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In Topic: Watersheddings - no Wikipedia page for this historic stadium

19 January 2015 - 09:50 PM

Unfortunately Oldham Rugby is all but dead, Blue Monkey.


There are so few people who care anymore it doesn't surprise me that Sheddings is not listed on wikipedia. Your comments about giving our controller a nudge are all well and good.


As a Swinton fan I am interested how you feel about visiting Whitebirk. Does the place put you off attending ?

In Topic: Attendance Numbers

19 January 2015 - 09:37 PM



The new stadium proposals and the new gallery/theatre proposals were about 2 years apart and totally independent of each other. One would be funded by various grants, one wouldn't.


I go to the gallery by the way. And the theatre occasionally, and I don't even live in Oldham anymore.


While I accept that some of the developments are disjointed, and I am massively aware of the shortcomings of the Council, I think your ire and dismissal of any effort to make improvements is a little churlish. I can only advise that if you wish to have influence at that level that you run for council. 


The bottom line on some of the metrolink issues is that the number of landowners and partners involved means it isn't as easy as you seem to think to put it where you want.


Going under the bypass is still a massive undertaking. All the services that would have to be rerouted plus the main arterial route through/past town would have to be closed for a prolonged amount of time.

Much bigger impact than building a cutting under a disused car park and barely used street behind King Street.


I'm confused. You really don't think the town centre will be better with a new cinema, new transport hub and new retail offer - regenerating the bottom end of the town?


A new dual use stadium would cost around £25 million quid - double that if you're building a sports centre and retail offer there too. No developer is going to put money into that when Oldham's current sports centre is underused and the sports clubs attract less than 4,500 supporters between them, because there is no evidence it would be in any way a sustainable resource. That's not the Council's fault. Unless you think the Council should spend £25 million of council taxpayers money on 3% of tax payers.


Other towns mentioned have much higher supporter figures and even some of them have become white elephants. Doncaster got a 15,000 seater stadium in the middle of nowhere, with an average crowd of less than 7000. Less than 9000 even in the championship. The big concerts they had there when it was first opened have dwindled too. Woodstock street has to have a more permanent use solution than that.....and direct sliproads from the bypass.


I would have suggested the old Sainsbury's site and connected it to the new (but slightly smaller) sports centre via a joint car park.and concourse.

Tubey, You have a very poor attitude to life. There is nothing that can be done its too late. If it wasn't for Chris we wouldn't have an Oldham Rugby. Lets just make the most of our  situation and be good loyal fans, pay out money and keep quiet. You deserve Whitebirk, to get wet, and drink warm beer, and be (almost) alone. 

In Topic: Attendance Numbers

16 January 2015 - 03:51 PM

Our position is very unfortunate. 

We have a simpleton, megalomaniac, in charge of our club who will not give over until he gets the golden egg he thinks he deserves.


Our town has been badly run for numerous years now. The town echoes our rugby club.


Other RL clubs and towns in our area  have been (more) forward thinking over the last 20 years. We are the worst pro club is existence and the crappyest town in Lancashire. The best thing the lunatics running our town have done for us is given us the tram to get out as quickly as possible and allow us to spend our money in Manchester and Bury etc.


Im afraid Big chris has also forced fans out of town without even giving us the means of a tram . I saw hundreds (in fact more and more each season) of  Oldham people at Superleague games (various clubs) last year. Habits are hard to break - Big Chris has some way to go to break the hand and foot ladies habits but he has gradually most peoples.

In Topic: Attendance Numbers

12 January 2015 - 08:28 PM

There is no way Whitebank can provide a viable future for ORLFC. Unless of course we want to stay in the lower reaches.

The bare minimum would be to get it to say the level of Sedgley park but with a basic covered terrace down the Whitebank side. A must would be  Solid secure vandal proof buildings or you will be vandalised out of existence .The cost of doing this just to hold a couple of thousand would be pointless.You could do some minor improvements for a temporary fix but in reality the future is elsewhere.

It has to be at BP.

Its not going to be easy thats for sure but Rochdale exist at spotland and other clubs exist in far better grounds than Whitebank.

We have got to be looking at the potential and negotiate as best we can in a post Hamilton club.We must be straight with the latics owners but they too can benefit.The argument that the pitch cannot take it is no longer valid with modern  ground technology.

In a another thread I said we in Oldham can be a potential Wigan /WiganAthletic.This is the way we have to think ,not settling into a miserable future down Limeside.

It will be a struggle at BP but no matter what is done at the Whitebank you will not beat the potential that BP with give ORLFC post Hamilton.

All true - No future without suitable facilities - No chance of suitable facilities with Hamilton. 

It is nice to consider a post Hamilton Oldham Rugby, but I think the reality is he will hang onto his cards until the whole thing caves in. 

If no one bought a season ticket / any merchandise / lottery etc this would strangle the big lad and maybe force him to consider a partner or alternative before the season kicks off.

The loonies that tip up to Whitebank, pay Chris and are thankful for him keeping ORL alive have killed this club by keeping enough pennies moving through the coffers to allow him to continue his reign . We are the lowest supported club in the professional game - Im embarrassed to say.

In Topic: Is this the strongest man in Rugby League?

08 January 2015 - 12:53 AM

The offer was on the table and was being reported over hear at the time. But if 7723 and the Superdude say it never happened then I guess it never happened.