Very encouraging news https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/hull-kr-craven-park-deal-3656844
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    Jimmy suit's amber and black , would look ridiculous as a red devil .
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    In Rob's statement it was interesting to hear him say how grateful he was for help and that he could never repay people. Well Rob, you have already paid us all in spades with the way you graced the great game of RL! It is us who feel that we cannot now repay you enough.
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    Hi Games played this year Longhorns 7 league games .3 reserve games .1 challenge cup -development cup x 4 with Athboy ,all Ireland final 4 x 18’s 9 a side games . 4 x 16’s games Dublin exiles 8 league games .1 reserve game .all Ireland final .2x 9’s Games 4 x 16’s games Galway 6 league games 1 reserve game development cup x 4 development cup with barrow 4 x18’s 9 a side games Athboy 4 league games- development cup x4 with longhorns 4 x 18’s 9 a side 4 x16’s games Barrowcudas - 7 league games 2 reserve games -developlment cup x 4 with Galway 4 x18’s games 4 x 16’s Games Banbridge Broncos - 5 reserve games-development cup x 4(with ducks ),2 x9’s games 2 x 16’s games Lisburn ducks -1 adult game -development cup x 4(with Broncos ) Belfast eagles -3 x16’s Ulster barbarians -2 x9’s 1 Under 16 longhorns /Athboy vs oldham st Anne’s Irish clubs vs Norway x1 Irish clubs vs England lions under 23’s Irish clubs vs featherstone rovers x2 Irish clubs vs keighley cougars Ireland 19’s vs Wales x2 Scotland x2 Ireland students x3 Wales ,England ,Scotland Masters games 2 teams Roi masters Ulster masters x 2 games each at last count Ireland seniors x 2 World Cup qualifiers
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    I've been waiting for good news before posting this publicly. My wife had surgery to remove a cancerous lump from her breast on Tuesday. The surgery went well and she was released from Heraklion hospital yesterday evening. She is sitting opposite me in our local taverna, drinking wine and waiting for our meal. First signs are very positive, surgeon is very happy with the procedure and the first post-op meeting with said surgeon is on Sunday. I am happy.☺
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    Curwen, Dawson, Scholey are props Ffmm if he signs Tickle and fitzsimmons can step in. Latu fifita when he gets over his injury too I think
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    Private equity investors are looking into rising markets , ours shows decline in almost everything or very stagnant growth; Let’s hope we don’t run Argyle out of town like we did to Branson and Koukash. Small thinking gets what it deserves
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    It's been lovely. I think I will just chill now that they have gone. Hopefully I can just maintain this state of equilibrium of being neither sober or inebriated. Just so relaxed. Good night all.
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    Merry Christmas to all the Rams faithful, and the poor misguided souls over the valley.
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    Trams will run to the Trafford Centre in April. People just make excuses for not attending games. The Quays is no easier for many fans. These threads are always full of experts on where Salford go wrong.
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    How much does someone have to earn a week before someone's allowed to make monkey noises at them?
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    if you peer hard enough through the layers of silver lining.... you will eventually manage to find a cloud.
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    A significant residential development in that area could make the club hundreds of pounds.

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