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In Topic: Alex Simmons and Rugby A M

12 May 2015 - 07:23 PM

I think they do a good job, he started the whole thing off by himself and out of his garden shed. He clearly loves the game and shows a side of the players we never get to see through Sky's presentation of the game.


I like JJB he is a character. 


Another thing I really like is how they cover the whole game not just the Super League clubs. I can only see them improving as the show continues and I just hope the people in charge of the game get Simmons involved more, he met up with Alan Shearer a couple of weeks ago and then went to a schools tournament in Leeds, he really is putting in the work for the game

In Topic: Thoughts on the World Club Series

27 February 2015 - 01:46 PM

Really?  You cannot take anything from that game at all that could be useful for our league?  For example, did Saints ever give up?  And are people right to come to the conclusion, as many are doing, that just because one score was lopsided SL is somehow as far behind the NRL as people said it once was?  Do the reasons for Saints' under-performance (because they may never have won the game but they definitely under-performed by their own standards) not speak to teams about how they choose/train their fullbacks, what is required to defend at that level, what kind of coaching should be given to their halfbacks, etc, etc?  What about pre comp - I mean, Cunningham I think was foolish to go with the same team in the two matches prior to the WCC.  He gave the Rabbits two games of valuable research.  These are things that could actually prove very useful to the sport over here in developing its own game.


That was a disappointing game, most of all for Saints fans and especially given the wonderful build up before the night and on the night.  I am still not over the sense of disappointment and missed opportunity but even I know that regardless who we played and regardless of how well we played, Souths were too good.  If we had performed to our ability and if Cunningham had chosen his players and tactics wisely then we would have been closer to Souths because (a) we would have defended as well as we have been doing since September last year and ( b ) we would have had at least one other attacking threat than Roby on the pitch so we may have actually scored a try.  But then again, the Bulldogs could only score one in their GF against the Rabbits and Manly I think it was conceded 40 points against them last season so maybe no matter what Saints did, Souths would have just been too good.


Yes they didn't give up but we want to be the best and by that standard it was a poor performance. Saints have a lot of young players and hopefully they will learn from the experience, which from the words of Cunnnigham, Lomax and Wilkin, they seemed determined to do. The Rabbitohs are a great team and lets hope if the two teams meet again next year Saints beat them. 

In Topic: Thoughts on the World Club Series

27 February 2015 - 01:39 PM

I Agree Liverpool Rover and the game last night further highlighted what you're saying with the amount of mistakes on show. Hopefully as the season progresses and the three teams involved put into practice what they have learned from the series, it will force all the other teams in the competition to start trying to play mistake free rugby. 

In Topic: Thoughts on the World Club Series

24 February 2015 - 12:02 PM

Hopefully the half backs will learn from what they have seen. 


They do need to control games better and improve their kicking but that's why it important to be exposed to this at a young age, like with Williams and O'Brien. Normally they would win their games in Super League and be unprepared for International rugby,the World Club Series could become a good stepping stone for the ne generation of Super League players


I think a big difference was in the size and fitness of the players as well, they seemed to be a bit stronger especially in the Saints game. These are issues that can all be addressed though and should improve the game as a whole.

In Topic: Thoughts on the World Club Series

24 February 2015 - 11:49 AM

It was a joke about Samuel....


Did you not see any positives from the whole weekend?