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  2. I'm now wondering if it will make it's return in 2021 or is it now confined to the pages of history just like Rugby League Week was back in 2017.
  3. The guy is a dead set freak of nature to be still playing a top level game at 37 years old is amazing. I hope he continues on at the Melbourne Storm next year and beyond and gets 20 plus seasons under his belt at one club.
  4. PICKS IN BOLD Carolina Panthers. v Atlanta Falcons Green Bay Packers v. Minnesota Vikings Cincinnati Bengals. v. Tennessee Titans Kansas City Chiefs. v. New York Jets Detroit Lions. v. Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Ravens. v. Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins. v. Los Angeles Rams Buffalo Bills. v. New England Patriots Cleveland Browns. v. Las Vegas Raiders Denver Broncos. v. Los Angeles Chargers Chicago Bears. v New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks. v. San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys v. Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants. v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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  7. If you are missing that Watershedings experience then put on your replica shirt on, wear a bob hat and scarfe, three pairs of socks and the heaviest jeans you have. Next stand under a cold shower for 80 minutes only leaving for a severely watered down Bovril after 40 minutes. For WIgan fans only, when finished, go back to living room muttering Paddy f'kin Kerwin.
  8. There have only been two 1-1 results, both flagged above: Workington-Hull KR in the league, 07/09/1980 & Leigh-Wire in the Premiership Trophy 03/05/1982. There have been three 1-0 scorelines: the first was when Dewsbury beat York in a second division match, 20/02/1977; the only time in the top flight was when Workington won at Warrington on 11/11/1979; the most recent was another second division game when Hull KR lost at home to Barrow, 16/10/1994. My personal favourite odd scoreline involving a one-pointer was Warrington's 84-1 victory over York in the cup in 2000. Wire had talked up in the press the aim to keep the visitors scoreless; they were leading 24-0 when York finally got a sniff, and knocked over a drop-goal Incredibly York lost 84-1 the following season too against Leigh in the second division!
  9. Not sure why Ottawa should be placed in your equation! They are an unknown entity. Comparing is them is pretty obsolete at present.
  10. Don't anybody worry themselves silly over this...its all Okay....its going to work out...you just watch. First we all have to wait for a formal announcement...then we will go from there. Its all good and there is a bright light starting to appear over a new horizon. Prepare yourselves!!!!!, "It appears to be a blinding light peaking over!!!" It could even burn out the retinas! "Await The New Dawn With The Pack!"
  11. As I was in Spain I was hopefully looking to get to France for maybe the Cup final next year so we will see what 2021 brings. As people have said, does allowing clubs to leave France to go to SL weaken the French system overall ? I think so but if two French teams were in Super League, could that lead to a financial boost for the game in increased exposure, well I hope so. Think I remember reading that Carcassone had a playing budget pre covid of 270,000 euros which would put them mid table championship. Think there are some good ideas here that Elite 1 and UK Championship become same tier level and an expanded 14 team SL means we can get at least a couple of French teams in there, with 1 spot from Elite League gets a promotion to SL every year. So we say from 2022 that we are going 14 teams, no relegation in 2021 to give SL clubs a chance to breath whilst making sure at least one of the promoted teams is from France. After that, bottom 2 SL teams go down and 1 team from both Elite 1 and Championship is promoted. Making clubs go from Elite 1 to League 1 is not helpful for anyone. Yes, an annual test between France and England is a must. International Rugby not behind a paywall is a great boost and it can be held the week before Elite 1 would start their regular season to link in.
  12. Would have thought if Ottawa enter clubs would keep their powder dry for the season after esp with budgets under constraints.
  13. Let's not turn this into another P/R one, please. I think what Newcastle are doing is fantastic and simply because they are putting the right infrastructure in place now they will be ready to fly when they reach Super League. Ok, the academy team is regularly getting beat (think it's 5 wins in 4 seasons) but have the building blocks in place. I would happily bet that they will be in Super League by Feb 2025 at minimum and when they get there, they wont be making up the numbers and with an entire catchment area to themselves, they will only get stronger. Shout out to the person who said York, can't see it myself but will be good to have another strong team who could manage at Super League level.
  14. Since I went to every subsequent game and have the info to hand the answer is pretty easy to find out. And it's yes, essentially the same teams. Saints away the Tuesday after the final in 1999 was a particularly pointless match but there were very few team changes from four days previously. In 2014 and 2015 the team couldn't afford to drop points in the league so were full strength for the following round.
  15. I'd like to see expansion clubs, but to be frank, what we need is something to expand out of. Outside of the normal belt or corridor we seem to have Toulouse, Newcastle and London. There seems to be some foundation there. But being harsh some of the existing remainers need to consolidate if there is to be room for something out of the Championship beyond that. But to do anything we will need significant investment. And not just SKY money. But of course we are talking round and round again in the same circle.
  16. save money on expensive matchday progammes by simply taking a one of those local advertising booklets(that get shoved through your letterbox) to the game with you and writing down the teams on the back of it yourself as they run out on to the pitch
  17. Pretend to be in your 60‘s by using outmoded words and phrases like scrum, play-the-ball, forward pass, touchline, feeding, trainer, Lancashire Cup, Yorkshire Cup, Kangaroo Tour, Eddie Waring must go, Ashes win next time, game’s gone soft, I blame television, game’s on its ######.
  18. Convince the superleague hierarchy that you fulfill all criteria for membership by showing a different sketch of a new stadium every 6 months.
  19. There was a 0-0 between Burleigh Bears and Wynnum-Manly Seagulls in the opening round of the Queensland Cup in March 2010. Televised game, two professional clubs, decent weather conditions. Bodene Thompson, Clinton Toopi and Kurt Sorensen Jr playing for the Bears that day.
  20. The story of Shada. Made in 1979, or rather not made, only half completed due to a BBC technicians strike. Lost and consigned to history as an unfinished story. Revived on VHS with Tom Baker narrating the missing bits, and finally recently completed using animation to cover the missing segments, and using the still alive cast to record the soundtrack. A typical Douglas Adams story, inventive, confusing and a bit weird, but eminently satisfying.
  21. Which is why this is now on any othe Sports
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