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  2. Storm 14:04 Roosters at half time. Melbourne tormenting the visitors right-side defence.
  3. The cut off date for signings for this season is 2nd August, so Fax will have offered a fee. A strange move really. He is a decent player and, at 21, still has plenty of improvement in him, but he won't have any instant impact that I can see. The could have signed him for nothing at the end of the season. I wonder if they will come in for any of our lads next week?
  4. The conditions are quite testing in serbia I've heard. Very hot and no air conditioning where the players are staying.
  5. Massively but it takes time to arrest a 25 year managed decline.
  6. Young is having an absolute shocker this morning.
  7. Rostang has just signed for Albi, that will be fun watching him and gigot in the halves, Rostang can't stick to a game plan and take risks with kicks and tony is tony and could well get annoyed with him. He spent a month with Halifax this summer.
  8. Still one loanee in there. A stroll in the park for Batley, I'm afraid.
  9. Seen this happen a couple of times in Championship games. Also the option to reset the scrum instead of your more traditional penalty options.
  10. Cas seem to think their stadium improvements and fixing the error on the finances score will see them home. If it's all as they say it is, they're probably right. Toulouse's on-field performance score will slip slightly as 2024 replaces 2021, and Leigh's will rise slightly for the same reason. Maybe Leigh's stadium utilisation and foundation scores will also tick up slightly. But none of the above will move by much due to 3-year averages so it's going to be a nailbiter for Leigh, and you can imagine how that will go down if they end up losing out!
  11. Tough times running a Championship RL club. It is almost an advantage not to win too many games, which would be disheartening for all concerned. Sad to say RL is no longer an attractive proposition for the casual supporter at any level.
  12. So we should play by different rules to York just because we have a reserves? I'd like to see more young players coming through. But we've had Myers who has cemented his place in the team. Two of our most promising youngsters brought by SL clubs. Sometimes young players aren't quite ready. Jacob Bateman made his debut this year but isn't ready for week in week out first team rugby. He's only 18. We're producing young players just fine. The loan system is a farce. But this narrative Bradford are the only club to use the loan system to their advantage is laughable. York have brought in players for two weeks on numerous occasions. Should be a minimum of 1 month and a limit of how many you use in a season (including DR) but don't get the idea you should be allowed to loan a Litten or Pele and we should play an 18 year old kid just because we fund a reserves and you don't. Anyway on the game. Is it two years since we've beaten you in the league? York in great form. Hingano the form player of the comp for me. Looks unplayable at times. I've a feeling the last two weeks may catch up with us this week. Expect this to be another tight classic between the two clubs and I'd take a 1 point win now.
  13. I mean, yes they will, unless something drastically changes in the gradings.
  14. Today
  15. Also nice touch when the crowd gave London a huge round of applause when walking back after their score
  16. The team that finishes sixth plays away at the 3rd place team, then, if they win they play the league leaders away who have had a week's rest. The team that finishes 2nd has a week off then plays the winner of one of the games from the previous week at home. In my book that is a huge advantage to the team who came 2nd (deservedly so). Certainly worth trying to get 2nd place in my opinion. Leeds, Hudds and Leigh all have an outside chance to get into the six. Without that, their games would now be pretty meaningless.
  17. London gave effort and kept shape, Leigh did as little as possible to avoid injury but it looks like Amone will miss Saints after failing HIA when hitting his own man in the tackle. Asiata will benefit for the minutes and expect OBrien back at FB Moylan back at 6 and Hardaker to centre with Pene on the bench with Ipape back also.
  18. You will be a lot nearer the action.
  19. Walsh is so threatening with his speed, but he has plenty of errors in him. Knock-ons, kicks out on full, etc. If he wants to become the best in the world he needs to cut down on those silly errors - perhaps caused by over-confidence and lapses in focus. 30-14 at FT to the Broncos, after a shocking run of 6 losses in a row.
  20. This gives a link https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com You can also go to https://viaoccitanie.tv a bit before kick off and you'll get it. Sometimes the site used to say that you are blocked in the UK but it seems to have been working well for a couple of months or more. If it does have a block for non-French access, you can just go to their site(viaoccitanie.tv) a few hours after the match and scroll down and you will always get the full recorded match. Allez TO!
  21. Got to win down cornwall, if not shows how the team as gone backwards, with players bought and brought in.
  22. Riki Lindhome, actress and one half of Garfunkel & Oates, with some very good advice.
  23. If it was a late decision to go with Gamble over Pryce then of course he wouldn't have played NSW Cup. And I don't think fair comes into it, it is professional sports, not a school sports day... the coach has to what he thinks is right for the team. And to be honest, after a good first game, Pryce made too many simple errors in the last couple of weeks to demand to keep the shirt.
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