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In Topic: Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust

17 October 2014 - 05:11 PM

Good news Tubular Bandage - the Labour Party are backing the idea of supporter representation on the Board of Directors of football clubs. Hope that means rugby clubs as well. And the supporter Director could veto a quarter of the Board ( though how you remove a 1/4 of CH I don't know).


Seriously, the RFL have for some time been pushing for a 'Supporters Liaison Officer' at every club (you only know these things if you are a Trust member). You could find out about this if you attend the RFL/Supporters Direct meeting in Huddersfield Saturday week 25th October. Details in a previous thread from a Hornets fan. A chance to raise all the points made on this forum with officials from both the RFL and Supporters Direct. 


I like the latest posts because they demonstrate a willingness to commit. Despite what you think the people who joined Rugby Oldham are equally committed (especially the Board members) - after all why would anyone attend monthly meetings for coming up to 9 years without having the interests of rugby in the town at heart? Should the current regime fail you can be assured that Rugby Oldham will be a pro-active force and I now know there are several of you out there willing to step forward. That in itself is great news.


In the meantime all the indications are that CH and Scott Naylor intend to battle on judging by the recruitment being made for 2015.

Remove 1/4 of Chris Hamilton that a good idea - There will still be plenty of him left to mess things up, maybe a higher percentage could be negotiated!

In Topic: Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust

16 October 2014 - 09:40 PM

If everybody boycotted the Roughyeds for three games, and gave their money to a sensible trust. The money saved would buy the club from the administrators when CH is forced out ! 


Just a thought!

In Topic: Not Again

13 October 2014 - 03:21 PM

I think everyone agrees that CH is the real problem with the demise of Oldham rugby. 


Time to stop criticising the lunatics and get the the man out!


How can we do this - Voting with our feet is only prolonging the misery ...Any better ideas?

In Topic: Not Again

10 October 2014 - 12:23 PM

Dont worry Cluedo, HandandFoot is a lunatic.


The money owed to the taxman is never CH's to spend and should be put aside during the year as all incoming monies are received.


The fact that our leader appears not to take this seriously is in fact ridiculous and news worthy. Just because something happens every year does not mean we should become immune - There really are some idiots (about 400) who support this club. Which actually goes a long way to explain how CH stays in business. 


Most sensible people will not put up with this circus.


If roughyedspud saves all the money hes earning on Sundays maybe he can make an offer to the administrator.

In Topic: Chris Hamilton and Leigh Sports Village

09 October 2014 - 07:00 PM



I've said this before , the way in is to forget about going for a direct take over, not going to happen. And if you do who you going to put in charge? Superdude ??? Ha ha ha ha ha. The way in is to provide what is needed the most. .... Facilities! So is anyone brave enough to face the onslaught of abuse and poo pooing from the "not as long as as CH is breathing brigade" and form a 'ground trust'? Just like the fans trust but who's raison detre is to gather funds purely for the improvement of facilities. Start with 100 people putting in £100. Then run fund raising events etc. Then build the very first simple terracing. This encourages more attendance and more income. I know , disappointing to those who want to oust CH. But my idea is not aimed at you. I'm aiming at those who don't care who's in charge as long as we can improve facilities.