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  2. Raiders been my team from the seventies but no more bad enough when they moved down the road in 82 to L A for 12 years but this just taking the mick Nowt wrong with coliseum going in the black hole in 97 all was a real eye opener
  3. I haven’t seen Hawaii 5-0 since the original 70’s series!
  4. A New Caledonian has just signed for Montpellier Sharks in the French third tier.
  5. Same up here and that's what makes RL a true community sport. I'm not one of those who spouts out about it all the time ... they do more harm than good (for all faiths) and it's those "fanatics" that can cause disruptions. The world should take note of the RL community, especially how at any match there could be people from all different clubs standing within yards of each other and just having some friendly banter without giving or taking offence. They all have differing ideals (ie "a win for us") but they also respect the opposite views.
  6. It isn’t. The professional comment isn’t quite right.
  7. Looking to help a French Club out during their lockdown by purchasing a singlet/vest as that’s all I usually where when training (on top). I’ve had a quick browse and club websites let alone online shops are few and far between. Anybody able to kindly help?
  8. Yep.... There is at least one Muslim I speak to who goes regularly and one Jewish family.... London is a melting pot!
  9. It said in his interview in LE that none of the SL clubs had made him an offer
  10. Today
  11. The Rebels are still going strong, just not competing at Open Age at the moment. We have some big news coming soon so please keep and eye on our Facebook page Hope your all keeping safe and well up in Oldham
  12. Fair enough.... Don't know many religious people myself.... Good for you having faith..... I sometimes think it might do me good to pray for the Broncos
  13. Gary Whittaker at 16. lives in Aussie now near tommo
  14. Every one of them. I just wonder why some people use the name as an expletive or emphasis when they don't (or maybe wouldn't dare) use other such religious icons for similar purposes. Number 3 of the Ten Commandments - "You shall not take the name of the Lord tyour God in vain". OK, it may not be their God but please give respect to those for who it is.
  15. South Africa have a T 20 super league Romania have RU and Russia just love it have loads of super leagues including bandy and futsal
  16. The Wigan vs Leeds game was great But also... Didn't it 'look' amazing? Graphics looked brilliant, crowd looked big, atmosphere and everything else just looked like a big event / sport.... Even Carney and Wells looked sharp in their suits and on field screen Have Sky reduced their budget for coverage these days as I don't think it has that same sheen these days God I miss Rugby.....
  17. The final scene from Breaking Bad The music is Baby Blue by Badfinger.
  18. I was there for that one.... Great game but what I really remember is a fight between a group of KR/Hull fans out of the ground... At least half of them were women.... Scary fat women I had 4 southern mates with me... Some of them at their first ever league game.... Was great .... One of them is now a fellow season ticket holder at Ealing
  19. 1.simon wilson 2.paul marshall? 3.darren moxon 4.steve walker 5.jeremy dyson 6.mick booth 7.glen tomlinson 8.jeff grayshon 9.mark scott 10.andy parkinson 11.darren child 12.wayne heron 13.graham middleton 14.gary thornton 15.lee bargate 16.? 17.mick cameron Gary Thornton 2 tries and simon wilson 2 goals scorers?
  20. Can people please rember this is a local forum for local people..... Every Bronco signing shout out gets me excited before I realise its a purple horsey signing not a black one
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