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  2. Thunder have announced that next Sunday's preliminary final against Doncaster at Kingston Park will kick off at 12pm and will be a double header with the Falcons home season opener against Doncaster knights kicking off at 3pm. A fantastic cross code opportunity with the confluence of both teams playing Doncaster teams which I'm sure will have some people cheering from the roof tops and others turning in their graves.
  3. Thanks for the kind words about Fev. PS bizarrely my real name is Andy Knight and when I saw your post I thought I must have had more than I thought last night when celebrating and had posted something without remembering:)
  4. attendance 9325 well superleague?
  5. Yes, if they are in charge of the finals, then that is where my accusations should be directed.
  6. I don’t think it’s too big and I don’t care that it’s not in France. Magic weekend is about being a carnival in new areas. Tick and tick. Cheap to get to. A popular destination. Would be brilliant.
  7. Swinton Lions are now up For Sale as per the article in League Express. No one as of yet has come in with an offer. Now I suspect that if someone or a consortium do buy out the existing shareholders which I assume they have to and all 235550 shares in total,they may well decide to follow through with what has been proposed. Time will tell and whatever happens,happens
  8. If anyone hasn't seen the programme and would like to watch it now, here it is... 
  9. YCK avenged, Job done. roll on Oct 5
  10. You missed my point entirely. They wouldn't aspire to a bigger stadium like Brentford's without a way to attract crowds of that size, so their issue is how to do that while they're stuck playing teams from little towns up north.
  11. Let's get this squad signed up and build for next season,the 14 that played today for a start, then let's add to it
  12. So was O'Brien having leg problems all afternoon and it finally went or was he just having a bad kicking day?
  13. I must say that for many weeks I have wondered why the likes of London etc were signing the players of quality they were for next season. Maybe they know something the least of us don't?
  14. Today
  15. As a Tottenham fan, I'm fearing the worst after Man Utd defeat. How long will Ole last? Will Pochetino go.if Solskaer is sacked.? 900 million spent since Sir Alex left!! How do you spend that amount and end up.with such dross.
  16. He said they should share with Brentford (possibly not aware that London Irish got there first). There’s other options. Wimbledon are building a new 9k ground due to open next year. That’s west-ish London and of a very suitable capacity for the Broncs.
  17. Toulouse has every chance of getting good crowds, even 10k + with the right promotion & performance. Gee here in Oz Geelong has qtr of Toulouse's population & its AFL team get 25k crowds. If the soccer & union get a 30k combo in attendances, that is not a great engagement of sporting fans in Toulouse with a 1 mil + population.
  18. Like I said at the time, Noble is no longer director of the UK operation. All there in black and white. Hope he got paid (!)
  19. All players and fans want to win the grand final. It's never been meaningless. That's the whole purpose of the competition. It's only this year promotion has been an added incentive. There was no promotion the year my team made the final but it was still as competitive.
  20. Par for the course in British RL though. The game over there has always protected traditional clubs at the expense of expansion outfits.
  21. We must have started about the same time.circa very early 60s
  22. Me for one I hope you'll be Swinton Lions.
  23. That's the strip they played in when I first started going up to the Mount and I believe green was the alternate strip. A genuine reply that. I also liked that Del A Mere strip, the first Cerise and Flame shirt hooped.
  24. You've told us 4 times on this thread now Rob. We get it, don't worry!
  25. The SL club's don't want promotion & relegation, they want to keep a closed shop so they know what finance they have from year to year. This years relegation fight, especially the intrest shown in it by supporters and their paymaster's at Sky must have really pi**ed them off and shows just how out touch with reality they are. Meanwhile their mouthpiece Elstone bumbles from one problem to another, scared to make a decision on his own, just what has he achieved? Nothing, save that he's the perfect figurehead for the SL cabal.
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