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In Topic: 23/08/14 | Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers | 3pm | Challenge Cup Final

23 August 2014 - 07:56 PM

If people are saying Cas were poor you are absolutely deluded.

Leeds were quality. Their line speed was quicker than any club side I've seen this year. The speed they played the ball was ridiculous when returning the ball. Forwards were dominant and very efficient.

Cas are on form this year lets be honest but actually look at their squad for a second. Ryan Hall v Kirk Dixon. Liam Finn who was playing Championship last year v Danny McGuire the top try scorer in SL history and multiple grand final victories under his belt. Jamie Peacock v Andy Lynch. The forward pack is just a general better quality. Add that to the experience Leeds have in finals and Cas were always up against it.

Leeds played I'd say 95% of a flawless game. They'd of beat every side in SL plus all the NRL sides apart from Manly and Sydney x 2 with the way they played today. Solid rugby which should of been admired and complimented.

Cas got criticised for errors but they made was it 3-4 errors in the first half? That is an exceptionally good standard. The fact they were playing against such a good opposition meant they were exposed much further than they were.

A golden generation were rewarded for over a decade of persistence after beating a team on a journey who were in a final they had no right to be in. The class of the golden generation showed through after a valiant effort from Cas.

That's how it was and it should be written. People who slate the performances of either side should go watch another sport.

Cas were not poor but nor were they at their best. You can put that mainly down to Leeds but I suspect there was a bit of nerves and a couple of people not quite at the races also.


I wouldn't go along with Leeds beating all of SL on that form let alone most of the NRL. Defensively they were superb but not sure their attack was all that tbh. If Leeds played (almost) flawlessly and Cas were not at their best, a 13 point difference is not that convincing.


Still, congrats to the Rhinos, they were dominant today and it was a well deserved win and they beat some pretty good teams on their way to the final too.

In Topic: BBC obsession with try scorers & MOTM

23 August 2014 - 05:54 PM

The voting was very close between Hall (14) and Danny M (12).  Sinfield only got 1 vote and I think Burrow got 4.

Did Sinfield have a relative on the panel?


Would have voted for Maguire myself but no problems with Hall winning it.

In Topic: Why you love RL

18 August 2014 - 11:33 PM

I don't love it.
I love my friends family,and dogs.

The idea of loving a game is preposterous
I thoroughly enjoy rugby league and have done since I was a small boy
Rugby league isn't worth loving

Love - a strong feeling of affection according to the dictionary. It doesn't say how strong the affection has to be. I don't think the question is being posed as - If your house was on fire and you had to save one thing, would you save -  


A. Wife and kids B. Season Ticket.


To answer the question being posed, I'm not sure why I love/like/thoroughly enjoy it but I'd say it's probably down to it being a combination of speed, power, honesty (not always) in the game. There's sports which do some parts better than RL but not in combination for me at least. Add to that the amount of time the ball is in play compared to the other oval ball sports and that's probably why it's my sport of choice.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

18 August 2014 - 11:16 PM

1- There are a great many local people who are not local people. Liverpool FC shirts in St Helens illustrate this. Huge numbers of local people do not care, attend or find RL of any consequence to their existence.


2- Removing Americanisation is a step forward.


3- RL fans pay for SKY, the same RL fans are those who are in the stadiums. These are fans who pay twice for RL. If you want bigger attendances then you have to preach to the unconverted because the rest of us are already being bled through the nose.


4- Yes, we can brown envelope journalists and papers to reveal RL.


5- Reinstating scrums will not boost crowds.


6- The league needs something. I suggest a trophy larger than the one they get for the GF.


7- This is an idea that would see RL in front of an audience 4x that of any Sky broadcast and hit a key fake tan demographic. RL could be a fashion accessory for young women in the same way international Union is for middle aged women.

1. You see Liverpool shirts in pretty much every town and city in the country and I'd bet plenty most of the ones I see are not worn by actual Scousers so not the best example. Seeing Liverpool, Man Utd/City, Arsenal, Chelsea, etc kits is not evidence of seeing someone from those places.


I do agree with the point though, letting people know when the games are on is pretty basic stuff but how best to do this? I'll use my club as an example, Salford, how do you let the general population of Manchester/Salford know what's happening. Local newspaper? Don't thank the MEN has great circulation any more and the games are covered in there anyway. There's a sign outside the ground showing the next game (sometimes) but the ground's hardly in the city centre, in fact it's barely in Salford let alone Manchester city centre.


2. Quite liked some of the 'Americanisation' and don't think it always puts people off. Bulls, Rhinos, Tigers have all been successes I'd say whereas Warriors or Blue Sox less so. Honestly can't imagine that being a reason for anyone not wanting to visit.


3. Doesn't seem to affect football too much where you could be paying for a ticket plus Sky and BT if you want all games. If you want to watch games live and on a pay TV channel, you're paying for two different things so of course there are two different costs.


4. Point everyone can probably agree on, marketing could be better.


5. I'd like quicker scrums rather than no scrums. I'd throw in quicker video ref decisions while we're at it. Think games thrive when they are fast. Pet hate (one of many) is watching a video ref decision that drags on for ever and is clearly a try, it finally gets given and then you have to wait another few minutes for the kicker to go and set up. It might not be so bad on TV but it's a real momentum killer when you are at the ground.


6. I've banged on about it on other threads but I think it should be three main trophies. Super League winners for before the split, Challenge Cup Winners and then playoff winners, obviously with snappier titles. I'd also have started all leagues from scratch after the split. If the split was to happen now, would Catalans or Widnes have any chance whatsoever of reaching the final? Mathematically they could but lose the first game and they'd be finished with another six games to go. Start from scratch and you've got a decent mini league where anyone can hit a bit of form and make the final four. That's closer to every game counts.


7. I'll skip that


Best point I've read so far is probably Red Rooster's on playing Friday nights. Another tricky one for Salford as judging by quite a bit of the conversation I hear round the ground, there's plenty of United fans in particular at the games and if both are on at the same time, I suspect it will be Salford who miss out on them attending. Also, it's hard to attract new fans when you're up against two of the biggest sports teams in the country, it's even harder if you decide to play your games head to head with theirs.


What I will hope for is that the Saturday night experiments will be a thing of the past next year for my team. The French do well with this but it's gone down like a lead balloon for us.

In Topic: 17/08/14 - The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

17 August 2014 - 07:34 PM

Decent win for Doncaster at Rochdale. Was not overly impressed with Donny but they were pretty solid in everything they did whereas Hornets performance was littered with too many errors. Kicking game from Rochdale was not particularly great at times either while Doncaster did most of the little things right.


Hornets nearly snatched the win at the death after a late try from Crooks followed by a long distance break from Langley but once again, the final kick let Doncaster off the hook as the hooter sounded. Probably would have a been a little fortunate for Rochdale to snatch the draw but at least they got a rare bonus point to move out of the bottom two. Doncaster will still have an eye on the payday for 2nd place. That probably all comes down to the two big games next weekend, Doncaster-Halifax, Sheffield-Fev.


Pity the weather didn't match the Doncaster fans' Hawaiin fancy dress. Blustery conditions but it was mainly dry from kickoff onwards so can't really blame that for the high error count.