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    Tonight I went to watch my other half officiate at a SL fixture (I shan't say which one). From minute 1 to 80 he was called all the names under the sun, in front of our little boy and girl. Is this really the state of our game? I don't know the rules as well as he does but to me it looked like a really exciting game with drama right until the end. We were on our feet for the entire match, and so was everyone around us. But as soon as he got in the car I knew something was up. It's getting to him: homophobic language, paedophile allegations and being called a bent cheat. Why should he put up with it? Why should I? Why should our kids? The 'rugby league family' is something we like to talk about when Rob Burrow falls ill, but go to any top level game and you will witness something completely different. I hardly ever go now: I just get into arguments. The absolute state of our game.
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    https://thunderrugby.co.uk/general/trio-of-teams-give-thunder-matchday-milestone/ With ambitions to win Betfred Super League by 2030, Sunday’s Betfred League 1 match-day against Workington Town marks a significant milestone in the development of Newcastle Thunder. For the first time in the club’s history three separate teams, U18s, Reserves and First Team will play fixtures at Kingston Park Stadium on the same day. In a huge boost to the game in the north east almost 70% of the players on show will be either local or academy produced. It is another impressive demonstration of the ambitions held by Thunder, who after being granted admission into the new-look Reserve grade competition now boast a complete player development pathway. Starting with monthly, open-access player development programmes for U12s and U14s, the club operates academy teams at U16 & U18 levels. Players can then progress into Reserves and First Team, giving players from the North East and beyond an outlet to fulfil their ambitions. With continued growth of the grassroots game in the region, where participation numbers have risen by 40% in the last five years and 16 community clubs now have over 1,400 players enjoying the game, the North East has solid foundations for sustainable, long term growth. Newcastle Thunder chairman Mick Hogan said: “There are some exciting times ahead for rugby league in our region and the teams named for Sunday show how it is growing. “Across three teams of 51 players, 35 of them are either from the local area or have come through Thunder’s academy and that is incredibly important for where we want to go as a club and take the sport to. “With new junior clubs forming in North Tyneside, the west end of Newcastle and the Tyne Valley, that next generation of players have something to aspire to in their home region. “Whilst we’re rightly proud of the club’s development, it is just the start of our next steps. With four full time members of staff in our community team and big events coming to the region in the next 18 months, we are well placed to ensure this growth and development of local talent continues.”
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    In many sports you’d be considered part of the problem.
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    https://kirkleestogether.co.uk/2020/03/17/we-have-got-a-deal-to-buy-the-birthplace-of-rugby-league-over-the-line/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn Kirklees have bought the building to put it back into use, and ensure its continued existence as part of our history and heritage
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    Toronto are already reportedly lining up Man of Kent to count their crowds in, and are cautiously optimistic that they will just sneak under the 1000 mark should the same thing apply in Canada.
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    Please allow me to apologize to both your and your other half for the awful behaviour of some fans. Its a disgrace and I wish I could fix it but I can't. I implore you to come to Toronto if he gets to ref a game there and bring the kids along too. The refs are treated very well here by everyone. Its a wonderful and joyous experience for all involved. Please feel free to PM me if you are coming so I can take you and your family out with my family before and during the game and show you a good time out. Hang in there...it is an ugly part of the game but there are lots of positives too. If you are coming to Toronto PM me.
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    This is no doubt great news and a positive for our game. Some people are moaning about it but I do not see a reason why. This is what we want for our sport. For rl to be played in new cities and locations. We want more people to become fans. We want more people to invest their money. We want more sponsors who haven't previously invested in the sport to do so. We want our teams playing out of first class facilities and stadiums. We want our clubs to be financially stable. This is what has been delivered today with the announcement of the Ottawa Aces. Let's celebrate it and the positives they bring.
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    A record number of 83 teams, spread across eight divisions, will contest the 2020 Yorkshire Men’s League, which kicks off on 28 March.
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    Both Hector and David Hughes should get an MBE for services to Rugby League in London I have only ever been to the LS once around 3 years ago when they played Toronto Wolfpack. Nice club Nice people Hope it all works out Paul
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    New government advice specifically for Wiganers who don't understand the metric system.
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    How interesting that, in your opinion, Child only had a stinker when the penalty count favoured Hull in the first half. When the penalty count was evened up in the second half by him awarding four successive penalties in your team's favour, was he not having a stinker during that period? You say that you're really sorry to hear that he received personal abuse and that it's totally indefensible, then go on to say you gave out some yourself. Good grief, have a word with yourself.
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    It really is disgusting at times, some of the abuse that can get spouted on the terraces - One person hears someone say something and everyone else feels like they are able to do it. None of them like to think that the person they are shouting at is just a man, who does have a family. I am sorry to hear about your experience, and just wanted to say that not all Rugby League fans behave like that towards the referee or opposition players during the game.
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    No ones playing any games for months, people really need to understand what is happening.
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    Thank you for your contribution, Mr President.
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    Over the years I have not always been able to watch as many Super League games as I would have liked. Last year and this year I have subscribed to a pay for view service and have been watching at least a couple of matches a week and then looking at game highlights on Youtube and other formats. With a couple of exceptions most of the games have been great viewing with some close scores that have gone down to the wire. There have been great tries scored all over the Park and not only by the usual strong teams. It has been entertaining and a breathe of fresh air for the start of the season, I hope it keeps going for the rest of the year.
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    Two points to make on this thread then I'll probably not return until I see a report on posts that finally gets it locked and more people banned: 1. I bloody hate these threads. Know-nothing "fans" who applaud 50/50 decisions given their way but they'd screechingly assume were "bent" if the ref gave it the other way. MOST fans aren't this way, just some particularly angry people who probably think that's an acceptable way to behave out of some deranged mob mentality. It's NOT as bad as football, but at times it seems that way. Thankfully, this forum doesn't go that way, especially because I've banned anyone who thinks it's acceptable to call a ref "bent"! 2. Anyone who has ever reffed a competitive adult game of rugby will tell you that you don't have time to be biased. Click your fingers. That's how long you have to make a decision. If you can think through "right, that wasn't a knock on, I don't think the cameras can see it and it's marginal enough so I'll give it anyway" or "no, that was JUST marginal enough of a forward pass that I'll let it go because I want that team to win" in that click of a finger then you're missing your job as NASA's stand-in supercomputer. Oh, and remember, you don't have to just make one decision, you have to make the decision around the ball, the ball carrier, the tacklers, the next players coming in, your positioning, the tackle count, the offside lines, where you are on the field relative to try lines, chirping players in your ears, the pattern of the game and whether it's going well enough to let minor niggles go or should you be harsher, the weather, what that "water carrier" is doing, keeping an eye out for injuries, and so on for a very long time, all at once. They will make mistakes. That's human. How many times has your star player dropped a ball, missed a tackle or given away an idiot penalty? You won't shout abuse at your own players yet you'll happily screech like a demented harpy at a referee who gets a 50/50 call wrong, or even completely blows a decision due to a genuine mistake. If you can't accept that then I kindly invite you to urinate off out of our game.
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    I made the conscious decision not to focus on the ref about 25 years ago, and whenever I'm at the match I always think I enjoy it more than some of those obsessed with barracking the ref. If you just get your head round the fact mistakes happen, and they know better than us fans, it really does make the game more enjoyable.
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    I echo what has been said above. I hope your other half is okay. I worked in a school for years, I too know what it's like to receive abuse and be called names all the time. Referees are some of the bravest people in the world. They have the balls to walk out in front of thousands of people and take on more responsibility than the cowards in the stands could ever stomach. I've argued with people in the stands before, explained calmly why a decision has been made, even gone into extreme detail and explained rules and things thinking that perhaps the person is just ignorant to the facts and then they just turn their anger on you instead. These are weak insecure people who have nothing going for them and hiding in a crowd shouting abuse makes them feel big and important. The only big thing is the cock on their heads. This kind of thing seriously needs clamping down on.
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    Just been sent an electronic copy of tomorrow’s programme for the game against Cru and was rather taken aback to discover as well as the Wood Green shopping centre our list of main sponsors include The Royal Mint - surely a first for RL (and potentially the end of any money worries ) Nice to see a good number of the players have been sponsored too this season.
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    As of today, following the government lockdown announcement on Monday evening, League Publications Ltd staff are all now safely working from home. We have put a plan in place that will enable us to continue publishing League Express every Monday in both print and digital formats. It will be on sale in the usual outlets (those that remain open) and we will continue to fulfill subscriptions as normal via Royal Mail delivery. If you would like to take out a new print subscription or renew and existing one, please use our online shop to order as we are unable to answer telephone calls or process mail sent to our office for the time being. If you would like to try the digital edition instead, you can download the League Express app for your smartphone or tablet from your app store, or go to the Pocketmags website. If you have any subscription enquiries, you can send me a PM via the forum, post it below, or you can use the contact form on our website. Thanks for your support!
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    It's a virus, not dry rot.
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    You seriously don’t think they offer anything off the field? They’ve given SL more national media attention than the other 11 teams combined since they got promoted.
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    Ryan will give it his best shot. Well done Ryan for holding his hand up and taking the next stage of his career. Hes in very good hands with Chris & his staff along with senior players around him. Il tell you now Ryan is tough and will go toe to toe with anyone, very courageous never shows weakness on the field and a top bloke off it. I coached Ryan for 6 seasons and hes turned out to be a great amateur, and would probably been knocking on the door for the GB lions etc. Best of luck Ryan. I have faith in you
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    I remember picking up Hector outside a north London tube station to take him to one of our London Amateur League games on a Sunday. What he achieved in elevating the Skolars to the Rugby League pro/semi pro levels is nothing more than outstanding. He deserves some recognition from the game. An incredible proponent of the sport.
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    On lighter note. My Grandson has been sent home from Uni as his Halls are closed. He started work at Asda yesterday. To quote my daughter " He has gone from being a useless tawt to essential key worker overnight" Made me laugh
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    I was reading about someone at work who was getting an award for working there 25 years. This used to be fairly common but less so these days but that’s another debate. The point was I thought it was a long time but then I realised that January 1995 was 25 years ago. That is fairly recent, or so it seems anyway. I remember when a week at school seemed a long time and the 6 weeks holidays seemed like forever. The gap between, say Bonfire night and Christmas seemed to take ages and ages. A year? Forget it, it’s way too far in the future to think such millennia will ever pass. But now? Days and weeks fly past. A year really isn’t a long time and 5 years seems to occur while you’re not looking. 1990 is 30 years ago. In 1990, 30 years ago was 1960 - at the time it may as well have been the Jurassic era, so back in time did it seem. Now I can clearly remember things from 40+ years ago. Why is someone speeding up the clocks? Stop it!!
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    Less than 10 mins into this and it's equally horrifying and engrossing. The quality of interview and the rawness of this is incredible. Fair play to Brian opening up this much, wouldn't think less of him for keeping this to himself. Deserves a massive audience.
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    That's a pretty daft statement IMO given the RFL so far have followed the guidance of scientific and health experts to the letter. If public gatherings are banned next week and they continue then you may have a point, but to claim they're showing no consideration for the health of players and supporters by following the advice of experts is an odd conclusion to come to
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    Hemel are in the new Southern Conferance. A club that has been around 40yrs, and own's it's own ground, a very strong junior section all the way to open age are not going out of existence.
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    Very difficult after giving them an 18 point start , but in times past we’d have folded . I must say overall I find this an encouraging display . We’ve got to be realistic about where we are at this stage of our development . Newcastle have gone big to get promotion , whereas we are building with a lot of new lads who are giving their all for each other . If we make the play offs it’ll be a good season , but overall we’ve got a good group , a good coach , and we’re on an upward trajectory . I just wanted commitment, competiveness and progression and I think we’re seeing it
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    Well I thought we were absolutely outstanding . One of the most complete performances I’ve seen for some time . Certainly the best defensively - we smashed them into submission and hit them hard over n over . As good teams do we soaked it up , and a fair bit in the first half , then took the chances that come . Some nice tries , and three or four left out there with a poor option , and many congrats to Eliot Hall , he’s got some gas . His try off Elliott’s pass was a brilliant move . We just broke their hearts and i honestly couldn’t see them scoring as time passed . Never mind , great job . Some lovely passing moves , our back three looks good , Miller is priceless , and up front O’Brien was very good again , and I thought Barnes was outstanding . Stevie does what Stevie does and the halves linked it well . Really enjoyable to see us play like that - keep it going , that’s the key . Nice job
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    Indeed. Let's call it TRL's virus containment policy. Seriously, what's the point of idle speculation on an issue like this, other than spreading unecessary panic? If and when governments, sporting bodies etc apply restrictions, none of us will have any choice but to follow them. For now, we just have to wait and see. If it's uninformed panic you're after, there's always Twitter.
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    Nope, new fans, sponsors and partners in New territories is 100% expansion. So is getting more people playing the game, but that doesn't exclude the other benefits. The single mindedness around playing numbers is frankly bizarre Harry. It is one measure.
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    Let's get some perspective here regarding the game and the crowd... Toronto lost. To the best team in the country. On someone else's ground. Not even in Canada. At teatime. On a Saturday. In February. In ghastly weather. And the upshot is that by the end of the season (a) they won't be relegated and (b) will still have higher average home attendances than more than half of Super League.
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    I would like to apologise to those people who I offended recently, I was not mentally correct when I posted certain comments. I thought they were amusing, but only to a sad area of my brain. This League community is a family to me, especially in my harder times, and I did not mean to alienate anybody, or myself from this welcoming family, that I have been a part of for 16 years. I wish all of the Rugby League community good health, including many of the clubs I have been unfaithfully scathing about. We are a family, and sometimes families fall out. we need each other as a wall need each others bricks. Thank you to Admin who allowed me back, I will behave. We are stronger as a family.
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    I realise that you are really just posting this sort of stuff for some sort of braggadocio and that it does not represent your real view. Fewer than 5 people a day lose their lives on our roads and about 82 are seriously injured. This represents a relatively unform load on the NHS, and one that can largely be planned for. A goodly proportion of these deaths and injuries are self-inflicted and involve the younger end of the population. Coronavirus, it seems, is relatively mild in the young. However, for people over 70 with underlying health issues , it is clearly proving fatal in a high proportion of cases. These people will have protected themselves from flu but cannot yet do so against this new virus. You have to bear in mind that many many prople over 70 have such underlying health issues -heart conditions, lung conditions, conditions involving immunosuppressive medication etc.etc. there are people on here more qualified to say what these conditions are. So you, as an immature adolescent, may well contract Covid 19 and experience mild symptoms. However, you might then pass it on to an adult who may die from it. The load on the NHS cannot be predicted and as a new illness on top of other "winter" illnesses, can easily overload the system. So, in summary don't be a d1ckhead.
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    The joy you take from this kinda thing is pathetic.
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    And maybe you should actually read a thread before passing judgement as 99% of people have been welcoming and encouraging
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    I stood my lads down yesterday and have given notice that due to the coronavirus I will not be starting three new contracts next week, I will be making my lads up to their full basic wage for up to six months, I'll then revise this and depending on money owned to me getting paid I will carry on as long as I can.
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    Sometimes putting people on ignore is the best option. For everyone’s mental health.
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    I find it fascinating that people are more bothered about a club with a history ranging back barely five years but don’t bat an eyelid at clubs with 100+ years not having an Academy.
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    It should be an annual thing. Alternating between being in England and France and given more stature and standing than a Wednesday night in Leigh.
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    It’s this type of male genitals that typifies what the original poster was talking about. If you really think that a particular referee has a problem with your club, you are either thicker than canteen custard or you need medical help. Get a grip of yourself.
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    This is why I had Fev down as my Favourite for the league, they have improved on their roster from last season and along with the Leeds DR lads should be stronger than all their rivals. But, and this is my opinion, last season when Leigh were utilising a number of the Saints player's on DR it was good to see the team winning but I reflected to myself is this team I am watching really the club I support and I could not say 100% that it was, but I am one who has always disrespected Dual Registration from it's concept and especially when it supports a team in pursuit of prizes, I was hoping that the 'A' team directive would have stopped SL clubs from loaning out player's but alas no, in fact Leigh are still in DR with Saints but it is actually being used in the opposite direction, St Helens are utilusing the Leigh fringe player's in their 'A' teams. Anyway has long as it is in the rules nobody is doing anything wrong, but I will not be convinced any other way than that it falsify's the competition. Just my opinion.
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    The game in question is completely irrelevant. The anti Toronto flat earth squad on here and elsewhere would still be jerking off over each and every mistake Toronto make. Its completely predictable and should Toronto fail, when the jism has been cleaned up, they’ll move on to the next outsiders. Maybe back to picking on London or Sheffield or perhaps Newcastle?
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    What we have to remember is that no team in the history of SL, or indeed RL, has ever put in a bad performance or been on a run of defeats. This is why Toronto deserve extra criticism.

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