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In Topic: So this will attract how many new speccies?

Today, 07:28 AM

Ink and Stamps cost money. The remaining ORL supporters are so  blind in they commitment to CH that he doesn't care anymore what ridiculous situations he concocts as the will still show up and keep his grubby little show on the road.


He knows that the remaining few (and they are only a few now) are total LUNATIC's. 

In Topic: Crucial time of the season

Yesterday, 11:38 AM


In Topic: Halifax U20 28-6 Oldham U20

21 August 2014 - 01:34 AM

Oh and Spud, I usually agree with your stance on ORL, but I don't think the job is beyond anyone.

In Topic: Halifax U20 28-6 Oldham U20

21 August 2014 - 01:30 AM

Tosh apart from the occasional jib at your best Buddy Chris (which i admit I do enjoy) tell me where I am wrong please.


Do you have a time machine and travel back to 1986 every Sunday to watch and support Oldham Rugby? Because the one that I endure is a pale insignificant version of one that I used to love.


I know your and CH probably attended the same school of economics and are close pals from the needlework society, but he has failed (as he has in many other business ventures) because self preservation is more important that the Club.


He is very lucky to have such loyal customers (once your invested you cannot support another club the same - I know). If Tesco served up this Tosh (excuse the pun) there would be even more Indian restaurants around Hill Stores iwithin 3 months. Other clubs in our position 1997 have moved forward, improved or even made a profit  - Hornets. 


Tosh I will accept your offer for counselling, However, I challenge you to consider overall if CH has been Good or Bad for ORL first! 

In Topic: So this will attract how many new speccies?

21 August 2014 - 01:14 AM

I can just imagine the board meeting (CH talking to himself in several different voices)....


Next topic....Falling crowds and how to address the decline....."Charge re-entry fee for people leaving the ground for smoking" 


Can you imagine If the landlord finished your pint when you popped out of the pub for a cig, and charged you for another when you came back in  !!!


May be a small matter but its another stick to the pile and i'm afraid that many more may break the camels back!!!!