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  2. Yeh Wilder looked good for it. Much of the analysis from Haye especially, has swayed me to thinking he'll win relatively easily. There is quite a lot Wilder can do to improve and I think the cut will be crucial. It is that I suspect that has led to the change in approach of Fury. One of the problems of being undefeated is that you can think you're some sort of a genius who can do no wrong. Fury thinks he won in 2018 despite everyone saying he shouldn't take the fight and his own father thinking it was so crazy he didn't talk to him for 9 weeks. With someone like Tyson, I wonder whether he really is going to try and KO him because he's thinking of doing the impossible again. The problem with that is that eventually you'll do something that was just a bad decision. I suspect it might be tonight. I just hope he gives a good enough account of himself to justify a rematch and isn't sparked out in 1 round.
  3. Amazing gesture, and so heartwarming to see the groundswell of support
  4. Was there not an issue with players misusing visa's last year? I can't help but think that Toronto Wolfpack are going to get looked on badly by the home office.
  5. I think it also blinds people into thinking we can do away with the amateur game and just have academies. Which is a bit like saying if we all go to university then lets scrap High Schools and Primary.
  6. It is a great initiative and I like the idea of a knockout comp. However, whilst it's great to see lots of Serbian teams, I had hoped for more Turkish teams and Albania. It really calls into question the latter's future as they don't have enough teams for a domestic comp so what are their plans? Disappointing too that there's no Greek teams but understandable with priorities elsewhere
  7. Refs cannot ref to the letter of the law. If they did as BSJ says the penalty count would be in the dozens for each side, the ref would be "spoiling the game", supporters would be outraged and the RFL would demote the ref. I go back to Toronto. Rowley encouraged the style of play. Can you imagine the outcry if a ref sent 3-4 Toronto players off in a game? He'd be accused of inconsistency with other refs. Players infringe, coaches coach it and fans blame the ref. It's called cheating, but rather than call the players the cheats, fans call the ref.
  8. So what exactly is Chase Stanley's problem anyway? Why can't he get back into the UK? And might that cause him problems entering Canada later in the season?
  9. Dont think leigh will have nothing left after paying lsv and also players wages. They might actually end up at a loss.
  10. My understanding is they play all teams in Canada, the one who play the regular league games in England have the opportunity in the loop fixtures to play in Toronto. Just checked the Toronto website and 11 games at the Lamport stadium( all teams).
  11. Just had op apparently, awaiting specialist decision on recovery time
  12. Another company has let me down for the last time. I will cancel my account with them once they sort out the 100% avoidable mess they have caused. Any replies I get from their customer service/damage limitation team are getting BCC'd to their CEO, but I haven't told them that. Yet.
  13. Yep red for Lockwood who wasnt on the pitch for 2 long, shower for you son Need a great 40 mins here, stay in the game & use the extra man.
  14. Salford have relegation written all over them. A team that only had one leader and he went to Wigan.
  15. There's nothing between Sheffield and Fax this season. 20-18 to the Eagles today after a narrow win for Fax a few weeks ago. Creditable effort by Siddal against Newcastle.
  16. Leeds were terrible in the first half and lucky to be only 2 behind, but fair play we really turned up in the second half, although to be fair Salford lost a couple during the game which will have hurt them
  17. Leeds Rhinos overcame a half-time deficit to secure a 22-8 victory today at the AJ Bell Stadium against Salford Red Devils for their second win... View the full article
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