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  2. As a bit of an aside, but kind of related, how many people do you think watch live terrestrial tv in the UK now? I know here in Aus I watch everything on demand now, have done for a year or two, and that’s how most people I know watch tv. So I have to specifically hunt out a channel/show to watch it. I will go to Fox Sports when I know an RL game is on to watch it, but I no longer ‘flick through channels’ so will never come across something by chance. Is this common in the uk now too? Because if it is it should mean a complete revamp in how we market our games
  3. Matty Smith and Tony Gigot have both left Catalans, Leeds are trying to move on Richie Myler, strange there are a few international half backs who seem to be struggling to get a club this year.
  4. It hasn’t changed anything on here, especially if you want to be banned outright In reality, this is why jury trials are one of the worst ways to find an answer as lay folk tend to get conned by expensive lawyers more than an experienced judge ever would.
  5. Yeh I think the similarity is unfair and based purely on his being British, an in-shape heavyweight and black. If he was American would people really be making the comparison? AJ is far more dangerous than Bruno ever was. He does have a suspect chin but then so do many!
  6. Tbh there are still too many question marks around the first fight to draw any real conclusions. For me, it comes down to 2 questions. How prepared was AJ for the fight and how much was he affected by the third round punch. With the first, there are still persistent rumours about him being KOd in sparring - the reaction of his dad to Hearn does fuel these. Then there is potential complacency, more in underestimating and not treating the threat seriously than under-preparing. How affected was he by the Wilder victory the week before? Rather than focusing on winning, how much pressure did he feel on putting on an impressive performance. The second is a big one. He wasn't 100% but he was pretty comfortable before this. Had he not gone in for the kill was it just a matter of time before he lost? I don't think so. Ruiz is being painted as some huge hitter but his record suggests that he isn't some unstoppable force like Wilder. He's beaten better boxers, it could just as easily been Povetkin landing that shot or Whyte. That said, all that could be bunkum and Ruiz could just have his number.
  7. You might not be afraid to ask players to come but imagine how scared they might be to respond?
  8. I can see why some would compare Bruno with Joshua as both have a fantastic bodybuilder physique, yet Frank was notorious for falling to bits when under sustained pressure. I think though Joshua showed something in the Klitschko fight were he got through some adversity to come back and claim victory in a way Bruno never could. Whether Joshua’s boxing style will suit fighting someone like Ruiz is an interesting question mark, but I hope for British boxing he can.
  9. Bradford Bulls ofc. Build a 12,000 capacity stadium with 3g (hybrid) so it can be used around the clock be the whole area to develop coaches refs and anyone else to do with rugby league. Implement a constitution which makes the club responsible for the growth of the game in Bradford, the UK and the wider world. Point blank refuse to subsidise the playing budget so the club has to be self sustaining. Have a flat £150 season ticket to anyone over 18 and each season ticket sold gets 1 kid free entry for the first couple of years.. Aim to sell 3,000 season tickets in championship but push for more for a crowd average of 6000 (including the free children). Plus some sponsors now the club isn't a basket case. So look for turnover of £575,000. 60% of TO on Playing budget for a budget of £345,000 a year. Refuse to sign any aussies and put a rule into place that 12 of the 17 in the matchday squad have to be from the academy which will be the focus to rebuild the game and club. After a few seasons of being beaten by teams with massive budgets, finally get back into Superleague, keep the season tickets flat first year back and kids around 50 quid. Aim for 10,000 average attendance but budget for 6000 season tickets sold at £150 . Look for turnover including tv funding to be around £3.5 million . Keep the 60% turnover rule/ academy rule to ultimately have a bulls team who consistently are near capacity every game, whilst being outside play-off contenders, full of home grown players. Yearly pre season tours of developing nations to grow the game (Nigeria, Jamaica) and try to offer some positions or exchanges with coaches in these countries at the bulls so they can go back to build the game. Ask SL (when it is a 15 team league) to be allowed to play an invitational game at Magic to play a national team from a developing nation. Have a widely respected club known for it's financial sustainability, great youth system, community work but eventually be hated a section of fans who want me to buy the league. Something like that I guess.
  10. Favourite Oldham shirt. The blue away version was also very good. Not long after, this train wreck of a kit enriched all our lives:- It looked even worse from behind:- So, to make amends, they came up with this huge improvement "Shirt from Hell 2" Kind of reflected how things at the club were going...
  11. Does not a set %age from every game go into a pot and is distributed back equally to each club? (???) The home club can do it's best but its all spread out back at the end of the season. If however after every game a %age was shared back out then the away fans would see that their own club would benefit directly.
  12. Just watched the previous AJ v Ruiz fight. Ruiz looked a much stronger, better and a natural boxer. There is definitely a touch of the Frank Bruno about AJ when he gets hit with a shot. Hard to see AJ winning unless he has greatly improved his core boxing skills in the last few months and learned to take a shot.
  13. Then the game needs a league which could get (or build toward getting) 3-4 times what SL gets now even if that could only from having several broadcasters as partners rather than just one, doesn't it.
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  15. Jarrod do you agree that DoubleD is a bit of a weapon?
  16. We're getting some dodgy semi-finals, for many winning the C Cup is bigger than winning SL, no GF. 22 rounds of SL, 4 C Cup, 2 Nines tournaments, 1 in Newcastle the other at the Etihad.
  17. See that they've put up new floodlights at Stade Moulin in Lezignan. Are they only for training purposes (900 lux)?
  18. That's the idea, make it even less appealing. We don't get many shocks these days, but when we do it creates news and interest.
  19. fevnut has updated the ‘Fev Squad 2020: The Complete Stats’ page which now includes 2020 squad numbers an also reflects what has now become a clearer picture of next season’s squad. It includes both the players Fev Records and their complete career records (including internationals). Access the page by clicking on the link below. https://fevblog452.blogspot.com/2019/11/fev-squad-2020-complete-stats-here-is.html
  20. The BBC, in its various guises, is the UK games main contact with the outside world. To give them up would be suicidal.
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