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The Rugby League Family - (quiet day on the boards)

12 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

No chatter on the this or the featherstone forum about the game on Sunday. We are quiet they are more concerned with shareholdings, loans, finances, ground developments and new investment than a game of rugby league against Swinton.

Over the last two years I have struggled with the SPORT of rugby league. The game has always been built on a friendly and healthy rivalry (the rugby league family) or so I had believed. Recent events regarding DR, loan withdrawals, P&R, my grounds bigger than your ground, SL disputes. I am tired of it and it has affected my enjoyment of the game.

First off Rugby League is a 'Sport'. A great sport, a competitive sport, the best spectator sport but it is also a minority sport. What Rugby League cannot be, is run on the principals of business whereby the aim is to obtain a financial advantage to the detriment of competition. In business the aim is to remove the competition and obtain a dominant/controlling position in the market. Sport, by comparison, needs competition as it's life blood. It is the very nature of sport.

So whilst the self interest, scramble for financial reward, charge for Super League and 'bitter' rivalry continue in a minority sport, the game will suffer. And we will suffer with it. Crowds dwindle and not I believe due to supporters financial constraints.

Our own predicament is concerning but has been exasperated by business elements of the sport. Looking broader the fall in attendances around the leagues tell me something is wrong. The sport must remain financially secure but it must remain sport.

So I look forward to each game with optimism and a heavy heart.

All for one and one for all?

Fin, the end.