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24 July 2015 - 12:14 PM

We have had issues since john bastion came on board and signed players not good enough to get in to our 2nd team never mind 1st  we have lost players who were alienated and wanted out because of that regime , briggs smeaton kane saxton etc a winning team was broken up Faisal and the chief exec  at the time have to take the flack for that and the hay appointment Campbell was taking a bit of a back seat and allowing them to do stuff there way he personally cant be blamed for that since they have gone its landed on marks toes to clear the mess up sharp is his choice so we will see

there will be changes for the better i think  a case of taking a step back to go forward we have to get back that siege mentality we had under Powell were we were in it for each other i haven't seen that since post Powell perhaps a little bit under Sean long but after that no Jon sharp will get the time he needs because Campbell rates him and to be fair does back his coaches i reckon if a decent choice had become available earlier in the season hay would have gone its been a ###### season by our high standards all the other clubs in this division with the exception of Leigh and Bradford would probably be satisfied with 5th or 6th and that's not being disrespectful to sheff or fax its being honest based on there previous league finishers we have been feasting on the top two and expect nothing less

however its happened and we have to make the best of it lick our wounds take our medicine however you want to phrase it and come back with a good athletic motivated bunch on the back of a good pre season  and kick on,The expectation wont be as high so that's a positive and we might be able to once again get under the radar Leigh or the bulls or both will still be here im sure of that whether there as strong remains to be seen , I hope the eagles and fax enjoy the 8 but rest assured we will be having a good go next year    

 Wasnt a fan but its Getting a bit boring blaming bastion again and again? Cambell apointed Bastion fact so hes responsible for the fallout ,hes also responsible for signing the cheques for the players that came in under Bastion and the job he did. Fisal didnt sign them as he had no money remember.

Wasnt smeaton kept on by bastion during his bad injury but left due to not getting a game under Hay? Also pretty sure that Kain left for the same reason and nothing to do with Bastion. Im getting bored of hearing its all his fault. hes been gone ages but we still blame the same stuff? To me sharp needs to man up...get rid of the people who are responsible for decent blokes like Powel and Sheridan losing their jobs. Good thing about it is that Sharp im told knows who the backstabbers are and plans to get rid in the very near future. If he does this he will give himself half a chance next year. if he doesnt then he will be out of work this time next year. Jobs for the boys mentality needs to go. Powell didnt stand for it and left as did Sheridan .Clear the decks of the old guards that have too much say otherwise we will be talking about the same things on here every season.