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In Topic: SUPERCOACH 2015 Starts here NOW - We are Up and Running ALL WELCOME

Yesterday, 06:58 AM

The Thatcham Rabbits (Rabbitohs) are back for another try just joined will try the painful task of pick the team latter :-))

In Topic: 2015 Draw good or not good?

15 December 2014 - 12:52 PM

The Rabbitohs have been dealt a shocker with no byes before the three State of Origin games and 14 matches against their top-eight rivals from last season.


This - I could ##### and moan about it but I guess if you want to be regarded as the best you have to beat the best - but think this and the loss of Big Sam will make back to back titles very very hard to do.


But saying that who was the last team to go Back to back can't remember so hasn't been done for quite a bit :-)) - so odds are already against them I guess.

In Topic: Kiwi Kings

18 November 2014 - 06:35 AM

That was another close call in a terrific tournament. The Kiwis fully deserved their victory in the final. Sheer tenacity kept the aussies in the game. So another close game. Shaun Johnson was at his brilliant best.

Agreed - Great Test match and great tournament all pretty close and competitive - I know Samoa did not win one but thought they were great to have a fourth team that didn't roll over and played for the 80 really brought it to life I think.