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Yesterday, 12:47 PM

 The magic of the cup was alive and well this week and I am hoping Hull K R go all the way and win it. They seem to be coming together at the right time and I think they have more pace about them and suit the off the cuff rugby Albert Kelly plays rather than the more measured style of Terry Campese, however it has only been a few games without Campese and things could fall apart quickly when relying on a maverick like Kelly to perform every week. Joe Westerman had the sort of game that Stephen King would create if he wrote a book about a cup tie in Hull, he bombed tries after breaking and knocked on more times than Gareth Hock has been before the disciplinary committee it seemed like.


   Speaking of Hock, his Leigh side showed they have the style of rugby to trouble the best in Super League and they were unlucky to not beat Warrington, who also showed a lot of character to win under pressure. If they get some half backs they have the makings of a good team and they will be hoping to attract an overseas star to play in their halves, Cooper Cronk and Ryan Brierly as a partnership Wire fans? Who do you hope they recruit for next season?


    The Saints match saw Paul Wellens say goodbye and a pretty comprehensive victory for them.  Wellens is tipped to become a good coach but where will he go? Will he be part of Cunningham’s team or look for another club? Any thoughts or inside info on this Saints fans?


    In the NRL the Warriors and Eels impressed and it was interesting to note the Warriors have won every game that Sam Tomkins has played, will he leave the NRL with a winners medal at the end of the season after been dismissed by a lot of critics as a failure? I for one hope so and would like to see a Warriors v Brisbane final, to see how the watertight defence of Brisbane would combat the flair of Tomkins and Johnson and their more than willing to offload team mates.


   The top 4 in the Championship looks like going down to the last day, how does everyone see it going? I’ll stick my neck out and go for Halifax and Featherstone to join Leigh and Bradford. If Featherstone don’t make the top 4 perhaps Paul Wellens could be receiving a call for next season from their chairman or is that just wishful thinking?




That was a great week of rugby league

23 June 2015 - 08:42 AM

That was a great weekend of rugby league, the two games that stood out were the Castleford v St Helens and Melbourne v Brisbane games. Both games were played at a high intensity with the Super League game perhaps showing the a more attack minded version of the game, while the NRL game definitely showed the awesome defensive capabilities that Rugby League can conjure up. The Brisbane defence was something special, they withstood over 12 drop outs and an insane amount of repeated sets and forced the much vaunted Melbourne attack to seemingly run out of ideas. The fitness and mental toughness on display in this game really highlighted what top class rugby is all about, to continually put your body on the line set after set like those players did was an almost super human effort.


    The Castleford game was another excellent game, full of drama and it was a more back and forth contest with both teams playing well and showing a lot of character. Ben Roberts was a creative fullback who contributed a lot to the game with his kicking, and also added the cherry on top with his drop goal to clinch the win for his team.


   One for thing that stood out for me in the game was the question is Daryl Powell the best recruiter in rugby league at the moment? He took on players like Finn, Roberts, Solomona, Moore, etc and has built a successful team out of these seemingly random parts. He was very good at Featherstone at recognising the potential of players from the teams in that division such as Finn, Briggs, Tonks and he also brought in Johnny Hepworth from Irish rugby union who added to his team.  He is a coach that really gets the best out of the players he inherits and those less than stellar names he recruits. With the signing of Gadwin Springer and talk of Ben Crookes it will be good to see how those two progress under the tutelage of the master motivator. Perhaps clubs like Salford could learn from the way Powell goes about his business?


     There were improved performances from Salford and Wakefield, after the way Wakefield performed and given the time that Brian Smith will have to further influence the squad, can anyone see them been relegated after the split? The Super League clubs will be too strong I feel for the championship top 4 by the end of the season. There could be some hard times ahead for Leigh especially who seem to be gambling on promotion, for either of Halifax, Featherstone or Sheffield, the middle 8 will be enjoyable for their fans and much needed bolster to the clubs coffers from increased crowds and good exposure for the clubs. Bradford and London the other team challenging the top 4 should be able to withstand not been promoted and could use the extra time to further rebuild after recent hard times. For one thing it promises to be a far more exciting end to the season than recent years and lets hope at least one of the championship sides gains promotion.


      With news of Toulouse declaring their intention to join League One and ongoing talks about a Canadian side also joining, the game is starting to spread further afield. It was good to see victories Coventry and Newcastle and a close defeat for Gloucester away at Barrow.  League One is currently been dominated by the northern teams but hopefully the new comers will be in the mix for promotion and the southern teams will have grown from the experiences this year.


     Finally with the announcement of Ryan Hinchcliffe to Huddersfield and Pritchard to Hull for next season alongside Inu joining the Catalans, are we about to see an improvement in the overseas players joining Super League? They might be over 30 but both Hinchcliffe and Pritchard are quality players and with the marquee player announcement there will surely be more to follow. With Sandow and Widdop been two of the names been thrown around, those five players alone would contribute a lot to improving the league and it will be very interesting who else is announced as signing in the coming months.


Other talking points were the excellent attendance and game in the origin match in Melbourne


Hull K.R dominating a poor Warrington side, what’s going wrong at Warrington? Is Tony Smith starting to feel the pressure?


Sneyd’s terrible tackle on Mcguire and Sheffield’s treatment of Mcnally.


Thanks for reading and lets hope this week is as interesting as the last.

Favourite Pacific Islanders

16 June 2015 - 01:10 PM

There have been many players from Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Papua New Guinea alongside some Cook Islanders and other nations that have played the game in Britain over the years. Who were your personal favourites? What are your memories of seeing them play?

As a Featherstone fan I always liked Asa Amone and Hitero Okesene, I also remember from my school days Stanley Gene at Hull KR and Tevita Vaikona at Hull when they were in the same league as Featherstone.

Other favourites were Tuigamala at Wigan, Vainikolo at Bradford and Marcus Bai as well as Apollo Parellini and the Tuilagis.

When push comes to shove

14 June 2015 - 01:21 PM

Are there any fans of the When push comes to shove books on here?


I was thinking it would be great to have some more books like these come out again. There are so many interesting stories and characters that have played the game over the years and many of these men are quite accessible when compared with famous footballers, cricketers or even rugby union players.


I would love to hear more tales of amateur rugby games, the battles between hard men, old tours down under, fans memories and funny stories that are unique to the individuals involved in the sport.


What games, players, events etc would you like to know more about? 

Alex Simmons and Rugby A M

09 May 2015 - 11:32 AM

What's everyone's opinion on Alex Simmons and his show?


I personally think he is doing a great job and should be given a job by Sky, he has great enthusiasm for game and brings a lot of fun to presenting. He tries to get across the personalities of the players, involves ex players such as Gary Schofield and Dean Sampson and gets involved with the grass roots and amateur teams.


He really is doing an excellent job and I for one look forward to watching his show every week now


I know its sounds like he has paid me to say this but I can assure everyone i've never met him ha, I just think he has a lot to add to Rugby League