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In Topic: Eddie Waring / dementia

Yesterday, 08:39 AM

Blog updated!

In Topic: Eddie Waring / dementia

Yesterday, 08:35 AM

Very good point indomitable. I work in the area of social care and I know that when bad stories come out (ie Panorama), those organisations that are providing good care find it soul-destroying. Every June Care Home Open Day sees hundreds of care homes fling open their doors to welcome in the outside community. I'd imagine there are less examples of bad care in those homes. But it's a very interesting point about how the psychiatric hospitals had bad names but may well have been rather person-centred with 'patients'. I suppose my point about Eddie Waring is that it was no place for him if he had dementia. But I think you make some really important points. Steve

In Topic: Eddie Waring / dementia

29 August 2015 - 09:42 AM

thanks for the great reply indomintable. Would you mind if I added your thoughts as a comment after my blog? I will keep it anonymous...

In Topic: Eddie Waring / dementia

28 August 2015 - 03:48 PM

Thanks very much for the update. I'll change the blog accordingly. Thanks again