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  2. I still get Lincolnshire and East Yorks TV and there's plenty of RL on there. So it's not as if the residents of this county are unfamiliar with RL. But they don't seem interested in a pro team in Scunthorpe of Grimsby.
  3. After the halifax / mark Elia final thought it might never happen certainly made up for it since
  4. of course.... but they won't be coming to pick in subsequent years either! Not only that, but those who were resident in the UK are drifting away slowly since the racists voted to leave the EU, and will continue to drift away. Still.... good luck with getting 'The Great Brtish Youngsters' to pick your vegetables!! BTW...... Check out the home secretary highlighting (for her racist electorate) the fact that they will be "in control" of their own immigration policy, like it is some sort of great achievement.
  5. Or go full Koukash and dream up your own expansion ideas. Lincolnshire Lions, they’ll be in League 1 come 2021
  6. Martin Offiah. Brian Carney. Ricky Stuart.
  7. Seems like Liverpool are choosing to use the furlough scheme too, to the outrage of their fans and ex players:
  8. Er, you do know why eastern Europeans are not coming to pick our fruit and veg this year don't you?
  9. If only we were in some kind of alliance with neighbouring countries, where people from those places could freely come here and find work. That would render this problem null and void. "It's hard work but it is also fun" MMmmm.... am sure loads of British milenial 'young folk' will be attracted to a hard day's vegetable picking.
  10. We will get to the other side eventually, just as long as all those people who think taking exercise in the park means sitting with their mates for a day drinking beers and having barbies realise they are being nobheads.
  11. Or the person who shows them the game, not the ball in hand.
  12. Yeah I was there in 78 was only 6 though so don’t remember much of the game. Same hear though as I didn’t go in 76 I did think I’d never see them win a CC until 96 happened.
  13. Been a few howlers over years bit of fun from barra forum. Who gets in your 13. Subjective and AGAIN in jest. No explanation required but error count/ didn't deliver or rarely performed. Pat Johnstone, bolu fagborn, dale cardoza, alex muff, saquib murtaza, Tom hemmingway, alex brown, patterson, Simon Jackson, leatherbarrow, ainscough, ian marsh, Craig booth
  14. I didn't say you did, however the implication of "it was better then" and of "the good old days" is it would be better if it were that way now. I disagree that it would or that it would be even possible.
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  16. That is an old update. There has been more worrying news since then - https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/28/coventry-rugby-club-take-legal-advice-as-coronavirus-insurance-row-escalates As Coventry Bears play at their stadium I hope things go okay in that respect.
  17. Might give the wife a cleavage. Where do I sign
  18. Forgotten that too. Wasn’t it 7 40:20s ? Didn’t he also kick a penalty from the half way line to beat Rochdale 32:30 in the last minute ? Probably 10 years ago, maybe more.
  19. Massive waste of talent, guy was a wrecking ball
  20. That's certainly an option too, and also one I'd quite like. I certainly don't want LESS rugby to watch over the next 2 years if we can help it. A lot will depend on what Sky want, given it would mean us playing right through the football season. I don't think we're going to be able to make the decision in isolation - what broadcasters want and how other sports are making up games will have to be taken into account.
  21. Sounds like a great opportunity to get involved with a grassroots club! Boston Buccaneers for example? https://www.facebook.com/Bostonbuccaneers/ They may not be your nearest club, but at a quick glance of the map and with my limited knowledge, it was the first one that came to mind.
  22. Sounds to me like Coventry have the right idea by paying match fees only. My question out of interest then is what about training? Do players get paid for training be it an”attendance allowance”or travel expenses?
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