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In Topic: Season Tickets

06 October 2014 - 10:38 PM

Without teaching to suck eggs....just a few point to consider.

A season tickets needs to offer a reduction on the cost of buying the tickets for each match separately. In 2013 the season ticket cost more that buying weekly due to the reduced price offered at the "cobblers" (and then whitehaven was £5). So first off financially it has to be a saving on match day prices so match day prices need to be fixed.

Secondly if it only saves the price of one games then, as many people are likely to miss one game per season it probably needs offer a saving of more than one match.

Agree that adding shirts into the deal can be attractive as with only 11 home games included if may be difficult to reduce the prices significantly. Perhaps rather than just a shirt it could be off any merchandise

Season ticket 'offers' such as reduced prices for cup games etc would I suspect be welcome and allow the price of the original seasonticket to be maximised.

Other season ticket only merchandise could be considered eg signed stuff etc. as a package.

I think a lot of fans may be looking for a straight forward cash saving but this may be difficult for the club to make substantial savings by buying 11 games up front.

Other incentives could be included and possibly bring a friend vouchers (eg bring someone to x number of matches for reduced entry) . Could it encourage season ticket holders to bring family and friends to match and expand the fan base?

Finally it would be great to have discounts on match day bar prices but I suspect we would need a bar for this!

Keep up the good work.

In Topic: Richard Askam

26 September 2014 - 07:07 AM

Thanks Steve - really appreciate appreciated.....hope it does not have Pink seats then

In Topic: squad 2015

25 September 2014 - 09:00 PM

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Kit revealed on facebook. So everything coming into place.

For none FB users...

In Topic: squad 2015

25 September 2014 - 06:10 PM

Mark - there will clearly be more additions, especially in the forwards. Watch this space (or Twitter or Facebook)...

In Topic: Richard Askam

24 September 2014 - 09:38 PM

I think this is all getting out of context on this forum. I think the impression given is that the BOM are annoyed by Dr K's interest and he is an irritation at present to their development of plans for the present. (These comments coupled with others on Facebook)


As supporters - We are pleased that the prospect of Dr Ks development is continuing, is still on the table at the council and is being pushed forward. I for one am pleased that he keeps it in the public domain and promotes the idea publicly as this puts pressure on the council to deal openly with the proposals. I appreciate peoples concerns about his self publicity but to some extent that is required to move things on.


At the same time I appreciate that this also potentially puts pressure on the Swinton BOM to "comment" on Dr K's comments - in all honesty they do NOT need to make any comment as there is nothing to comment on. It has already been established that the BOM would welcome Dr K proposals to take over the club (at the open meeting) and of course this would have some caveats but in all this I struggle to see how, barring ridiculous requirements (e.g. making Swinton subservient to Salford) that he would not be in a position financially to take over the club. (I do not suggest any "purchase" would be involved)



It would however be useful to know if the Swinton BOM have seen the proposed developments, have been consulted in any way on the proposals, the facilities, the size of the development, the timings of the developments, how it would be branded named and most importantly, how Dr K intends to make money from the proposed ground and how Swinton could benefit financially.


I appreciate and fully agree that the focus of the club needs to be on the present situation but at the same time this could be an opportunity too good to turn our noses at so lets keep positive about the future with or without the stadium/new ground.



(By the way, if the seats are Pink then I will not be going) :tongue: