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  2. Do "Walkabout" pubs still exist anywhere? If they do then surely there must be some in the smoke.
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  4. Audois, are you saying that if Toulouse win, they will host the grand final the following week in Toulouse at Ernest Wallon Stadium ??? Merci !
  5. So both games (Catalans and Toulouse S-Fs) will be on TV this weekend, yes? And are the kick-off times confirmed? Would love to watch both games online from Oz if I can … Thanks all !
  6. If you mean incorrect PTBs, they`re not looking to pick them up. The rollball is now officially legal in the UK. Check out the RFL`s video where "balance and control" are the stated requirements. Of course, the rulebook still says something totally different. What I meant was I`d like to know what they say about all this in the review process. I saw another shameful incident in video of a women`s game recently. These are becoming more common. The ball was played cleanly with the foot, but brushed against her other foot, the Touch Judge flagged, and the ref ruled a handover, presumably for "loss of control". Meantime, as you`d expect, in the rest of the game players were allowed to roll and walk over the ball. So we`ve reached a point where conscientious players who abide by the rules are penalized, while wilful disregard of the rules is tolerated. As I say, I`d just like to know how they justify that in the review process.
  7. A thought on Warrington - I see them as pivotal to the consolidation of WSL. We need another top women`s club on the superior side of the Pennines. Like York, they`ll need to recruit to make the step up. Their younger players will improve, but that won`t be enough. Two of Saints` best players, Jodie Cunningham and Emily Rudge, are both from Warrington. This Sunday it`s the Championship GF, Leigh Miners v Barrow, at Thatto Heath and live on Our League.
  8. Anyone know a bar showing the NRL GRAND FINAL in Toulouse???
  9. Total Rugby League (the magazine version of this forum) did a decent article about 3 years ago on this (at SuperLeague level). As the refs are professional, the review process sounded pretty good, and very thorough indeed. This makes it even more strange that it is not being picked up/corrected.
  10. I`d be interested more generally to know what the "post match review process" entails at all levels of the game. What is said about the PTB, for instance? Our officials will have grown up among RL crowds. It`s vital, when they pick up the whistle, that they leave all that behind. Refereeing in accordance with the demands of the crowd is the surest way to ruin the game. At amateur and junior level being relentlessly informed that you`ve missed something can undermine a young ref`s confidence. Reviewing video footage is important to reassure them that most of the forward passes and knock-ons they supposedly overlooked only happened in the minds of those shouting from the touchline.
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  12. I`m not fully au fait with recent moves by Touch Union, but like @The Rocket I`m assuming the motivation is proprietorial. The RFU are not a public body promoting health and fitness. Their primary concern is the health and well-being of Rugby Union. Non-contact forms are embraced or not with that purpose in mind. The RFU want anyone "picking up a Rugby ball" to become a Rugby Union fan. Nothing wrong with that. I would prefer anyone "picking up a Rugby ball" to become a Rugby League fan. Nothing wrong with that either. It`s just a bit odd that the RFL want people to become fans of "Rugby".
  13. Got our 6 tickets. 1 Wigan ( me ) 5 London , in the away end. can’t wait. Off to France tomorrow watching Catalan and Toulouse semi final
  14. The only solution to all of this is bringing in an independent doctor on the sideline to conduct the footage reviews and assessments as necessary. To be honest I'm extremely surprised they haven't done this already, given the furore regarding the crackdown this year. Removes any suggestion of "rorting" on behalf of individual clubs in the minds of fans and reduces any suggestion the NRL enabled clubs to manipulate the system by leaving potentially concussed players on the field.
  15. Hi all … FYI: This has some interesting (up to date?) comments from Jon Dutton re the RLWC in 2022: https://www.voice-online.co.uk/sport/rlwc2021/2021/09/28/what-next-for-the-rugby-league-world-cup-as-jamaica-have-their-global-debut-delayed/
  16. I`ve heard about those rule changes from afar and that they were specifically driven by an attempt to clarify that their Touch originated from union. It made me wonder at the time whether there had been complaints from the ` rugby` fraternity that what they were playing resembled too much that other code. It also suggests to me a lurking fear of League and the desire not to give it any chance of a leg-up at all. Either way, there are moments in life when opportunities arise that can offer disproportionate rewards for the effort put in, in this case where the audience would be most receptive to their message. From what you are saying is happening on the ground, this is one of those moments.
  17. I saw several wild camping at North Berwick last summer. Looked great with BBQ on the beach and tents in the dunes. There was a car park with some facilities which must help.
  18. Some good advice above. Anywhere SW or west really, where there are large Aussie communities. Ealing, west acton, Hammersmith, Clapham. I was in the Ram Inn in SW18 on Sunday for the F1. Provided there is no footy on, upstairs will show any sport you want. The owner is really friendly, maybe worth phoning to check
  19. My take is that Haggerty has shown some promise which can be nurtured/mentored in the Championship by an amicable and experienced DoR.
  20. I imagine ASADA runs all PED testing while the NRL themselves probably run their own recreational drug testing in-season. Believe the NRL has a 3-strike policy on illicit recreational drugs whereby players get a warning, then counselling and a suspension and then get a longer-term ban on the third breach.
  21. Pretty terrible bar but might be worth trying Belushi’s in Hammersmith - they normally play SOO and have a fair few Aussies in there for that. At least they used to pre pandemic
  22. It was serious, but until I see an official figure it is an internal matter. And I’m the company secretary, not the club accountant, not the same at all. Do I believe the figure of 988, you’ve just done the maths so what do you think?
  23. Ah yes I've stuffed that one up. I'm glad I looked it up beforehand only to mistype it anyway hahaha.
  24. Is that just for recreational drugs? It would be odd if they could Roid up over the off season. On the recreational drugs, I couldn't care less, the legal drugs of alcohol and tobacco are as bad, or worse than a bit of coke or weed, in my opinion.
  25. JK gave Bulls vital stability. Think we have one more season with JK , get through the reorganisation then take a deep breath.
  26. It’s worth ringing a few pubs with sky sports near where you’re staying, it’s not like they’ll be busy in the morning, or there’ll be any football on, so most places will probably put it on for you.
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