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In Topic: The Big Hit 2 - Wembley October 2014?

25 November 2013 - 07:13 PM

Why not a combined Pacific Nations Side.  NZ & Aus unlikely to travel, yet as prep for our 4N down under, im sure people would turn out for that.


Take the best of the Pacific Nations Side, and Market it as England v Pacific Islands (The Beasts from Below etc).


A side of say; 


1.  Naiqama / Milford / Mead

2.  Uate / Waqa

3.  Lafai / Leliua

4.  Taufua / Hurrell

5.  Winterstein / Vidot

6.   Millard

7.  Groom

8.  Ukuma Ta’ai

9.  Aiton

10. Fa’alogo

11. Sika Manu

12. Vunakece

13. Costigan

14.  Kite

15.  Mexico

16.  Masoe

17.  Sam Moa


Would give England a hell of a game IMO.  Would also give those players something to play / aim for in 2014.

IMO the 4 nations should also be made up of Eng / NZ / Aus & A combined Islands team.  That would give 4 awesome teams while also giving something to raise the status and commitment to the island teams.

In Topic: RLWC ticket sales (merged, including selling tix for final)

24 October 2013 - 07:26 PM


Ordered & paid for 20 June

Brittania KB5 Row PP 116 & 117

Like others, had the confirmation email, and after asking why I hadn't received ours when people who had bought them since had got theirs, a further email to say if not received by 5 days prior to game, ring them....this is too close as far as I am concerned. 

Since I saw the news that there had been a problem with ticketmaster I have been trying to find out what is happening. What if they have sold them twice? Even if they print again, I don't fancy the very embarrassing situation of finding someone in my seats.

I am not sure whether our tickets are involved in the tickemaster problem...you would think that the organisers would know who was affected if they have identified that there has been a problem. Therefore, they should have emailed those affected....at the moment I have no clue what is happening and I cannot get a reply to emails now, and when I phone I cannot get through.

I am also reading that some people are receiving other peoples tickets....not all will be kind enough to forward them/ return them

Having drummed up support for the game and been a very positive promoter of the whole RLWC2013 - I feel very sad that I am now forced to look more like a sad old moaner.


Best thing to do is e-mail mate.  TBH I don't think they know where the errors are and are relyin on folk lettin em know.  


I e-mailed em last night and got the email straight back below.  Presently impressed with the RFL on this one for once tbh.


 Everyone keeps sayin ages to ring but e-mails prob the way forward.  Just reply to the e-mail address they send you the ticket confirmation from and id expect they'd respond.


Response I got is below - 


It has come to our attention that a small number of people who have already purchased tickets for the England v Ireland game at Huddersfield, have not yet received their tickets.


We investigated the issue with our partners Ticketmaster and it became clear that a technical error occurred during the printing process and a limited number of tickets did not physically print. I am afraid we believe your booking was part of this misprint.


We have resolved this issue and we have now printed those tickets. I have placed your tickets in first class post today.


Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Kind Regards,


Ticketing Team

Rugby League World Cup 2013



Ticketing Team

Rugby League World Cup 2013

The Greenhouse 

M50 2EQ

Phone : 0844 847 2013 (option 2)

Email : tickets@rlwc2013.com

In Topic: RLWC ticket sales (merged, including selling tix for final)

19 October 2013 - 12:42 PM

It was always going to be a difficult game for the RFL marketing department to sell; same day as England vs Ireland, late kick-off (8:00pm) etc...


I think you can comfortably double the 4,000 already sold come game day, so at the very least half full.

Fans can easily go to both.  I'm in a group going to both games...England game finishes at half 4, plenty of time to train or drive to st helens for an 8pm k/o.  Got tickets behind the sticks for 10 quid for both so no reason why fans don't get to both.  IMO the rfl should be contacting everyone at the england v ireland game encouraging them to go to st helens and make a day of it!

In Topic: New England Shirt

14 September 2013 - 09:21 PM

If not the above I'd also like to see something like this....think it retains the flag while still looking good and not being overbearing and dominated by the St George