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  2. Think about it.. Sky will save money and SL will get less. Championship RL will become the product.
  3. I'm in favour of the 4 Groups of 4 (3 home & 3 away games) several people have suggested on this thread. Top your group and you get a home QF, 1sts (home) drawn from pot A against group stage 2nds from pot B in QF draw.
  4. Sorry Neils, but you have given as good as you've got from what I have seen. You made an accusation of me that wasnt true. You also have gone further than insinuation and accused people of racism in black and white. I have just read a post of you doing it. I suggest you just report the posts that offend you, and maybe think about what you are posting. And on a final note, if this forum is affecting your health, take a break, arguing with strangers ain't worth the stress!
  5. Er that isn't it working. So sad that they consider that a viable strategy. Did they have Mo Lindsey as a consusltant?
  6. No they don't that's what I am saying. It takes great courage. What I mean is that I am sure the people making implications on message boards to win a point, not just here, probably haven't experienced it in real life.
  7. I don't recall anyone doing so. Did anyone say they do?
  8. Got in laws in St. Albans and their house is worth over a million.... It's a midterrace Victoria 3 bed..... Mental does not begin to describe it
  9. I rarely make new threads but can I ask that posters desist from insinuating people are racist on the basis of a perceived difference of opinion about something. Porential victims of racism rarely make this allegation lightly. In a similar way to how Jewish people don't use the term Nazi regularly. I was a bit taken aback today as a member of a mixed religion family to be on the receiving end of 4 such comments. If I am receiving them then clearly posters are being reckless. My own experience is that the people first to cry racist are actually the last to appreciate real racism when it actually happens. Additionally, if anyone does make such an allegation the thread is going to deteriorate rapidly. Also sometimes people may be suffering from stress and depression and such implications would really go deep.
  10. Okay, take them to a trampoline park and get them tanked up on fizzy pop and E-numbers sweets. Chuck in a late night and they will then be too cranky to perform come sunday
  11. Just looked at your profile Gray.... Maybe you can add a tour for the Saints around East London... Maybe Leytonstone / Wanstead?.... Or does East East mean Clacton?
  12. It might be the wisest move seeing as Leigh have signed Higson, Mitch Clarke and Junior Sau on today.
  13. Glad I didn't bother trekking all the way to the foot of our street to watch this at the pub then.
  14. Even his mate Piers Morgan just called him out as a racist.
  15. He certainly came in with a dodgy knees in the back hit, then immediately signaled to the ref that his opponent was injured. Has he recent history at the RFL Disciplinary for this or am I making it up 'cos I hate Wiggun?
  16. Today
  17. A local sport for local people. We'll have no trouble here
  18. And the FA cup final and FA themselves are often challenged with the same issues. It was the PL and their changes that revolutionised football. But it isnt an either or issue. The problem isnt that we have traditions, is that we dont really do much else. The GF strikes me very much of what a working mens club thinks the youngsters want.
  19. I guess we will see in the next few weeks won't we? We have two perennial bottlers at the top of the table, and a serial winner catching up so anything could happen.
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