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In Topic: Positive move relating to playing side of club?

Today, 01:32 PM

When Oldham had it's Service Area, and it was the envy of the RFL, everybody involved did so on a voluntary basis. Where as WIgan, Saints, Warrington etc were attached to their SL counterparts and the coaches were paid to do the same job. 

Oldham not only competed with these clubs, they became successful in what they did. On the odd year, they suffered due to not having the quality of players available than other age groups, but it was rare.

This could happen again, and ORLFC would benefit from this sort of structure and organisation, and there would be many capable people willing to get involved, coach etc for NOTHING, as before. Not everybody involved with grassroots or rep rugby is money orientated, and are there for the good of the game and the town. 

The youth set up in Oldham in second to none - STILL IS - NO ARGUMENT !


Yep many of us have given time to the junior set up for nothing - You do make some good points.  Oldham has done very well with many ex-pros giving back to the game. Mike Ford, Steve Molly were great - All big Chris Hamiliton fans i'm told.


We have punched above our weight for a long time at junior level - But the professionalism of today is much higher than 10-15 years ago. Sports Science, nutrition, etc is all a big part of the game. Thus I feel a paid professional will generate better results than a hearty bunch of dads.


My real point is how many service lads ended up at Sheddings?


The bigger pro clubs will still have the draw on the best players. If a Wigan / Saints / Leeds cannot bring a player to a certain standard or the lad finds other interests I doubt the good folk currently in charge at Oldham can make them knuckle down any better.


The youth set up is nothing to worry about in Oldham (St Annes, Saddleworth  and Waterhead do a fantastic job) . They need a professional club in the town that makes them want to play there!  400 lonely fans, playing on a tip with no shower does not inspire anyone (except that Hand and Foot woman).

In Topic: Jason Boults

Today, 01:21 PM

Can't wait. Might even buy a pie and have a coffee as well. Have a laugh with the other 400 there. Then go for a pint , have a game of 9 card don. Then raise a glass or two to those who are missing out on the entertainment because they'd rather cut of their nose to spite their face.

You sound like you've got a drinking and gambling problem - This may explain the lunacy.

Enjoy the Rugby whilst it lasts.

When we reform I will personally start a campaign to ban you from the new Club. Your support of Porky Chris will slowly kill the current club. If no one wants to take on the mess that the big lad leaves I doubt the RL will allow another start up in the town. You are now spoiling it for the next generation.

In Topic: Jason Boults

Yesterday, 06:02 PM

Great some 18YO front row to replace 10 years of pro experience!


At least Hand and Foot will be able to cheer him on!!!

In Topic: Positive move relating to playing side of club?

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

Oldham can snare the talent if they put the right people in place and put in a scholarship scheme which could run like the old Service Area. Run purely by volunteers, and with funding that can be obtained, it would cost next to nothing to operate, yet the club would benefit hugely from this. 

You would run three teams, 15, 16 and 18s. Link in with Oldham College and Steve Molloy, the amateur clubs in the town, and your on to a winner straight away.


Dual Reg, only came about because all themoney by SKY went into the back pockets of players, and clubs pay salaries that are way above what they can afford. They scrapped the reserves, curtailled the scholarship programmes at 12/13/14, all because of costs. And now they use and abuse the clubs beneath them. Instead of sticking together and going alone, SL have got what they have wanted in having feeder clubs, and the lower league clubs have become slaves to them. 


Incidentally, ask the RFL for the statistic of players that leave scholarships and then leave the game for good, because they have become disallusioned with the game, and it's very high.

Im not sure about this...

The right people (I assume you mean best) will want paying for their time and expertise and very few would volunteer without reward - This is professional sport remember.

The larger more professional clubs would still draw the best players. After all a Wigan tracksuit is still better than Whitebank, Christine Hamilton and no shower.

Plenty of teenage kids find women, drink and drugs and give up on their hopes of playing professional Rugby - all much better propositions than playing in front of 400 people on a tip - Not really the stuff of dreams.

Oldham will never compete with other clubs in the current situation.

The big lad does not have time to control a youth system, there is no money in it for him and it may interfere with his work at Leigh.

In Topic: Positive move relating to playing side of club?

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

Big Chris had already announced that "We" will be operating a smaller squad this year.


This now makes sense...We can get players from Huddersfield with no charge. More money in Big Chris's retirement fund!


Dual reg is killing the lower levels of RL. 


The other posters have been correct about the talent in Oldham Junior RL. The big clubs were taking the best talent before Superleague started as Oldham had no interest way back then.


The last time Oldham RL showed any interest in local talent was when they signed Craig Mort and Paddy Mitchell !