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  2. Well hopefully they're will be another and they won't mess with it to look like gladiators (although some might like that).
  3. Well yes, you'll see I highlight that. Football is in a different league to anything else in this country.
  4. I really hope you do we are desperately becoming in need of other results going our way , as we have proven we are unable to control our destiny
  5. So people can "bulk" up, right? So consuming more calories DOES increase a persons size. So (most) people overweight are eating more calories than they burn. I understand. PS I'm fat!
  6. League is everything in Hull despite what the football fans will try to tell you. When you're walking through the centre league shirts dominate football 10-1 and not necessarily just fc or kr shirts. Amazing the amount of NRL shirts you will see as well. To be fair, with the crisis the football team are in at the mo you see more Liverpool and Man U tops than you do a Hull City ones. Rugby fans always seem to have a smile on their faces, the football fans always look like they've seen their own ######. There has always been a lot of animosity from the football fans towards us. The amount of times I have had Hull City fans try to rip apart league to me through what is clearly jealousy is hilarious. They always say the same ignorant, misinformed arguments which they treat as if they are the first person to present this revelation to you while you just stand there yawning and checking your watch occasionally. Add in a few half-hearted nods and "mm-hmm"s and you've got a conversation about rugby league with a Hull City fan! Of course the whole time you're sarcastically thinking,"yep, not heard that one before, oh wait yes I have", "you've made a point there, an ignorant, retarded one but a point nonetheless", and so on and so on. I had a football fan not long ago having a go at league for having a grand final and basically shouting in my face, "the team that tops the table are the best team and should win the league!" of course I tried pointing out that football is pretty much the only sport in the world that doesn't have a playoff system but because said individual was a football fan it was like talking to a brick wall. Anyway point is that in Hull rugby league is dominant and football fans really don't like that. One thing I really do notice is how as soon as two randomers get talking almost always the first topic is league. More often than not the people will have some sort of affiliation and then that's it, off they go on an hour long convo in the street about the latest happenings in rugby league land. These people are now best friends despite having only met minutes before. Of course their friendship is over an hour later when they part ways. This happens to me quite often. I will randomly get stopped by someone who will proclaim something like, "how do you think Houghton did at weekend?" I will look at this person whom I don't know for a moment while a think, "oh, they must have seen me at the game", and with that I initiate the in depth discussion that I have had laid out in front of me. There is no need to question how this random individual knows me, it is just assumed. Names are never exchanged because all you need to know is this is a fellow league fan. You'd never get two football fans just coming together like that and that is one of the things I love about league in general. All fans of any club stick together and are the best of friends when our mutual interest is raised because we are in a minority. Rugby league has such a fantastic community. I always bring up an example of when we beat Wigan at Wembley. After, I was stood outside the coach waiting for everyone to return and there was a Wigan coach next to ours. I got talking with a couple of Wigan fans who congratulated me and we had a laugh and a natter about the upcoming weekends games and what have you and we parted ways. If that was football I'd have been getting back on that coach with a few teeth missing, a massive gash down my face and the loss of sight in one eye. League brings people together like nothing else does.
  7. But they are generally short, limited runs, not 29 week, multi-season series. The world isnt suddenly going to bend to our will. We need to ensure our offering is attractive. Just clarify what I mean here, there probably is space for an RL raw style programme and if C4 are interested that's what it's likely to be, a more social, documentary, highlights programme. But RL raw wasnt a game changer and bbc2 gets better ratings than C4 and it was by no means any sort of 'saviour of the game'. Getting this kind of deal would obviously be an opportunity but if the championship doesnt change and professionalise then it wont realise the benefits.
  8. Ok, I was only talking about Americans who are the same colour as me. Is that alright?
  9. When food is short, veg is always boiled longer, to release more calories. VItamins tend to be less important in such circumstances. Then, when everyone has central heating and plenty of food, they think they prefer their veg lightly boiled as they are more sophisitcated.
  10. Johnson can't even tell the truth about his bike! Lie after lie.
  11. Yeah but you were still wrong but the Teflons pulling other people up about being racist is hilarious so thank you for that.
  12. Really not sure what point your trying to make, but whataboutism regarding a now irrelevant political figure from 15 years ago has little bearing on the shambles that is the current Labour party leadership. All the current day Labour leadership are going to achieve is 5 more years of Tory rule, only this time under the leadership of Johnson. Well done!
  13. Never understood those shots of US towns in this video. Prefer The Falls Hit The North!
  14. I think you're confusing everyone with people who care who wins!
  15. Now I understand Hetherington and Sinfields plan. They want to give the Rhinos more exposure to the nation by being on FTA TV. Genius!
  16. Sacre bleu, what is the world coming to??
  17. Whenever I go shopping with my wife, I make a point of striking up a conversation with anyone wearing a league shirt (the club doesn't matter). Its always good to get someone else's view on what's happening in the game. By and large league fans are usually up for a chat about the greatest game.
  18. Today
  19. This is way back in the early 80s but remember when I moved from Berkshire to Bradford to go university that the sports tops I saw around the town were more times than not Northern ones (they certainly outnumbered the football club back then). Add to that coverage in the local paper plus slots on the local news and it was a very very different one to the world I grew up in where, save for grandstand, RL did not exist.
  20. No idea, but probably not. But then Hunt's not likely to win. Someone else who obviously never schooled by their parents as a child that "two wrongs don't make a right".
  21. With Irish-Americans, German-Americans, Native-Americans, African-Americans, Latinino-Americans, Asian-Americans plus any other something-Americans, I'm happy to know that everyone is included. I'm all about togetherness and inclusiveness.
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