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  2. Sorry ! Sat your time.
  3. Should be another tight game on Sunday and really looking forward to it. Be interesting to see how they go against full timers. I think it will be close with us taking the points.
  4. Indeed. Aside from Mattrhino's unfortunate snipe at Leigh, I think most of the criticism of the LSV as choice of venue is simply down to it's geographical location. If, as has already been suggested, only a maximum of 4,000 people are allowed to attend then your stadium would be a perfect choice had it been somewhere around the Bradford area, even though that is still closer to St Helens than Hull. In a sport that has great difficulty getting spectators through the turnstiles for RL Cup semi finals, to ask two sets of fans to travel a dozen or so miles to attend and the other two
  5. Please explain what you inferred with your "Nowt like getting the excuses in early,dear me." offering then.
  6. No 3rd trial. The bizarre thing is that the sex they had on the desk (where he accidently anally penetrated her) was regarded as consensual, whilst the sex they had prior to that on the bed was not regarded as consensual. It's like the police have taken the entire incident, from when they met in the club to when they parted ways, and split it up into multiple separate events, all independent of one another. Surely her behaviour and their behaviour before during and after the incident is critical in ascertaining what happened, who is telling the truth etc It seems the police are hype
  7. Yak, do you think the fact that the NARL is a rebel comp hinders support from the NRL and IRL?
  8. Cleveland has definitely been doing a good job at trying to build some awareness within the NRL. The Panthers partnership is of course the biggest, but they've also been able to get the Cowboys and NRL.com to provide some coverage via social posts and website articles around things like Glen Morrison coming on as coaching director, etc.
  9. I think it is really important to get more NRL fans interested. And some direct partnerships with the clubs is a great way to start.
  10. I'm really happy to see Monte's passion rewarded. Cleveland seem like a really interesting and underdog club. I wish them great on-field success. To see an NRL club like the Panthers post such a tweet but actually go to the effort of getting the playing squad together to send personal messages, it warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye. Well done to the Cowboys as well for posting that news about Morrison's appointment.
  11. I think it helped if you knew what commedia dell’arte was. I didn’t, so it didn’t grab me like others.
  12. HEAD of Youth Leigh Beattie has spoken of his excitement as his Academy outfit prepare to take the field for the first time in 426 days on Friday evening (7:30pm Kick-off). View the full article
  13. Yesterday
  14. There's talk of them signing Gagai which would enable Farnworth to move to fullback. Physically he looks more like a fullback than centre to me. If he can pass (which we haven't seen much of) he'll be a major boost to the Broncos. Isaako has been playing OK there but he's an out and out runner and couldn't set up a play to save his life. If anything just switching them round might work, as Isaako at his best is a great runner.. On Thompson, his defence just in't good enough yet. Sometimes he doesn't even seem to know where he's supposed to be in the line. He also looks pretty slow to g
  15. Be careful, someone may have been there to admire the cathedral and accidentally spilt some "butter".
  16. Our dishwasher was playing up, not draining, quick check on You Tube and soon found out how to dismantle the offending parts and cleared it. Sorted out with no cost but my time.
  17. Built in obsolescence is a curse. Anything sold with a "long" warranty is almost guaranteed to fail within months of the warranty running out.
  18. We have 1000 in for our game on 23rd may against Oldham https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/19301589.absolute-milestone---1-000-set-attend-first-game-york-community-stadium/
  19. I've done a lot of DIY and mending around the house this last year or so. I built a breakfast bar, assembled two sheds, built a fence, put up some shelves, designed and built a bookcase from scratch, mended a couple of old garden benches by replacing all the slats and painting them a nice British racing green, replaced some broken glass in the greenhouse with plastic. I'm sure there's some other stuff I'm forgetting as well. Latest thing was the element blowing in the cooker. The family were immediately online looking at prices of new cookers, I just ordered the new part, watched a couple
  20. That’s a shame Rocket, I had you down for a better judge of your peers than this.
  21. And because the manufacturers make things less and less fixable every year too, let's not forget.
  22. Not looking good for Dewsbury game. Return of Spectators to the Tetley’s Stadium – Dewsbury Rams
  23. It's truly depressing to see the stuff thrown away at the local recycling centre ' Tip ' , all because people are too lazy to fix the damn things
  24. Seems odd. Is it that random ? Not being critical as the club have done a great job in sorting it so quickly and allocating places etc - but I'll swap a seat and a pair of rollerskates for your standing ticket......
  25. There's some interesting stuff about the rebirth of repair culture in this series: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000vgh9/episodes/player My mum helped set up a monthly repair club in her town a few years ago, and it was going fine before lockdown. I think it is affiliated with https://www.repaircafe.org/en/ but I can't remember of that's the case or not. Anyway, repair and re-use (where practically possible) is better than recycling.
  26. Inspired by The Repair Shop, are you a fettler and mender. I used to enjoy repairing old electronic bits and pieces but these days I have lapsed, watching The Repair Shop makes me think I should get my hand in again
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