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  2. I'm not going into this again, but it's all been budgeted for without this .
  3. A Hunters Colts team really is the gamechanger we need, seemed to be heavily on the cards for 2020 but obviously Covid dashed those hopes - needs to be put back on the agenda soon though.
  4. The big difference is both those guys had previously played origin and test football, so were known as elite players before they went to SL. French is different - he was a recognised talent in the NRL, but hasn't played rep football and wasn't even a permanent first grader when he left.
  5. I'm not totally convinced that Manning actually fouled him, yes he was going in but must have realised the action and actually twisted over him. I watched it on Premier Sports and they showed it from various angles and speeds.
  6. That's why I held back to see what Batley were doing.
  7. In awe that he's taken this long to be exposed as nothing more than an average coach who got lucky at Leeds. 37% win ration with London, 0% with Toronto in SL and basically a SL standard squad built for 1 game this year that failed to get to that game. Lovely bloke? Maybe, but RL coach? Never
  8. Unfortunately this is still a problem, especially for 2nd tier nations. Even the Kiwis lack depth in certain positions as evidenced by players like Nikorima & CNK making the extended squad after spending the year as fringe NRL or on the bench.
  9. How else are they going to pay for there new stands, I'm surprised challenge cup final and grand final wasn't held there, after them getting the summer bash.
  10. I think this is where other countries always struggle compared to Australia. Its all very well people saying this is a second or third choice Aussie team but that second or third choice really isn't that far off first choice. There just isn't much of a drop off there. For PNG, and most if not all the other countries, once you strip out 10 players the quality plummets. No one comes close to the strength and depth of the Aussies. PNG's first choice team will therefore see a far greater leap in standard when they get all their players compared to the difference between Australia's first choice and PMXIII.
  11. I posted a few times earlier on this thread and did not hide the fact that I class BM as a friend. Your point is valid. Some of those players will quite happily allow BM to be thrown under the bus as they quietly skulk away! How much were they prepared to dig in. I honestly knew that if Batley stayed in the grind they would win. Gutless springs to mind.
  12. Did anyone hear (think if was bill arthur) refer to hurrel as an out of control cement mixer in the semi final
  13. Was going to say the same thing, it is a 7 tackle set. In fact the first tackle is called a 0 tackle however 0 means none so how can it be a tackle?
  14. Goodnight I'm in Philly about to nip out for a beer
  15. Coates may get an Australian spot if that’s his preference but hopefully the rest are good to play along with Biondi-Odo, Martin, Simbiken, Derby, Alick etc.
  16. Yes yes we know ,but what about the Banqueting Suite the one that I've never seen?
  17. Its not all about Super League and I dont see ROI being a club having to aim for SL or being capable of getting in SL. I think that where you and I fundamentally disagree. More RL fans, players and RL having a presence in towns like Batley is ROI for me. It's more than possible to grow and not be Super League club. Clubs like Batley, Barrow, York, Newcastle have done that. I don't believe that everyone has to be a Super League club to be successful and to be an asset to RL. At the end of the day I think funding the Championship and League 1 and having a greater footprint of clubs provides plenty of ROI for a fairly small investment. I'm not sure the exact figures with the latest TV deal but I doubt the Championship combined gets much different than 1 SL club these days and I have heard L1 clubs get 15k so we aren't talking big sums here.
  18. Saw the link on FB earlier to ticket site so went on and bought my ticket. Then just now 11 10 Monday night on our site; I paid £19 and our link says £17....Caveat Emptor folks!!
  19. No neither side will, it's the same story as the England Knights/France B for both teams.
  20. Ive been going to BV as an away fan since about 1990 (obviously not as often these past few few years!) and always parked on Sugar Lane. Only seeing those pics from above do i now realise how big the cemetery actually is. Some fantastic shots there. I wonder, have Wakey missed a trick not moveing the pich over 5 or 10 meters. Could that have given them a bit more room when they get round to developing the east side of the ground? EDIT: Donny road is possibly too close?
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  22. But surely the aim is for ROI and make relevant by backing projects of clubs who want to grow. I think Batley would take promotion for what its worth.
  23. I suppose that argument becomes more valid when they have no trouble selling out and tickets are being sold for hundreds of pounds. In our case when the game's pinnacle is only 80% full, with very affordable tickets, then it is only right to look at the offering. This is particularly so when this is the case for all our major events.
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