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  2. Pretty easy here on my own as the wife is off again with the kids to Russia on Wednesday:) we live in the middle of nowhere only living thing here is animals:)
  3. The 'rules': International elite sportspersons and essential support staff participating in a UK elite sports event listed in the Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel) (England) Regulations 2020 (as amended) You’ll need to complete the Public Health passenger locator form before you travel to the UK. You’ll need to self-isolate for the remainder of the 14 days since you were last in a non-exempt country. You can leave your accommodation to travel directly to and attend the listed elite sports event you are participating in with other elite sports persons and essential support staff. Travelling between multiple venue locations for the sports event or training is also permitted. You’ll need to show written evidence from a United Kingdom or English national governing body for your sport of your status as an international elite sportsperson or essential support staff attending the specified event.
  4. I'm sure they are sponsored by the dark side. Last time i looked they were still operating and one of the South American nations had aligned with them. They have the potential to be a thorn in our flesh. I'm keen that we don't make them seem attractive by being too obstructive and authoritarian with start ups.
  5. Pick one to go to the final. Tournament programme: 10 countries have been put straight through to the finals (France,Germany,Spain,Italy,S Africa,Australia,NZ,USA,Argentina,Chile) leaving 6 to join them. 2 groups, 1 Europe, 1 ROW with 3 to qualify from each. The finals will be 4 groups of 4, with 2 qualifiers going into the semis, which are 2 groups of four, winners to the final. Group A - France, Australia, Argentina, Greece Group B - Germany, NZ, Portugal, Uruguay Group C - Spain, Chile, England, Lebanon Group D - Italy, USA, S Africa, Canada Semi #1 - France, Germany, Chile, S Africa Semi #2 - NZ, Australia, Italy, Spain
  6. As most game are to be played at a Neutral venue, why don't they just stay in the UK, Like the NZ Warriors did in Australia?
  7. 14.45 Monday, Film4, Rango. How many scenes can you spot from other classic westerns? 12.55 Tuesday Film4, The Peanuts Movie, for those who remember the tv series, this is quite good
  8. Are you saying they shouldn’t bother or that they should/could do better? Maybe you think Storm shouldn’t be in the NRL? Perhaps it’s just a statement of how it is and they should just keep on keeping on?
  9. I took my motorbike to Ypres/Ostend a couple of years ago without satnav, I just followed the road signs from Dunkirk, when I got to the hostel in Ostend, the receptionist very kindly pointed me in the direction of Ypres by a more direct scenic route. If you can read (and given the spelling mistakes in the OP...) you should be OK
  10. I really thought I’d miss scrums, but at half time of the first game I realised I hadn’t even noticed where they should have been the game flowed that well. its been brilliant!
  11. Totally agree,great level of skill and good entertainment. Only disappointment,is that there appears to be just one adjective left in the english language according to our resident clowns,'decent'.
  12. Are you sure you’re a rugby league fan as I could detect zero level of moaning in your post!
  13. Since it’s return I’ve been absolutely overjoyed at the skill level and entertainment it has provided. I was worried that mistakes would be high and intensity would be lacking but it hasn’t been the case for me. Positivity alert: we’ve got a cracking sport and a cracking product on our shores.
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  15. Losing Hodgson is huge for Canberra . He starts so much off . They do look blunter without him , unfortunately I can’t see them around at the pointy end
  16. Not heard the Worthington rumour but looks like another of your ex players Ben Helliwell could be our other centre signing as we have a big clear out.
  17. leigh are going to make an announcement about signing SL player talk doing the rounds it's wallace
  18. The concept and execution cause me no anxiety whatsoever, but offers something else for others to be negative about.
  19. Reporting in the league express that Ricky Wilbys bid had withdrawn due to Eric Perez being unwilling to sell his minority stake, so it looks like we're down to the 2 previously unknown bidders.
  20. I’m watching the NRL ... there are plenty of guys who went to the barbers and committed much bigger crimes . Wow , some absolute shockers around !
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