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  2. Souths’ director of football Shane Richardson puts forward a host of good ideas to grow the international game. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/11/richos-vision-22-rounds-standalone-origins-more-tests-and-world-9s-circuit/ Worth a read.
  3. He mentioned Ranger's on the itv coverage of the Union World Cup when the players were saying which clubs they played for in their youth.
  4. Pre-Order your 2020 Superleague diary now, WF7 postcodes not accepted. Again. M6K 1E9 area residents can apply
  5. NRL kits so far https://leagueunlimited.com/news/34295-2020-nrl-jerseys/ Hmmm. Picnic-y
  6. Are the Warriors planning on having a different kit design for each of their fixtures? That one on the far right is hideous, so is the jersey.
  7. Note to any committee left at Swinton. This would look great with a Swinton crest, and sponsors instead of a bunch of illiterate car thieves.
  8. Yes there’s some good stuff on there - they do the French Elite 1 and 2 every week now
  9. Dont disagree but it's what Clarke does week in week out, spots the time to do it etc.. so I would have given him the chance ahead of Hodgson in the 2 nd test at least as Hodgson hasn't done anything.
  10. Mind you, when I was playing Football Manager I was manager of Norwich (amongst other teams), and signed 15 goalkeepers, and won 4 on the bounce, before getting beat 8-0 by Southend.
  11. Would it let you pick a squad of 6 half backs and put one on the wing?
  12. I remember playing a RL game on the mega drive in the 90s with Rabbits doing the commentary. Was okay for its time.
  13. I think a Rugby League Manager game would be great.
  14. For me France, needs work but the structure is there to push on. Secondly Wales, 2 semi pro clubs already, a reasonable domestic set up, rugby in there genes and a great RL history. If we could get a strong Wales France we get meaningful games, at the moment England have to rely on Aus/NZ tours which are few n far between. If the Valencia project kicks off then maybe Spain could be interesting, If the Greeks sort their un forced mess of government issues, these guys could be serious contenders. Of course Serbia has a long history of RL, though very slow burners at moment.
  15. Another 4 here http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/skhrjf2ekrvlx4mqvoergxjxn9jleb
  16. "Totally Wicked" Vaping and "Cash Converters" stolen goods traders. It's not a great look.
  17. You're just making that APPRLG thing up aren't you?
  18. That'll be your groin thats gone, because of ham shanking
  19. I have a little anecdote. Way back sometime maybe in the 1990s, Warrington drew Chorley away in the Challenge Cup. Given that it's only about 20 miles away, a lot of Wire fans turned up. I remember going into one pub and the landlord had his head in his hands, saying he'd run out of everything except whisky and was gutted that he didn't know about the match! I also remember Doug Hoyle wandering around the perimeter just chatting to some people and getting an impromptu standing ovation. That memory has triggered all sorts of weird ones - Runcorn Highfield away with Les Boyd getting targeted by Runcorn players who later thought better of it.... York away when the half time snowball fight was shown on Scrumdown on ITV.... the time when the Swinton floodlights went out and they asked if there was an electrician in the crowd (and later asked if there was a qualified electrician in the ground) - so many funny and silly moments following my team. What I know about that day at Chorley is that when people say "There's no such thing as a bad pub" I immediately think of that unfortunate Chorley landlord. Anyone got a link to that day? I can't find anything.
  20. Just read they switched to yawnion! When did this happen?
  21. I’ve got a game called Rugby League 19 on my phone which is surprisingly decent, if you’ve got a few spare minutes on the bus / bog etc.
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