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#2888387 South Wales Scorpions

Posted by AlwaysCru on 25 February 2014 - 07:35 PM

I think what's been achieved in a short space of time given that there were little or no resources is credit to everyone involved. I wish them good luck for the season and hope they suprise a few people.

#2710141 C1 attendances (?)

Posted by AlwaysCru on 28 May 2013 - 10:01 PM

Sorry Always Cru but I think that has to be the most wide of the mark comment I have seen for a long time.  I only went to two Oldham fixtures last season and one of those was because I happened to be nearby in S. Wales when we played the Scorpions and it was just interesting to go see the setup.  The clubs are losing fans because the league structure is pathetic.  No regular home and away fixtures on a weekly basis.  The standard at Championship 1 is not exactly exhilarating.  Low crowds, no atmosphere as a result.  No automatic promotion and relegation to SL is just wrong.  Just look at the publicity for Crystal Palace today.  So what if they only last one season?  The RFL is only really interested in SL  If you aren't in an expansion area they want to see clubs become feeder clubs for the favoured few.
Ah well; rant over; and I may just go along to watch a match this season but tbh can find better things to do most weekends.  So that  is me and three of my kids now off the scene as regular customers.

I've not got the energy to go and check to be 100% accurate but I'm pretty certain that a team took the field in Roughyeds colours about 26 times last season if you include a couple of friendlies - and you attended two.

Listen, everyone has clear right to make their own choices and go and do their own thing, but how on earth do you expect things to improve, on the pitch or otherwise, if people can't be bothered to stick a tenner in the till and support the club!

It isn't the responsibility of the RFL to get Oldham playing to a certain standard good enough that you can bring yourself to watch it, it's the responsibility of fans to back the team through thick and thin to develop for the future..... The example of FC United and Chester City getting gates of 4,000 in 3rd tier non league football being case in point.

I think forums are a great thing, particularly Total RL - but what winds me up are people who run the game down..... Without actually attending games. If you pay your money to watch your team, you have fair right to say they were ######, the manager needs to be sacked and the Board need shooting - but if you choose to no longer be a supporter then just go off and do something else.

Your post Steve the Roughyed says you've got better things to do most weekends, so find something better to do most week nights and leave RL forums alone! It may not 'be like it used to be' but how will RL be improved by people who no longer want to watch the game chipping in about how ###### it is help?

If you've moved on from Oldham and RL then move on, move on completely, leave the forums alone.... don't sit in the shadows trying to kick the animal if you can't do anything positive to help or support the game.