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    When will the S.L. realise that fans are sick to the back teeth of playing the same team over and over again,and also scrap the ridiculous Thursday night game.Scrap the loop fixtures,if they want more games make S.L. 14 teams.
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    Just over 3 years ago I popped along to Bootham Crescent for my first York game. Yet another Castleford game had been moved from the usual Sunday slot and it was the straw that broke the camels back so I decided to see what my local side could offer....the match for some reason was a Wednesday evening (quite ironic), and York struggled to beat Coventry 32-14 in front of 451. I’ve been going ever since, usually on that blessed Sunday spot! Soon after the owner announced he was pulling out. Players were playing for free. James Ford would drive round York on an evening trying to find a patch of grass (near streetlights) then quickly text the players who’d turn up to train! York went to Toulouse with just 11 men, given a guard of honour at the end by the Toulouse players. The timeline here might be a bit off (it’s all a bit of a blur) but I think it’s around that time York were made homeless and had to play at amateur grounds in the area, borrowing plastic chairs from local village halls in order to have enough seats! In 2017 I saw York lose (twice) at home to North Wales, saw them labour to a 2 point win over South Wales (later to become West Wales). I was on Scarborough beach when I heard York had lost at Oxford! I remember a close fought win at home against Doncaster when more than 1,000 turned up for a league fixture for the first time in years and just having a feeling something special could happen here. A lot has changed since then. James Ford has become York’s first ever full time coach. Crowds have gone from 400 to 2200 ish, there’s a real opportunity now to consolidate the club as a solid Championship side, and who knows what could happen if the average can be pushed past 3k in the new stadium. It’s not completely perfect in York-land, off the pitch especially I think a few things need improving....some of the problems are a result of ‘squatting’ at York City FC, but at the new ground there can be no excuses. However if more clubs could work with and value their fans more, stop the infighting, and instead of owners posting digs at Toronto/Catalan/RFL etc and releasing controversial statements actually focused on what’s good the game would be in much better health. Little York had a bad day at the office, but provide a beacon of light for the Keighley’s, and Whitehaven’s (clubs who’ve had a tough time off the pitch lately) that no matter how bad things are there’s always a chance you can turn things round.
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    But they aren't real home-grown RL fans - when will people understand? 1 Warrington fan is equivalent to 10 Canada casuals.
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    Well done Fev, totally deserved that win yesterday. You are the best side I’ve seen this year, you’ve done a professional job on us three times and once again yesterday I thought you were excellent in defence and attack. We ran out of steam yesterday and it was a game too far for our small numbered squad. As someone who watched Fev for the year in 2002 after York went under after 11 games I’ve a soft spot for your club and still have. I spent that season following Fev home and away and missed just the three games. I needed an RL fix and a club to follow while York ceased to exist and since I’m not the biggest SL fan and don’t like the fact everything revolves round it I couldn’t follow anyone within its ranks. So where is the heartbeat of RL I thought? Where is the cut and thrust, passion, tradition and the commitment and loyalty of fans in the leagues outside of SL? Fev obviously. I spent many a happy Sunday watching Paul Newlove, Jamie Rooney, Chappy and not to mention a few players that came over to us in Chris Spurr, Paul (chubba) Darley, Danny Seal and Neil Lowe. The best game of RL I’ve ever seen was that season. Fev 46 HKR 40! What a game. If there’s one side I’d love to see in SL it’s you lot, you’re a top club, with top fans that run blue and white through the veins. It’s a big ask to turn Toronto over on their own patch but I fancy you against Toulouse. One thing for certain, miracles do happen, look at the Knight, we were cannon fodder this season, nearly everyone had written us off but we have a chairman that’s changed the club around, a coach who is the best young coach in the game and seems to get the best out of players that have something to prove while having an eye for unearthing a gem of a players that others wouldn’t look at. We’ve had the most incredible season, the best in the 40 odd years I’ve watched York. We’ve believed we can beat anyone and that the side will run and be 100% committed to each other and wear the shirt with pride. There’s a great bond between the club, chairman, coach, players and us fans. I get the same feeling about Fev, you are good enough to turn both Toronto and Toulouse over. Fans and players together can make a massive difference. I’ll be cheering you on. Good luck for the rest of the play offs. You’re a club with a heartbeat that stil, values it's past while still moving forward. Be together and believe, with that anything can happen.
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    Just got back from the game. What a great atmosphere. SL fans can't even be bothered to go to playoff games, very sad. The atmosphere was on fire today. SL will be on a death spiral if they reject new audiences, especially when someone else is paying for the promotion of the sport.
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    What a great thread! Really there is no excuse for that Warrington crowd. Well done Toronto, you belong at the table. Just one more win.
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    The couple of posts on this thread bagging York are absolutely desperate stuff. Jeez they have been a breath of fresh air all season.
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    Has that crowd in Toronto been verified by @Man of Kent ? Only then will it be official
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    I'm not taking a Man of Kent sign to the Grand Final. But I have gone one better ... here's your very own Man of Kent bingo card, a compilation of your recent comments and opinions so you need never run out of something anti-Wolfpack to say.
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    I really want both these sides in Super League. One to go up this year and stay up. The other to go up next year. And then London as well. I would also be very happy for Super League to go to 14 to make this happen and keep some of the traditional teams in as well. Everyone's a winner.
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    I watched Sean O Loughlin the other night and he hardly runs the ball in and he's on £££££, FFMM has been an outstanding player for Town its not just the playing aspect its everything about him, he turns up for events, is great with the supporters, he trains hard and just loves the game, I am just happy the big man came to town and has tried to help out our great club, whatever happens next with FFMM I wish him the best and would love to see him in the BW again.
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    Job done, good show from Fev. Two down, two to go. I hope our injuries to two key men are not that bad. All credit to York, super season, great matchday atmosphere. Just one game too many today. (Can the WUM and those biting take that shareholder c rap elsewhere? This is a match thread)
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    What an effort, 72 tackles in 62 minutes. A fine player already at only 18 years of age.
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    In all serious Johnny, Elstone and his Super League buddies will make the game look the laughing stock of British sport if they turn down Toronto for a Super League place if Toronto win the Championship Grand Final
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    Or an NRL game. They got 9000 people there, so why be negative about it? What next? They are all wearing the wrong clothes? They smell funny?
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    That woman looks incredibly lifelike. They really are perfecting those cardboard cut-outs over there. Amazing.
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    With his CV he could have come here and coasted a while for a bit of a pension top up , well out of the limelight , but he’s been an outstanding clubman . Bought into this club big style , gives everything . Can’t speak highly enough of him really
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    Big effort from all of the players on probably the biggest field in the league which must have been energy sapping. Lads have played busted but the commitment was there and our attacking structure was really good always threatening thanks to the players for putting the pride back in the shirt Perry Singleton collosal today
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    I topped 70 tackles once. It was one of my better seasons!
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    Thank you York for bringing the championship to life this season. You and your fans your coach and board have done fantastic. Dont let this defeat leave you downhearted. You came up against an in form Fev side. Your fans are a credit to your club. Your captain Tim Spears is a credit to the game. If Fev fail to reach Super League then at least we will continue what looks like being a very healthy rivalry. You have rightly been the team of the year.
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    It’s the teams with the best youth systems that win it.
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    The Million Pound Game is just a terrible name IMO, by underlining the lack of money in the sport. Plus the name is about a different competition, instead of giving value to the Championship as a competition in its own right. Very poor IMO.
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    Yes you are right. The league lower than the league above it is at a lower level. I can't believe I didn't see this before. It's so obvious now you point it out. Next I want you to look into where bears defecate and report back to us.
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    We’re in a battle of wits with an unarmed man leave him to it. The people who’s opinion matters know and appreciate how good Fui is
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    Anyone else annoyed by Terry O'connors constant use of 'decent'. I've counted over 20 decents in the last two games. About the only thing that isn't decent,is his commentary.
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    Great achievement in winning the Yorkshire Premier league final. Fantastic achievement. Great club. 350 kids playing at junior level. Pride of Donny.
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    I agree. Yes it may not be planned, yes it may not be what some people want in an ideal world. However when a good thing comes along, cost free and with no risk to the game, then the game needs to run with it. To do what Toronto have done so far would have easily cost the game a small fortune that the game doesn't have. I'd say £10 million+ easily. Ditto with Ottawa if that comes off. What possible growth is there on the horizon from within the UK? None as far as I can see. There has been little change on that front since I first started watching the game. The game still suffers from the same issues it always has, a lack of money and a genuine image problem with downright snobbery from some in the way some perceive the game. I certainly don't see those obstacles and barriers in Canada and I think that big clubs in America can change that situation and perception in the UK. Toronto is everything Super League should be. Yes the North East and Newcastle is showing great grass roots growth but are far from a Super League big club offering. York are doing some great stuff as a club too. Top down expansion doesn't stop that growth and indeed should supplement it by giving youngsters a big, glamorous competition to aspire to. I have never understood the whole top down v bottom up expansion debate, we can and should be doing both, especially when others are footing the bill.
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    Could be 'The Rugby League Championship Grand Final, the Road to Super League (provided you fit the criteria and let the other clubs have your central funding).
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    Brian Noble was at the match today at Lamport. We had a quick chat. Definitely him, not his twin brother.
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    I have no argument with that. The only difference between a part-time team (Fev) and a full-time team like Wakefield is £1.9m of central funding. The ridiculous part of the system is that if Fev actually upset the odds and got promotion, they have virtually no time to build a team or SL infrastructure at the club to thrive - literally 16 weeks until the season rolls round again. London tried in vain but the odds are so stacked against the promoted club it is not funny.
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    Its great to be watching rugby league on a sunday night . Crowd not shouting forward pass / gerrom side every 10 secs , bliss .
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    I have said many times before that Fui Fui is probably one of the fittest players at the club and he loves playing for our Club. Contract should be already drawn up if the big man fancies another season.
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    Well that wa something to be proud of. When we had territory and ball we looked very threatening. Pez was outstanding, and has been all season. I really like the look of marwood. Always there in support. Excited to see him again next year. Just like last week, Fui proving he is worthy of another deal. 39 years old and playing 80 mins! Chin up lads. Can be proud of your efforts. Over to CT to do his stuff in the off season.
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    How poor is Walsh ? His defense is non existent.
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    And typical of this forum someone tries to rubbish a positive story for the game,dear me.
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    Whoosh. As ever points completely ignored to have a fantasy argument and push an agenda. Any quote that Parky is supposedly replying to is just another excuse to do the whole copy and paste script routine, rambling in about nonsense that has been disproven time and again.
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    They've had some very barren years and it's great for their fan's especially the diehards.
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    Too many memorable York wins this season have had the gloss taken off them by bitter comments from opposition fans and managers so now the boot is on the other foot I’d just like to say well done Featherstone, probably the best performance by an away team at Bootham Crescent this season and that includes the visits of Toulouse and Toronto. No complaints here, thoroughly deserved. Enjoy the win and I hope you ruffle a few feathers and can gain promotion into SL.
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    A simple reminder: this is a rugby league forum on a rugby league site. It is not a forum for posting ANYTHING about the union World Cup. Long-standing members should know this and will see their posts and threads simply deleted for a first offence. Repeated offences will see you forced to watch every Scotland v Argentina game in history on repeat until early November. Newer members (under 6 months and <100 posts) will be judged based entirely on how I feel on a day but run the risk of bans if they take the proverbial. Brand new members (from now until November) will probably be banned immediately as suspected trolls. Bear that in mind. We have a dark hole hidden away for established members to talk about this kind of deviancy, post there about union, not here.
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    It’s gonna be crowded when a SL club brings 1000s of fans for their first trip to Toronto. Especially so if Toronto sports fans see the English fans singing in a big group and think it’d be a good day out at the rugby in Toronto.
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    Manchester has little in the way of summer team sport. The cricket doesn't always play at useful times, speedway is on life support. A RL team based in East Manchester, within walking distance of Piccadilly or the tram, could have been a real gamechanger. The southern and eastern suburbs are hardly likely to schlep to Salford (as Salford and indeed Sale have shown). For me, the nearest games are either a painful journey to Salford, or an irritating one to Oldham or Rochdale which requires driving or a long train and tram trip. Frankly I'd rather go to Saddleworth Rangers on the train, and have a few beers- much more straightforward. The Rangers saga is an opportunity missed.
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    Wouldn't have... It's my pet grammatical hate when people get this wrong.
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    A great day out yesterday for my first visit to Bootham Crescent. York fans did their club proud, pure class all day and magnanimous in defeat applauding our fans dancing in the streets after the game. Congratulations to all at the club on a fantastic season, you've been a breath of fresh air in the Championship and how great as it been to see a club whose best days are clearly ahead of them? But what about Fev? Absolutely buzzing atmosphere in the tightly-packed away corner. Pure passion from every one of the players on the pitch and another big team performance. To think how far we've come from the close season when we were training with fewer than 10 players is miraculous. Credit must start with Mark Campbell and Davide Longo for taking a punt on a young unknown coach from the other side of the world when the easy option would've been to pick an established Championship coach. Ryan Carr has transformed the club and built a team which has got the fans dreaming of Super League. Whatever happens in the next couple of weeks, we have to view this season as being a huge success after murmurs of a relegation fight were predicted by some at the start of the year. We already know we're losing a couple of players to Salford - you can never begrudge a player who has put his body on the line a chance to test himself at SL level - but I hope we can keep the backbone of the squad together next year and build on it, whichever league we end up in. Toronto are still very much favourites for promotion but after our last two performances neither them nor Toulouse will relish our visit. Rovers having a barny!
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    I pay £22.50 a match for man city (second row btw) I gladly pay more then that on average for twp games Yes football is namby Pamby but the experience is fantastic. I hope that RL will have to minimise away sales in my life time, because it's fantastic to watch. More so then football, but the match day experience needs looking at I hope to have 70 years left in my life time and the rules of RL aren't that complicated. As a former union player (who played in high school and club and provincial sides in Canada) I'll gladly admit league is far superior. I've been to the Leigh sports library (sorry village) twice and the experience doesn't hold a candle to what I saw at Lamport (or York, or Halifax). The attitude that your holding is rediculous. Twp have cost rugby league nothing so far and have contributed so much. On all sides the fans are passionate and the players give it their all (big shout to Salford who were right jerks during the match last year but the nicest bunch before and after the match) . Why can't we just learn from eachother and evolve the experience? On the pitch RL is just as entertaining (or more so) then the other professional sports in the world, but the top tiers (NRL included) still can't pay the wages of second, and in some cases 3rd or 4th tiers of other sports. You can't argue that its fine currently when a namby Pamby soccer player (John stones who has been awfull) just signed for 7 million a year (nearly 3 times the SL salary cap) RL may be TGG as many of us agree, but until we break that traditionalist mold it will not progress beyond the footnote that it has so sadly been relegated to. Up the cap, let the dead die, and bring on the future
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    I didn’t have a great view from where I was but it also looked like James Ford shook the hand of every Fev player (which he usually does) and applauded you lot as well. Very easy when you’ve not been at the races to just storm down the tunnel, send your assistant to do the interview etc. There’s lots not right with RL at the moment but it’s good to see some positive stuff too.
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    It's actually quite sad. Great game, and as usual spoiled on here by the one-eyed idiots. Such is life.
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    Unbelievable effort to retain Jordan Walne. Absolute top credit goes to Steve Neale, Andy gaffney and the rest of the board.
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    I’m not sure you’ve watched Saints in big games if you think they’d chalk up 30+ points.

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